The Number Land

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This story is about a 2nd grader who goes by the name of Charlie. She loves all subjects except Math. But then she had an extraordinary dream about numbers and finally loves Math as much as she loves her other subjects.

Fantasy / Children
Saanvi Nayak
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The Number Land

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Charlotte, but people would call her Charlie. She studied in 2nd grade. She was good in every subject except Math.

One day, Ms. Green who is Charlie’s math teacher assigned some multiplication sums to the class.

“Ugh!” groaned a voice from the back of the class. Everyone could recognize that voice. It was Charlie’s, of course.

One day, Ms. Green, who is Charlie’s math teacher, assigned some multiplication sums to the class.

The teacher walked over to Charlie.

“Charlie, you can make numbers your best friend just like your books.”

Charlie groaned all the way to the bus. But then she started thinking, “What if I made numbers my best friend?”

This thought went on and before she knew it, she had reached home. She ate her lunch and took a nap for some time. She did not bother to do her math homework.

Charlie woke up with a bang! She saw some numbers jumping around excitedly. She rubbed her eyes. Then the numbers came over to her and took her into a portal.

“This is Number Land!” exclaimed number 8.

There were so many houses and gardens. Number 8 grabbed Charlie’s arm and rushed over to the Multiplication Center. To play each game, you need to solve a multiplication sum but the more time you take to solve the sum, the less time you get to play. Charlie wanted to play on the trampoline. She had to solve 7 x 6.

“Hmm…” thought Charlie.

Then she remembered. Eureka! She remembered Ms. Green teaching the 7 tables. 7 x 6 was 42! She had tons of fun but eventually had to leave.

“What other places do you have?” asked Charlie.

“Well, we have the Division Arcade,” replied number 8.

“Then let’s go!” exclaimed Charlie excitedly.

Charlie looked all around with her mouth wide open. It was even more wonderful than the arcades in her world. Over all, it was the same concept except they had to divide numbers to play the game.

Charlie wanted to play a game called Super Six.

“What is 96 ÷ 8,” Charlie thought.

She eventually got the answer. This time without making a peep, she typed in the numbers. Inside her head, she was squealing with joy. And yes, she did enjoy and eventually got tired of playing. She asked if there was any place to stretch and exercise.

Number 8 replied, “Well, there is the Addition and Subtraction Marathon. It’s not too late to sign up, how’s that?”

“That’ll do,” replied Charlie.

Soon the race started. The main idea of the race is there will be three questions at the starting of the race. Depending on the accuracy, it will be your strength. She got 2 questions-one addition and one subtraction- correct. She came in first place! Oh, how happy she was.

Charlie was finally interested in Math.

“Bang!” went the firecrackers.

But that woke Charlie up.

“It was just a dream,” Charlie told herself.

Then she rushed over to her math homework and easily completed her homework. From that day on, she loved math as much as she loved her books.


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