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The Beta's Hunter

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Vampires and werewolves, eternal enemies, seeking to destroy the other. Hunters giving their lives to protect the humans of the world from vampires and werewolves. From the battles that spill over and harm humans. What happens when a Hunter has a prophecy that holds the fate of world on her shoulders?

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Chapter 1

She doesn’t remember much from before. Were there any family and friends who missed her? Did she have a job? Was anyone looking for her? She kept wondering these things, but then he would pop into her thoughts and she would realize she doesn’t care. Doesn’t care if anyone was looking for her. Doesn’t care if anyone loved her. Only thing she cared about was him. He is her whole world and all she needs. Without him she would die, he’s the air that she breathes. She couldn’t imagine a moment without him.

Glancing at him, as the moonlight filtered past the leaves above them, she couldn’t help but think how magical he looked. She stumbled slightly on a stump that was sticking out. With a growl, he was suddenly standing beside her with his hand gripping her hair painfully, making her wince. The glare in his eyes told her that her carelessness would be punished. With the other hand, he reached up and ripped the scarf off of her neck, and allowed it to fall to the ground. She felt a sudden deep pain that started in her neck and spread to her entire body making her want to scream and thrash but all she could do was release was a slight whimper. It felt as if her body was on fire for an eternity before he was pulling away and threw her onto the ground, a couple of drops of blood falling to the ground unnoticed.

“Stop fucking up! Stand up and follow me!” his beautiful voice washed over her as she felt a cold wave go across her body. She took a deep breath then smiled at him and feeling like she was in a dream, stood up and followed him.

After walking for a bit she started to feel a warmth in her body. It started in the middle of her chest and slowly spread to the rest of her. She liked this new feeling. It made her feel safe. When had she last felt safe? There was a low growl in the distance to her left. It didn’t strike fear into her. Instead, she felt relief. She cocked her head sideways to try to hear a bit better while following him. She couldn’t help herself. She wanted to stop and listen for the growl, see what it was, but she couldn’t. She had to keep following him, she couldn’t stop.

There was a flicker of something to her left. She wanted to turn her head to get a better look, but she couldn’t. She couldn’t turn her head, she wasn’t allowed to. She could only follow and keep her eyes forward.

A flash to her right and then a flash to her left and her heartbeat sped up. He stops suddenly and whirls around to stand directly in front of her. He has an evil smirk on his face and two little white bumps are sticking out of his mouth slightly. The white bumps catch her attention for a moment before he gives a menacing chuckle, making her meet his eyes. She knows she should feel fear at seeing those little white bumps and that menacing chuckle, but the only fear she felt was him discovering the flashes she was seeing.

“I thought I might take you to a special spot tonight.” His emotionless voice washed over her again, making her forget about whatever was in the woods with them.

“But you make it so hard to resist.” He moaned suddenly

“I don’t think I can wait any longer.” He said as he took a slow step towards her.

“There was to be a grand feast, with you as the main guest.” He closed his eyes and took a deep breath then moaned again. When he opened his eyes, they were a blood-red colour and she knew she was in danger and should fear for her life but there was nothing she could do. She was frozen in place.

“But I don’t think I can share.” As he finished, he lunged at her. His arm aiming for her hair. His mouth wide open, with his head tilted to the side aiming for her neck and all she could do was allow a gasp to escape her mouth.

A furious growl shook the trees and, suddenly, she felt calm. A blur flashed past her, taking him with it. She could see in her peripheral a fight of some kind happening. It looked like two wolves were attacking him, but her mind couldn’t comprehend why. It was all happening so quickly and she wanted to run away but she was frozen in place.

There was a flash of fur that flew past her face and her heart seemed to stop for a moment. She could feel herself starting to panic but couldn’t understand why. Something warm and damp touched her hand and she smiled, as a sense of calm washed over her. More fighting was heard as she started to feel weaker.

Something warm started to go down the side of her neck and when she attempted to lift her hand to see what it was, she found she was too weak to even do that. She was starting to be amazed that the she was still standing as her vision began to blur.

There was blurry shape of someone in front of her as a high-pitched ringing started in her ears. The person came closer to her as darkness started to swim around the edges of her vision. As the feel of the ground rushing to greet her and darkness overtook her vision, she felt a tingling spark wash over her body and then she knew no more.
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