The Queen of the Milds

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Her first love is her people. A dark magic will destroy them all. Angel, princess of the greatest kingdom in Vranon, has only ever wanted the best for her people. But to be the good princess her mother desires, she must smile, wave, and refrain from meddling in duties unfit for a princess. One evening, the gifted royal sage relays a message he read from the heavens. The felled, a malicious race wielding an unstoppable magic and a special hatred for mankind, have broken free from the abyss to claim the land for themselves. They won't rest until every man and woman is enslaved or killed. Without the powerful guardians known as the milds, all hope seems lost. Until Angel uncovers secrets from her past. Magic runs in her blood—magic that could summon the milds. If she can learn to wield it, her people have a fighting chance. If not, she’ll forever be the princess who failed her kingdom. With the wisdom and guidance of the gifted sage, Angel escapes her mother's clutches and ventures on a perilous quest to find the milds. She must race against the felled hunting her down, trust a thief who swears he's an ally, and stand toe-to-toe with fearsome giants before facing her greatest challenge: becoming who she was born to be. The fate of Vranon rests upon her shoulders. Will Angel lose hope or endure? Find out today! Dive into an adventure of magic, self-discovery, and the makings

Fantasy / Adventure
Age Rating:

I: A Story

I’m going to tell you a story you’re unprepared to believe, but if you do, it may save your life. You may have heard rumors of the malicious race known as the felled. They came from the abyss, lurk in the shadows, and prowl Vranon—our world—to kill and destroy mankind. Pay close attention. What I’m about to tell you will challenge everything you believe about truth, but if you choose not to open your eyes, Vranon will be turned over to darkness. Listen to me, my love. You are Vranon’s last hope.

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