Before the Fall

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Present day, north Washington Wilderness…

Charles Rene Jackson III feels no shame in his abandonment of the “plan”. Silas was volatile. He thought he understood patience, but he didn’t. At the end, when he could feel them getting close, he lost the battle before he started. He let the madness get to him. He’d spend ten years in exile from his pack with flimsy relationships with his acolytes to depend on for sanity. It was a disaster waiting to happen.

But not, not Charles. His pack won’t disown him for taking a risk, for being too “violent” as Silas claimed his pack called him. His pack is stronger, better. They know what it means to be werewolves.

Charles is not a coward, he is a strategist. He is a monster lying in wait. He’s got time, he just needs to regroup. His pack will help him get back on track. Their target isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Charles has not won the battle, but he will win the war. Alexander the great fell from glory, as did Napoleon, and Caesar, and many others--but Charles is better. It will take a lot more to crush his empire. It will fall one day, he knows, he won’t delude himself into believing otherwise. It’s inevitable, history has proven it to be so. But there are a lot of ways to hold power. Nevertheless, he has many more things to accomplish before he must restructure his current empire.

There is much more to do before the fall.

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