I am the Rejected

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Blythe Marie Griffin is the rejected Apha's Mate! She moved away tooooo far away from her pack and started to live a new life. Will she ever come back again or she will truly move on and forget her wolf's mate? ( * This is actually my first ever booook. Sorry in advanced for my grammar, punctuations, spelling.. etc. I love reading so much and I was so inspired to try too. Thank you Beautiful People! :)

Fantasy / Romance
Luna Mariya
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Chapter 1

In the world of werewolves they have this thing called “mate”. Mates are like soulmates. Each werewolf has a mate. These mates are their destined soulmates and they chosen by the moon goddess (their god). Werewolves usually find their mate after their first shift which is usually between the age 16-17. Mates are very possessive of each other especially the male.

MATE! MATE! MATE! I shouted it in my head but when I turned around I wasn’t expecting to see the Brutal, Ferocious and Playboy Alpha our Alpha Daxon Callan.

I met his beautiful brown eyes but there is something about his eyes. I saw confusion, shocked, furious and sorrow.

We both step forward to each other but when I am just about to say MATE, he said it already I Alpha Daxon Callan rejected you as my MATE! !

Everything seems stopped, I cant breathe, I cant hear any sounds or voices from the people that witnessed this major event of my life and I say the only thing I can do “I Blythe Marie Griffin accept Alpha Daxon Callan rejection being my MATE! ”

After saying those words I run as fast as I can going to our house. I cant stop my tears from coming out like a waterfalls. The pain was too much for me to handle I wanted to scream and hurt somebody. I just want this feeling to be gone.

"Blythe why are you crying?" my father asked as I opened our door. "He rejected me dad! My Mate rejected me!" I cried again. As soon as I said it my dad give me a hug. A hug that makes me feel more vulnerable, and I let out the weight of pain Im feeling in my dad's comforting embrace.

"Hey sweetie I know it hurts but you gotta be strong, he will come around I swear to you." my dad said in low voice as I continue to cry and cling to him like my life depends on it.

" I want this pain to be gone dad, Please" after saying those everything went black.

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