The Pack's Weirdo : A mystery to unveil

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Chapter 2 - Attack

Chapter 2 - Attack

When we completed our training, it’s already 8 am and my body is badly aching.

“aadhya, put the weapons in the arsenal” gamma Alexander ordered me and I bowed and started doing the said. When I am collecting the weapons layla and matt joined me and collected the rest.

“so, any plans for tomorrow” matt asked me curiously.

“I just wanted to sleep whole day” I said to him and he rolled his eyes while layla gave me a proud look. “and eat lots of delicious food..” I said with a dreamy look.

After few minutes matt snapped his fingers in front of my face and shook his head in disappointment.

“don’t give us these looks matty. Food and sleep are the first love of our lives” layla supported me and we walked inside the arsenal and put different weapons on their respective places.

“come on aady, tell me what is the plan. It’s your 20th birthday and I wanted it to be something mind blasting” I rolled my eyes on matt’s enthusiasm on my birthday while layla snorted.

“then just put a bomb in her head and light it... you will surely be successful in blasting her mind” she commented sarcastically and he rolled his eyes at her comment.

“oh shut up layla, it’s because of you that she had became so lazy” he told her and she looked at me proudly.

“I am proud that she finally learnt something from me” she remarked while matt looked at her in pure irritation.

“I am giving you time till evening, plan something on your own or I will plan something” he said with finality and gave us the pointed looks “and none of you can declining that”

“we will talk about it later matt” layla said to him and I can see uneasiness on her face.

“what happened layla” I asked her in concern.

“ I don’t know addy, I think something is wrong with my wolf.. she is uneasy and is continuously pacing from yesterday” she said and matt looked at her in shock.

“now what’s with you matt” I asked him.

“it’s just, my wolf is also on the edge from yesterday” he said and both of them shared nervous glances.

“does it mean something bad” I asked both of them.

“generally our wolves behave like that when they sense some danger or something unusual” layla told me nervously.

“but if something bad is going to happen then don’t you think that alpha aiden’s wolf have also sensed something” I suggested her and she nodded slowly.

“it’s nothing guys, we are just over thinking. I have to go now, I am patrolling east borders with others” matt said to us and we nodded. He ran towards his house while we exited the arsenal.

“mom invited you for breakfast today” she said to me and I smiled. Delta Delilah, layla’s mother was my mother’s best friend. After my parents death many things changed along with my rank in this pack but she always treated me the same. When mom and dad died alpha aiden wanted to shift me in the human settlement but layla’s parents talked with him and made me stay in the pack. I lived in pack’s orphanage till I turned 16 and after that I got a small room in pack house. I looked at layla who is looking at me expectantly.

“I don’t think beth would like that and I think gamma Alexander would surely have some work for me” Bethany is 17 years old and is layla’s younger sister but she doesn’t like me.

When I turned 16 and shifted in pack house, alpha asked me in which manner I would like to perform duties as omega, like cleaning, cooking, gardening or some challenging duties like learning the basics of medicine and helping in hospitals or helping in training grounds. So, I chose the training grounds and obviously we got paid for doing these duties. Many people here thought that I should go to human settlements and live with them but I don’t have heart to leave the world where I was born and except my friends no one knows that I wanted to be one of the warriors of the pack, that’s why I train harder than any werewolf in this whole pack.

“it’s my parents’ house not beth’s, I am going at alpha’s place, he called me in his office as soon I will be frere from there you are coming with me at my home now go and take a quick shower” she told me sternly and I nodded then she went towards alpha’s house which is third building from the left of pack house.

I walked towards the pack house with a smile on my face.. yeah, I just love my stupid besti... when I entered the pack house I heard noises coming from the dining and I smiled in victory.. it’s good that they all are there or they eill surely try to give me a little hard time. I ran in my room and took a quick shower. I changed in black skinny jeans and white hoodie and ran downstairs. I was running fast when my foot got caught in something and I was about to fall on the ground when I tilted myself on time and finally with a loud thud my side came in contact with the cold floor and I screamed in pain. For few minutes only blackness and pain consumed my thoughts. When I was finally able to see things, I slowly got up and found everyone laughing on me, and here everyone means our to-be-alpha Ethan smith, Max Moore (to be beta), Sam Carter (to be gamma), ethan’s girlfriend Stella Wilson (her parents’ were beta of red moon pack, they sent her here 5 years back for studies as our pack have best education facilities for werewolves) and her minions annie and belle.

Slowly I forced myself in sitting position and tried to get up. Ethan came towards me but stopped midway, I raised my head and looked at him, his eyes are not focused, it means he is mind linking someone. After few minutes he sighed “I have to go guys, dad called me in his office” with it he kissed stella.. and believe me it is sloppy one.. and looked at me “you all can continue your fun” he winked at his friends and ran towards his house.

I stood up and winced as I felt pain on my side and turned towards the kitchen. “where do you think you are going weirdo?” stella screeched.

“outside” I told her with a blank face. They all are of same age as mine, sam is annie’s mate and others have not found their’s till now. They are my bullies from childhood , but they don’t have guts to lay their hands on anyone because of alpha aiden, but it doesn’t mean they can avoid few ‘accidents’ like this. Ethan and stella are dating each other from 3 years now, everyone in the pack was fortunate that they will surely be each other’s mate but when they turned 18 and nothing happened everyone got disappointed but this did not stopped them from dating each other. Truth to be told I felt sorry for ethan’s and stella’s mate. How can you date or sleep with someone when you are sure that there is someone in this world who is made for you and is your other half, but then again who I am to judge them.

“what is with that poker face weirdo, don’t you know how to talk with to-be-luna of the pack?” well that’s a news.. does it mean that ethan have choosen her as his choosen mate? ... generally if a werewolf is not able to find his mate until 25 there are high chances that he can go feral so, there comes the concept of choosen mate. Such wolves choose some other wolf as their mate and mark them as theirs but there are very few cases of this, generally a wolf choose a mate when his fated mate is already dead because it is very hard for a wolf to accept someone else than it’s better half. Ethan is only 20, so choosing stella as his mate is something I think alpha aiden will never allow but again who am I to say anything in their matter.

“You should learn to give some respect to your future luna. Let's start with bowing” she said to me... I am not going to bow to someone who is not worthy of it.. I tried hard to keep my mouth shut. She waited for me but I didn’t do anything “ah, our weirdo is not in mood to bow, no problem babe.. let me help you in it” she took a deep breath and commanded me with authority “bow to me ” I was expecting some force but when I did not felt anything, I looked at others sam, annie and belle are bowing to her while baring their necks while max is clenching is jaw clearly trying to fight her command.

After few minutes stella gave up and looked at me in anger... wait, what did I do.. she was about to lunge at me when I quickly took a step towards my right and instead of me she got max on her hold. She again turned towards me, her beautiful face is so red with anger that I am afraid soon smoke will start coming from her ears, before she do something else, layla came towards us while laughing loudly.

“come on stella, you can’t expect your command to dominate her, demoting her from beta to omega cannot replace the beta’s blood that is running in her veins, only alpha aiden’s, luna olivia’s or ethan’s command can work on her” she said her smugly and looked at me.

“let’s go” she said and dragged me with her. I stopped myself from wincing in front of her but finally I gave in and winced in pain when we exited the pack house. “what is it addy?” she dropped my hand and looked at me in concern.

“had a little ‘accident’ with ethan” I told her and she clenched her jaw. She knew it very well what kind of accidents happened with me. She turned towards the alpha’s house but I stopped her.. “where do you think you are going?” I asked her.

“what do you think addy?” she snapped and I shook my head.

“you already know he is not going to listen you, you are just going to waste your energy and don’t forget he is our alpha”

“to be alpha” she cut me off with a growl. I chuckled on her behavior.

“yeah, to be alpha and you are supposed to be the delta female of this pack, don’t ruin your relationship with him because of me” I told her and she opened her mouth to say something but I cut her off.. “you already know layla, we are grownups now, we are not his friends anymore” I told her pointedly and she dragged a labored breath. When my parents were alive ethan, layla and I were best friends, that time he doesn’t have any problem about me being an human. Even after my parents death he was good to me, not like best friends that we used to be in past but at least he was not rude with me, but then with time he changed, his friend circle changed, I don’t know why but he started hating me and as layla never left my side, he broke his friendship with her also.

“we are going to infirmary first” she said with finality and dragged me with her.

When I removed the hoodie in front of doctor I saw a fresh bruise formed on my right side and these times I always envy werewolves to have awesome healing abilities... I can’t say that doctor is too pleased to see the bruise but she did not questioned us. She gave me aloevera gel to apply on it two times a day and few pain killers. Layla’s mood became more sour after watching the bruise but neither she said anything nor did anything. We went to her home and as soon we opened the door we came face to face with beth.

As soon she saw me the beautiful smile that was on her face earlier transformed into a scowl. I smiled at her and said ‘hi’ but she ignored me and went outside. “I don’t think she is ever going to like me” I told layla and she snorted.

“think” she scoffed. “I believe it that she is never going to like you” she said and I smacked her arm and she smirked “truth is always bitter sweetheart” I rolled my eyes on her statement and we finally entered her home.

“layla, is it you darling?” we heard her mom’s voice from kitchen.

“don’t act like you have not smelt me even before I entered the house mom” layla commented and I chuckled..damn werewolves.

Mrs. Black came out of the kitchen with a pointed look. Layla is exact replica of her mother.. “layla black, you are not allowed to use your stupid sarcasm with me” she said to her and layla chuckled.

“don’t act like you don’t love it mom” she said and hugged her from side. Mrs. Black tried to keep her face stoic but within few minutes she melted and smiled at layla and then at me.

“I am hungry Mrs. Black” I told her and hugged her from another side and she chuckled.

“come on then let’s have breakfast” she said and went towards the dining where bacon, pancakes and syrup is already on table. We went towards the table and took our seats.

“where is Mr. Black” I asked her and she looked at the clock.

“connor went to alpha’s place in morning, but he mind linked me that he will be home within few minutes” she said and layla rolled her eyes.

“he is always at alpha’s” she complained and Mrs. Black smiled at her.

“he is delta, layla. we can’t expect him to ignore his work and spend time with us” Mrs. Black explained and layla huffed.

“hey layla, you have not told me why alpha called you in his office?” I asked her while eating the pancakes that Mrs. black served us.

“same shit, he wanted to know whether I found my mate or not, he is concerned about the future of the pack. Max, ethan and me none of us found our mates and we are supposed to take the charges from our dads in coming years” she said with mouthful of food.

“but ethan is choosing stella as her mate” as soon these words came out of my mouth layla choked on her food while Mrs. black looked as if he had seen some ghost. I passed her water while rubbing her back and both of them took time to digest the news.

“who told you that?” Mrs. Black asked me in a timid voice.

“stella” she shook her head in disappointment.

“aiden will never allow ethan to do that” she said with pursed lips. “kids these days.. don’t understand anything, having physical relations with the person who is not your mate and now they will go against the will of moon goddess” she mumbled angrily but her expressions suddenly changed and she went towards the door. I looked at layla in question.

“she just smelt dad” she said and I smiled. We continued eating our breakfast when Mr. and Mrs. black came.

“how are you girls?” he asked us cheerfully while taking his seat on the dining table.

“I am awesome dad” layla replied

“I am also good Mr. Black but you are looking tired, everything’s alright?” I asked him.

“yeah, my wolf is giving me a little hard time from yesterday other than this everything is alright” as soon he said that both layla and me looked t each other.

Layla cleared her throat and I looked at her nervously. “what happened to your wolf dad?” she asked him

“don’t know sweetheart, he is constantly on edge from yesterday” he said.

“strange” this time Mrs. Black said “my wolf is also behaving the same” she said in confusion “did you talked to aiden about it?” she asked him in concern.

“yeah, but his wolf is fine. I asked Olivia also, but she also said everything is fine” he said. Layla looked at me in question as if asking what to do, I gestured to tell them everything and she nodded.

“mom dad, my wolf is also behaving strangely and matt is also saying the same thing in morning... do you think something bad is going to happen?” she asked them and Mr. Black took a deep breath.

“no sweety, everything is fine. Aiden’s wolf is alpha, if something is to happen he would be the first to sense anything not the delta or warrior wolves” he said and we all nodded.

“so aadhya, tomorrow is your birthday” Mrs. Black said and I smiled. “do you have any plans for tomorrow” she asked me and layla rolled her eyes.

“nothing till now” I said to her and she smiled sheepishly.

“would you mind if I would ask you for something?” Mrs. Black asked me and I nodded. “you already know that our wolves are acting strange, my wolf consider you the same as it considers layla and beth, so she just wanted her children near her. If you don’t mind can you spend few days with us?” she said nervously and to say I am shocked is an understatement. I opened my mouth to say something but again closed it, I actually don’t know what to say. She just told me that her wolf treated me like her own, like her daughters and that was a huge thing. My throat constricted with emotions so I just nodded and continue eating the food.

“so what does aiden wanted to talk you about” Mrs. black asked Mr. black.

“he is planning to organise mate ball this year in our pack” he explained.

“so he is seriously concerned about our children mates” Mrs. Black asked.

“yeah he is, especially for ethan. He think that ethan is going to mark stella” Mr. Black told while laughing but when none of us laughed he looked at all of us.. “is that true?” he asked layla and me.

“no idea dad, but if we take stella words seriously than yes he is planning to mark her.” Layla told him and Mr. Black pursed his lips but did not said anything. After breakfast me and layla went to her room while Mr and Mrs. Black continued to talk about the other pack matters.

“tell me bitch, what you wanted on your birthday” she told me while she jumped on her bed.

“nothing” I said and laid on her bed.

“just tell me whenever you want anything” she said to me and closed her eyes. I hummed in response.

We laid there silently for few minutes “layla” she hummed.. “what does your wolf think about the whole mate thing?” I asked her and she made a thinking face.

“she is both excited and nervous about it” she told me truthfully “you got emotional downstairs” she told me and I chuckled.

“yeah, I am used to be called an outcast but when your mom said that she considers me as her daughter that made me feel a little emotional” I replied and a beautiful smile came on her face.

“you are one of us addy and you are not outcast, you are just different and people never accept someone who is different, no matter how much awesome that person is”

“did you just told me that I am awesome” I teased her and she rolled her eyes.

“I called you bitch earlier but you didnot pointed that out” she said and smacked her pillow on me and that’s how our pillow fight started.

At night matt also joined us as he is also staying at layla’s place today. I don’t think Mr. Black is very happy about this idea but I cannot blame him... no dad who have two unmated daughters at home would like if an unmated wolf will come and spend a night at his home..

Beth went to sleep just after we had dinner but Mr. and Mrs. Black sat with me, matt and layla till the clock stuck 12 o clock. I cut my birthday cake which is baked by Mrs. Black herself and matt gifted me a cool black leather jacket.

Matt and layla are making further plans for my birthday when Mrs. Black interrupted us and told us sternly to go and sleep. Layla tried to argue but one pointed look form Mrs. Black and we were in our room. Matt went to guest room and I went to layla’s room with her. I was half asleep when suddenly layla sat on her bed with a jerk.

“layla what happened” I asked her but as soon I saw blank expressions on her face and her eyes unfocused I instantly know she is mind linking.

“shit” she cursed and grabbed my hand.. “we have to run addy get up” she shouted and we came out of the room. Matt also came outside the guest room while trying to wear his tshirt. Mr. and Mrs. Black came out of beth’s room looking alarmed while beth followed them looking a little scared.

“I have to report at east borders.” Matt said and hugged me and layla. “take care of my mom, don’t let her go anywhere until everything is sorted out” he said to us and we nodded.

“don’t let any stupid rogue claw your face, don’t forget you still to find your mate” layla said to him and he chuckled.

“stay alive” I said to him in timid voice and he gave me a smile and ruffled my hairs.

“I will meet you two later” he said and ran out of the house.

“Delilah, take all of them to the safe house.” He said and kissed Mrs. Black and with that he also ran away from the house.

“fast girls, we have to take everyone to safe house” Mrs. Black told us and we all ran behind her... I don't know why but I am getting the feeling that my birthday is going to be a disaster..

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