The Pack's Weirdo : A mystery to unveil

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Chapter 3 - Mate

Chapter 3 - Mate

Our safe house is build underground and its entrance is hidden in pack house’s backyard. We are helping pups when suddenly Mrs. Black came panicking towards us “aadhya, layla go inside safe house. I will take care of others”

“we want to help mom” layla said and I nodded in her favour.

“don’t argue with me layla” she shouted and pushed us towards the pack house. “take care of others inside” she told us and layla nodded timidly.

She grabbed my hand and pulled me with her towards the pack house.

“wait, where is beth?” I looked around frantically.

“shit, where did she go?.. damn” layla cursed “addy, go to the safe house and check there if beth was there or not, I will search outside” I nodded and ran inside the safe house. All the wolves who are not able to fight are in the safe house, pups are scared and their mothers are trying hard to calm them.

I looked all over the safe house and when I didn’t able to find beth, I ran outside. Everyone is running here and there, few are running towards safe house, few towards the borders and few were taking the wounded towards the infirmary. Suddenly a message popped in my phone. I took my mobile, layla messaged me that she found beth in arsenal. I stuffed my phone in pocket and ran towards the arsenal. The door is already ajar, I was about to run when I heard a chilling voice.

“you should not roam here and there when you are under attack sweethearts” A man is standing with his back towards the door, he is lean but muscled and had a dark aura around him. “now tell me which one of you want to die first” he asked them when I finally saw layla and beth in front of him. Layla is standing in front of beth protectively but she is also looking scared. “answer me ladies” he said coldly. Suddenly he extended his hand and grabbed layla with her throat. “mind linking, are we” he said in amusing tone. “let’s see how easy it would be snap the neck of a gamma” beth screamed and pleaded with him to let layla go. Layla is struggling in his hold but I can see that her struggles are slowing down and her face is turning blue due to lack of blood supply.

My mind is blank I don’t know what to do, so, without thinking I did what came in mind first. I picked the sword that is on the ground and charged with full force on his arm from which he is grabbing layla’s throat and with a single strike his arm is on the ground and he is screaming with pain and rage. He looked at me with fury and that’s when I understood what he is...his blood red eyes are telling his identity.. he is a vampire, without giving him time to do something I charged another strike and this time beth screamed in horror as the vampire’s head met with the ground with a thud and his body fell on another side.

I looked around the arsenal for any more threats when I found everything alright I looked at beth who is looking at me in horror but I can see that she is relieved. Layla is unconscious on the ground.

“beth, take layla with you, I will cover both of you. We have to reach safe house fast. I don’t think we can fight them off on our own” I have not expected that, but she instantly did the same as I said without a single question. I went towards the drawer and took the pouch of silver powder from it and applied it all over me.

Vampires and werewolves both of them have a same weakness and that is silver, as soon they touch silver their skin burns. I am human but still silver have impact on me maybe because werewolves blood is in my veins but it can’t burn me like others, it just feel a little irritation and my skin turns a little red nothing else. Right now I am glad that I am a human, I took the sword and looked at beth who is looking at my actions very carefully.

“listen beth, don’t touch me, this silver will burn your skin, as soon we will reach there you have to run inside the safe house” I said her and she nodded.. I badly wanted layla to see that, beth is seriously listening me,.. my bad luck.

I exited the arsenal cautiously and the sight made my blood boil. There are many rogues who are trying to overpower our warriors and I can smell the metallic smell of blood in air. We started moving towards the pack house without getting noticed, we were about to enter when a rogue came in front of us blocking the entry, his brown coat is covered in blood. He snarled at us, I looked at beth and gestured her to get inside as soon she get the chance. She is terrified but she nodded. I took a step towards the wolf and he lunged at me with his left paw on my right hand in which I am holding the sword. I landed on the ground with a thud and felt the air knocked out of my lungs. I screamed in pain as I felt his claws digging in my wrists but suddenly he backed away while howling in pain because of silver on my body. Before he can handle himself I lunged at him with the tip of the sword towards him and dig it deep into his chest. He howled loudly, I don’t know what had the more impact on him, sword or the silver on my body but he died within few minutes.

My heart is beating wildly in my chest due to all the action. I tried to pull the sword out but it was struck on his body, finally I gave up and about to go to the safe house when another wolf lunged at me and bit my foot. I don’t know which one of us first howled but both of us howled in pain. Matt’s grey wolf came towards us and lunged at the rogue and tore his throat in one snap. He looked in every direction for any threat and when he was sure there is no one he took few steps towards me.

“don’t come close matty, I am covered in silver” I said him while groaning in pain, he looked at me in panic and ran towards the woods. I looked at myself, I am covered in blood from head to toe, obviously it’s not my blood... but matt doesn't know this, does he?.. After few minutes he came running towards me in his human form, while clutching a wide cloth in his hands. He covered me in the cloth and took me in his arms carefully.

I looked around, all the males are now in their human forms and are wearing shorts while all the females are wearing long t-shirts. Everyone is covered in blood but none of them are injured,.. magic of werewolf healing.. I can see many corpses of rogues littering all around but was not able to point a single body of a vampire.

Matt took me to infirmary and a doctor came rushing towards me “she is covered in silver” he warned her.

“come with me” she said and we followed her. She took us to a bathroom. “you should clean yourself fast so that I can see your wound” she told me and matt put me on the ground slowly.

“I will get something for you to change in” he told me and ran outside. I took a bath and cleaned myself thoroughly. Few minutes later matt knocked the door and handed me the clothes. I wore them and came outside. As soon I came out mat took me in his arms and put me on the bed carefully and doctor started treating my wound. It would be a lie if I would say that I am alright. My leg is numb from the pain, both of my wrists are clawed and my back is hurting like a bitch and the bruise that ethan gifted me yesterday is not helping me much.

Doctor started treating my wounds and my mind played a flashback of past few hours.When I remembered about that vampire and how I beheaded him I felt like someone poured a bucked full of ice on me. I don’t know what got into me but I just wanted to protect layla and beth that time. I am glad that I protected them, for the first time in my life I am feeling proud of myself.

“If I were you I would not have been smiling in the condition you were in” doctor commented while dressing my wound and it caused my smile to stretch more but suddenly a thought occurred in my mind and my smile fade away.

I looked at matt who is looking everywhere but me. He is a ruthless warrior for everyone but when someone get hurt who is dear to him he can't even look at their wounds due to fear. The only reason he is with me here is because he don't wanted me to feel alone.

“matt” I called him and he carefully looked at me desperately trying not to look at my wound. “is there any casualty?” I asked him and he sadly nodded.

“we lost 5 warriors” he said “few are wounded but with doctor’s assistance and their wolf’s healing capabilities they will be fine by tomorrow”

“did you checked on layla and beth” as soon I asked this black family entered the room with panicked faces and at the same time doctor finished the dressing. Layla came running towards me and hugged me tight.

“what were you thinking bitch?” she shouted on me while hugging me tightly.

“I have to do something , he was about to kill you” I told her, she let me go and gave me a glare. I looked at her neck where he is gripping her throat his fingerprints are still visible but are fading away slowly.

“I don’t understand why vampires are attacking us” I asked nobody in particular and everyone except beth and layla looked as if I have grown two heads.

“vampires” matt said in confusion.. “as per my information there are 50 rogues but no one said about vampires” he told me and Mr. black and Mrs. Back also nodded on his information.

“yes aadhya, matt is right, we are attacked only by a group of rogues” Mr. Black supported him.

“you are wrong dad” for everyone’s surprise beth said this time. “addy is telling truth, I was scared when you went away but I also wanted to fight. Mom layla and addy started helping everyone around and I sneak into the arsenal. I was about to came towards east borders when layla stopped me and told me to go with her to safe house. She was about to drag me outside the arsenal when a vampire came inside and blocked our way.” When she said this Mrs. Black gasped. “he was about to kill layla when addy came and beheaded him” beth said and gulped and now everyone is looking at me.

Everything is silent for few minutes when suddenly layla shrieked in happiness and again engulfed me in hug.. “that was badassss addyy” she said while matt shook his head.

“we should inform Aiden” Mr. Black said to Mrs.Black and she nodded “matt, take the girls at home. Doctor, I don’t think aadhya have to stay here” he asked the doctor.

“I have to give her an injection, after that she can go” they nodded and went outside. Matt and layla helped me and took me to layla’s house while beth ignored me and went to her room.

No matter how much we love to sleep, all the adventure that just happened is not letting our brains relax enough to sleep. I tried to lie down on my side when I winced in pain and matt and layla are were on my side in a second.

“what happened addy?” matt asked me in concern while layla clenched her jaw.

“that was the bruise that ethan gave her yesterday” she told him and matt also clenched his jaw.

“forget it guys, we all know he hates me” I told them.

“alpha aiden was mad at him” matt informed us and we looked at him with questioning gaze “he went somewhere with stella before the attack, his mind link was blocked and he was not answering his calls also” he told us and a wave of rage passed through me. He is to be alpha of our pack and instead of protecting his pack he is whoring around.. what if something have happened to matt or layla...

Layla changed the topic sensing my anger and I am glad that she did it.

Next day when we were having lunch Mr. Black informed me that I have to meet ethan and gave him the details about the vampire and when I asked him can’t I give these to alpha aiden, he informed me that alpha aiden is already very busy and stressed about the situation so ethan is handling this matter to make amends for his absence. So, now I am sitting in alpha aiden’s office which is in pack house waiting for ethan.

After few minutes door opened and someone entered the office. I already know it’s ethan so I didnot turned towards him.

“start speaking” I heard his voice...I am still feeling rage towards him..

“what do you want me to say ethan?” I asked him.

“I am your alpha” he growled

“then act like one” before I can even understand what I said I was lifted in air and pushed on the wall harshly which knocked the air out of my lungs. I closed my eyes due to the pain and felt ethan’s hand on my throat. I waited for the blow or his painful words but when I didn’t received anything for a minute, I finally opened my eyes. He is looking at me with weird expressions, suddenly I felt lightheaded and alpha’s office seems to be spinning around me but I clearly remember the word before I lost my consciousness.... ‘MATE’

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