The Pack's Weirdo : A mystery to unveil

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Chapter 5 - Scent

Chapter 5 - Scent

Times like these make me rethink whether I like layla’s defiance nature or not. Ethan’s hands transformed into claws and he raised his hand to strike towards layla, I wanted to stop him but I don’t know how. I am scared but layla and matt are still standing without even flinching. He was about to hit her when he stopped and he raised his head and sniffed the air. Suddenly his whole demeanor changed, his elongated canines went back to normal and same happened with his claws. His all focus turned on something else which I can’t point out, his breaths became rapid and I looked at matt and layla who are looking at me with wild looks.

“what” I asked them and matt took a step towards me but as soon he does that ethan growled.

“holy fuck, we can smell your scent addy” layla said and at first I got confused.. I just took a bath dude.. but then my brain registered her statement. I am smelling when I have not even put the scent that mom gave me.

“you should go out, ethan” I told him calmly. I knew that he rejected me and not faced any problem at that time because he is not attracted towards my scent as I have none, but if I am smelling now or in other words I have a scent then it means that he will face problem in resisting me now.

He growled harder this time “I am your mate”

I don’t know what cause me to do it but this statement made my boil. I gritted my teeth and took few steps towards him “I. WAS. YOUR. MATE” I told him in challenging voice. “STAY AWAY FROM ME” I shouted and he stumbled backwards. “meet me outside guys” I told them and came out of the pack house and started taking deep breaths to calm the anger that is seeping in my veins.

What the hell is happening in my life. Till tomorrow everything is alright, I was happy in my life and then suddenly I have killed a vampire and a werewolf, found my mate, got rejected and now when I thought that I will handle everything suddenly out of the blue my scent felt that it is the perfect time to appear.

“why can’t my life be normal” I asked to no one in particular.

“there is no fun in being normal bitch” layla came towards me and threw her arm around my shoulders “now tell me, how come you have not told me that you have a scent” she asked me while sniffing, few creases appeared on her forehead, she came closer and again sniffed.

“that’s strange, I bet I sniffed a particular scent of jasmine and pine” she is now sniffing me all over like a creep. Matt came near us and for once I thought that he will help me but he also started doing the same as layla.

“urgh” I pushed both of them far from me “stop acting like dogs” I told them but they ignored me and continued sniffing me.

“we are not dogs” layla said while sniffing me.

“we are wolves” matt completed her sentence and now both of them are again sniffing me.

“guys stop, it’s creepy” I tried to stop them.

“but how can you smell for a minute and then nothing, like it never happened” layla asked me finally stopping her sniffing game.

“that’s is not normal” matt also agreed with her.

“well, did you two found anything that is normal about me till today” layla opened her mouth to say something but I cut her off “don’t talk anything about today, my whole day is spoiled, but I don’t wanted the same with the night. We are going to human town and I am going to get wasted” I told them in finality and both of them huffed in defeat.

We went to human town in matt’s car and he parked his car in a club’s parking. When we went inside and I found the exact environment that I was expecting, everything is so loud that I bet my brain will not be able to think about any shit. I was about to walk towards the bar when I remembered something and turned towards layla and matt. Their faces are scrunched in disgust and I felt so selfish.. they are werewolves, it means the sound that is loud to me would be deafening for them and I am definitely sure that they would be able to smell everything going inside the club.

“I should have bought a separate oxygen tank for myself” layla mumbled in irritation.

“and some sound proof headphone also” matt also mumbled.

I went towards the bar where a boy is preparing the drinks “hey, is there a place here which will be a little less loud” I asked him politely.

“you can try our VIP section” he told me and again got busy in his work. I nodded and went towards layla and matt who are looking beyond irritated. I did not said anything to them just hold their hands and dragged them with me to the VIP section. As soon we entered there both of them took a deep breath.

“better” I asked them.

“yeah” both of them said in unison and went towards a black leather sofa placed there and practically slumped down on it.

“well that’s very enthusiastic” I told them in sarcasm and just like them I also slumped down between them.

“don’t you think you have already had much adventure today” layla told me and I smacked her head.

“you are a bitch” I told her grumpily and she kissed my cheek which I wiped with the back of my hand.

“a bitch, yes.. but don’t forget this bitch is your best friend andddd” she again kissed me on cheek and this time took both of my hands in hers “you are not allowed to wipe my kisses” she told me and both of us started laughing like the maniacs we are.

“don’t make me the third wheel, I will not mind a threesome” as soon matt said that both me and layla gagged.

“ewww matt, you are gross” layla said and punched him and here punch is not like a playful smack or something. She punched him with full force which made him flinch but that stupid wolf is still laughing and I am unable to point his tears are of pain or laugh.

“don’t ruin my day more by your lame jokes matt. Go and get something to drink” I told him while he is trying to catch his breath. “and here take my card, this party is on me” I told him and he took the card...finally I am spending the money I have earned in my life..

“anything for you layla” he asked her.

“anything with no alcohol in it will be good” I looked at her and raised an eyebrow “there is no need to waste alcohol if my werewolf genes would never allow me get drunk. To make me drunk you have to throw a party of wolfsbane or something more strong” she explained and shrugged. Matt went towards the bar and we sat there in silence. I looked everywhere, this is the first time that I am visiting a club and it is exactly the same I have imagined it, dimly lit, dark themed, alcohol, wildly dancing people and some even making out openly. I turned my gaze towards layla and found her looking at me.

“what” I asked her, she kept staring at me for few minutes then took a deep breath.

“don’t forget addy, I’ve got your back” she told me in full sincerity and I smiled.

Matt came with alcohol and sat beside me “here is it birthday girl” he put them in front of me and bowed dramatically.

“don’t let me do something that I will regret later” I told them and they chuckled but nodded afterwards. I grabbed the first drink, winked at them and threw it down my throat... and believe me guys it is like shit.. my throat burned and I closed my eyes because of it.

“damn, why in this hell people drink this shit” I told them and matt laughed.

“that was epic” I looked at him,, he has his mobile in his hand and from the look of it I bet he clicked some awful photos of me and is now grinning like an idiot.

“show me” layla went to him and now both of them are laughing like maniacs on me.

“I wish I would drink insanely and then puke on these idiots” I wished and they laughed harder on it. I ignored those morons and focused on getting wasted. I don’t know how many shots matt had bought but I have finished them all and still I am not feeling dizzy.

“are you sure that was alcohol matt” I asked him in frustration when I doesn’t feel anything.

“I was sure that it was alcohol but I do have doubts whether it will effect you or not” he said trying to stop himself from laughing.

“seems like addy solved your doubts” layla said while grinning.

“why everything is so complicated in my life” I groaned and this time none of them laughed. I looked at them and they have serious expressions on their faces. “dance” I asked them and they looked at each other.

“fine, but not more than 10 minutes then we are exiting this shitty place” layla said and got up from her place. We went outside the VIP section towards the dancing crowd. The DJ is so loud that I am already feeling like every particle on my body started moving with the beats. I dragged both of them with me and we started swaying and bouncing with the beats. Layla closed her eyes and started dancing as she always do and for once I also wanted to forget everything. I took a deep breath and does the same, loud music is helping me immensely in keeping my brain at bay. I don’t know for how much time we danced but when I opened my eyes, layla is not dancing peacefully and matt is also looking irritated. I smiled as I already know that I have already surpassed the 10 minutes a while ago. I gestured them towards the exit and they looked so relieved. When we exited the club they practically ran towards the car.

“it was not that much bad” I tried to reason with them.

“oh please, that sound was excessive loud, and those stupid humans males were looking at both of you as if they will eat you alive” matt scoffed.

“oh come on matty, you also know that no man will be able to eat me alive” layla said to him and smirked.. “but yeah if you talk about me then I have surely found few guys inside whom I would like to eat alive” she winked.

“don’t forget about my threesome offer” matt grinned and I rolled my eyes on their bickering.

“I am not in mood to go home” I told them grumpily and layla huffed in annoyance.

“oh come on, we already know where you want to go. We should have gone there on the first place but you wanted to ’get wasted’” she said and rolled her eyes while I pouted and matt chuckled.

“let’s go ladies” he said and we hopped in car. We went back to matt’s house where he parked his car and they went towards the trees to transform in their wolves. After few minutes they came back in their wolf forms with their clothes clutched in their mouths. I took the clothes and put them in a duffel bag. Layla’s wolf is coffee brown in colour with same brown eyes as hers while matt wolf is of grey colour and have the same green eyes as him. As soon I looked at them, they lunged at me playfully and started to lick me. I laughed on their antiques, their wolves are huge and it’s not hard for them to hurt me but I have to say they love me so much. Wolves are a part of them, but they have a separate entity and feelings, and I am happy to say that their wolves also love me. I rubbed their fur lovingly and they purred under my touch.

“I know sweethearts you love me, but I wanted to go to lake” I told both of them and layla’s wolf lia nudged me with her snout towards her back. I smiled at her and matt’s wolf milo growled in disapproval. He grabbed my bag with his canines and dragged me cautiously towards him careful enough to not hurt me unintentionally... not again.. every time we decide to go somewhere in their wolf form milo and lia always fight for me to sit on their back.. uh ,uhh... no my cute wolfies” at this both of them growled at me.. they just hate sweet words, they like to be called dangerous.. “I will sit on lia’s back now and when we will come back it will be your turn milo” lia looked at milo while smirking and milo huffed in annoyance but didnot let my bag go. “how about you take the bag for me milo, and obviously you have to keep both of us safe” I told him and he puffed his chest proudly and lia rolled her eyes. I sat on lia’s back and hold her tight while they started running towards the lake. When we reached the lake, I got down at the edge and lia jumped in the lake splashing water on me, milo put the duffel bag near me and did the same as lia. I smiled looking at both of them while they were playing. After few minutes they came out of the lake and laid beside me still in their wolf forms. For few minutes we sat there like that looking at the night sky. After few minutes lia got up and nudged me for her clothes. I took out layla’s clothes, lia took them in her mouth and went behind a tree and after few minutes milo did the same.

“sometimes I feel that lia loves you more than she love me” layla said while sitting beside me.

“in my case milo have clarified it ages ago that he loves addy more than me” matt also came and sat to another side and I smiled at both of them. He has a paper in his hand.

“what is that matt” I asked him while looking at the paper now layla is also doing the same while matt rubbed the back of his neck after throwing the paper on ground. Layla quickly took it and we saw a contact number with a name scribbled on it.

“seems like a girl named Emily slipped it in my pocket when we were dancing” he said and layla smirked.

“maybe she have heard about your threesome fantasy” she said and all of us laughed. We were sitting there silently when matt interrupted our peaceful thoughts. No matter how much he flirt with us or with anyone else, we all know that he is waiting for his mate, not only him, layla is also same.. their mates would be very lucky..

“mom’s health is worsening” suddenly matt interrupted my thoughts. We did not said anything because we are expecting this news.Matt’s father dead 3 years ago in a rogue attack, he is one of the most ruthless warrior of blue moon pack, it took 6 rogues to take him down. Every werewolf cope with their mate’s death in their own way but I have heard that loosing your mate feels like someone ripped a part of your heart from your body, and after today I can imagine the pain. The pain of mate’s death is 10 times worse than the rejection. His mom was a warrior herself but her mate’s death took a toll on her mental as well as physical health. She lost her wolf and her memories also. Sometimes my heart breaks for matt, he loves her, care for her but she did not even remember him. “doctor said she doesn’t have much time left” he said and few tears slipped from his eyes which he did not cared to wipe. He never hide anything from us whether it is weakness or strength.

I raised my hand and wiped his tears from right cheek while layla did the same with his left cheek. He chuckled on it and few more tears slipped from his eyes. Both of us hugged him from either sides. “I don’t know what to do” he said and tightened his hands around us.

“everything is going to be alright” layla said and I tried to believe her words but it is hard to believe when everything is so messed up in our lives. We laid their like that and I don’t know when but we fell sleep. Next day matt wake both of us. They transformed into their wolves while I packed their clothes in my bag. Lia took the bag with her and I climbed on milo’s back. They directly ran towards the training field where everyone is already present in their wolf form.. seems like we are practicing in wolf form today..

“milo take me towards gaama Alexander” I whispered in milo’s ears and he did the same. When we reached in front of gaama Alexander who is still in his human form he looked at us suspiciously..riding on the back of a werewolf is considered very intimate gesture but I don’t care what anyone think until matt and layla don’t have any problem in that..

“sorry gaama, I got late” I told him with a little bow.

“it’s your first time getting late aadhya, that’s why I am not saying anything” he said and I nodded. “now go practice with lia” he said.

“can I train with someone else gamma” I asked him and he looked at me in question while lia whined and licked my hand. I smiled and patted her head lovingly.

“lia loves me gaama, she always go easy on me and there is no meaning of training when your competitor is not competing with his full strength and I have already seen the full strength of an attack when we were attacked yesterday” as soon I told that lia’s head hung low. I smiled but didnot stopped patting her head.

“are you sure aadhya, you are already hurt in yesterday’s attack” gaama asked me in doubt.

“it’s not the first time when I am hurt and doing training” I told him and he nodded.

“stella”.. uh uhhoo.. gaama shouted and a red wolf came running towards us “you will train with aadhya today” he told her and went away towards other wolves.

Lia and milo came protectively towards me while stella’s wolf smirked looking at me as if I was her next meal... is it bad to feel excited about fighting with stella.. a sinister type of excited??

“everything is under control guys” I told them but they didnot moved an inch. “fine, don’t go.. but let me train” I told them and went near them “I seriously wanted this” I told them in a whisper and both of them nodded and went towards other wolves. I took a deep breath and looked at the red wolf. I was never a violent person but I don’t know why my mind is picturing her red wolf covered in blood of her own. I don’t know what is going to happen but I surely know one thing... I AM NOT GOING TO BACK OFF THIS TIME..

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