The Pack's Weirdo : A mystery to unveil

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Chapter 6 - Acceptance

Chapter 6 - Acceptance

Stella snarled at me and I took the defensive stance. No matter training or what, stella will never leave the opportunity to seriously injure me or maybe kill me.

“aadhya” suddenly ethan came between us looking directly at me. He is just wearing his shorts and his perfectly sculpted naked torso is on full display. He is dripping with sweat and his ash blonde hairs are sticking to his forehead..can a human eat a wolf alive?.. I don’t know from where these thoughts came but I shook my head to remove these thoughts. I looked at him and found him smirking at me.. seems like he caught me staring at him.. “in dad’s office now” he said and looked at stella’s wolf who is now looking at both of us in anger. Ethan let a sexy chuckled out and walked towards stella and hugged her tight while her fur made contact with his naked form.. half naked..

“dad have assigned me an important work baby girl and I have to interrogate this weirdo for that.. sorry for ruining your fun” he whispered in her ear and I can literally give any thing to anyone who can explain me how in this hell a human like me able to hear his words from afar. I wanted to hear more but their close proximity is breaking my heart so I turned and walked inside the pack house towards alpha aiden’s office. I knocked the door and waited.

“no one is inside” I heard ethan’s voice from behind me, so I gave him side to enter the room. He looked at me with weird expressions and took few deep breaths, after sniffing few more times few creases appeared on his forehead and he shook his head in irritation. When he crossed me our hands rubbed with each other and this was enough to quicken my breaths and heartbeats, I instantly took a step backward and heard a growl from him while he entered the office. I followed him inside and he closed the door behind me. I went towards the table and took a chair while he is still standing at the door, I turned the chair and took a seat so that I am facing him.

“dad told me you killed a vampire” he said and I tried to read anything from his expressions but unable to do so.

“yes” I kept my reply short.

“what were you doing in arsenal when you should have been in safe house” he asked me again in same tone.

“layla and me were searching for beth, layla found her in arsenal and I went there for them, when I entered that vampire was about to snap layla’s neck. So I did what I thought was best” I explained him and I just wanted to just exit this place right now. This mate bond is clearly having stupid effects on me.. he should wear a shirt or something..

He started taking steps towards me and I tried to look not affected by it. “you wanted to say that a human like you entered the arsenal and go unnoticed by a vampire who have amazing smelling capacity and that’s not all you beheaded him that easily” he put both of his hands on either side of chair handles and crouched so that we were face to face with each other.. “I should say either that vampire was a very weak one or you are a very interesting story teller” he said while his gaze is fixed on my lips. I can feel his body heat from his naked torso which is inches apart from me and his manly scent is making my head dizzy. “ tell me the truth aadhya” he whispered huskily and I shivered.

“I-I a” I tried to say something but my mind and eyes are only focused on his lips. How will I feel if these pink lips will cover mine? I just have to move forward a little and our lips will meet each other. I don’t know what I was doing when I heard a voice.. “AAadhyaaa” the same emotional and cracked voice that I heard in my dream yesterday, this is enough to break the trance which mate bond created around us. I pushed ethan backwards and stood from my place. My heart is pounding wildly in my chest and my breaths are labored. I looked at ethan and he is also breathing heavily. For few minutes none of us did or said anything. I recalled everything that happened few minutes ago and again my heart started beating wildly but this time it is because of anger. I looked at ethan who is looking immensely irritated and angry with himself..seems like i am not only the one who is effected by matebond..

“I don’t have any scent” I told him and his head jerked towards me “from the day I was born I never had any scent. The lavender scent that you all consider as mine, is not mine. It was a scent mom gave me to apply everyday so that I should not be treated as outcast. Few of my known, alpha and luna know about this. When I killed that vampire I was not wearing my scent” I told him the truth and took a deep breath. “yesterday I don’t know how you three were able to smell my scent but as soon we exited the pack house it was gone again”.

When I felt wetness on my cheeks I realized that I am crying. I don’t like to cry in front of anyone but crying in front of him is feeling right..fuck that stupid mate bond.. I wanted to tell him everything today, moon goddess made him my mate, so with it she also gave him right to know about me everything. “I never wanted to be an outcast ethan, I also wanted to be accepted.. I also wanted to be loved” I wanted to continue but a sob escaped through my lips and I sat on the chair. He is looking at me with pained expressions. I know his wolf wanted to comfort me but he is stopping himself. He took a deep breath, came towards me and sat on the chair beside me while maintaining proper gap between us.

“somethings are not in our control addy, they just happen and we have to transform our lives according to that” I have not expected that, ethan and me having decent conversation and did I mentioned that he called me addy. After 10 fucking years he suddenly remembered that I am addy and not some fucking weirdo. “no matter how much my wolf want you, he also knows that we can’t take you as our luna. His attraction to you is only because of mate bond and nothing else” he said and I looked in his eyes. For the first time in these 10 years he is not mocking me, not throwing insults at me but still the sincerity of his words are piercing my heart...but can I contradict him? do I have any counter statement to tell him that he is wrong? Is he wrong?.. he is right, he is never attracted to me and no matter how much I hated that word ‘weirdo’ but that’s the truth. I am different from anyone else, I neither have qualities of humans nor that of werewolves. I can’t even say that stella came between us, she is always there with him for complete 3 years and just because moon goddess wanted to have a good laugh by mating me with him I can’t decline that he is nothing but serious about stella. He is not a man whore who sleeps with any girl, he is only with stella and no one else.

I looked at him and he is still looking at me in pain. I wiped my tears and gave him a genuine smile and he looked as if he melted with my one look. “I never wanted you as my mate ethan because I know that you will never love me” he is not stopping himself from expressing anything right now because I am able to read his expressions very clearly and right now he is shocked “and still when I found out that you were my mate I was beyond happy and this is not because of any stupid alpha thing or like that. You were my friend once so I am believing that you have known that little about me.” I smiled and a similar smiled came on his face maybe he still remember our childhood time together “finding a mate is a very powerful indication for me that I am not an outcast or weirdo. I felt a little feeling of belonging, acceptance so, I can’t deny that your rejection is a cruel blow for me” now he looked away from me and clenched his jaw “I was always afraid that one day layla and matt will find their mates and will leave me alone here at the place where no one wanted to accept me” I didnot looked at him but I can feel his gaze on me. “I have tried to blend with people as much as I can because I don’t wanted be an outcast but nothing helped, but now I think they are going to be the same so I will do everything that I want, I don’t want any feeling of belonging now, if they wanted to call me names treat me different they can do..” I got up from the chair and took few steps away from him and confused expressions crossed on his handsome face.

“I AADHYA brown, daughter of Daniel and rose brown of blue moon pack, accept the rejection of ethan smith as his mate and luna of blue moon pack” as soon these words escaped from my lips ethan fell on the ground and screamed in pain while I clutched my chest. I also sat on the ground as the pain is becoming unbearable slowly, I gasped for breath while trying to stop my pain. After few minutes of insufferable pain it start to fade away slowly. I looked around and found ethan still screaming and thrashing. I crawled towards him and took his hand in mine. Again sparks traveled down our bodies and the overwhelming urge to hug him surrounded me but I restrained myself from doing so. He is still on the ground but is not screaming anymore, I am guessing mate bond still have effect. I don’t know for how much time we sat there holding each other’s hand but I left his hand cautiously when my mobile ringed in my pocket.


“tell us that he have not done anything to make us kill him” I heard layla’s voice from other side.

“I will be in my room within 5 minutes” I told her and she cut the I have to give them complete details..

I got up from my place and looked at ethan who is looking crestfallen. “it’s good to have a decent conversation with you ethan” I said and without waiting for his response I went to my room. As soon I entered I met with a furious layla and matt.

“she had been crying” layla roared but before she assume something bad I burst the bubble.

“I accepted his rejection” as soon these words left my lips both of them froze on their places.

“you accepted his r-re-reje--” layla did not even be able to say the word and shuddered.

“but-” matt wanted to say something but at last he shook his head and slumped on the bed in defeat. I already saw that shine in their eyes when I told them I found my mate yesterday, no matter ethan rejected me or not they still have that small hope in them that he will take his rejection back and accept me as his mate but when I have had accepted his rejection there is no chance of u turn.

Matt stood from bed and hugged me while layla is still trying to gather her thoughts. “are you alright addy” he asked me and I tightened my hold around him.

“no” I accepted and he nodded. “but I will be alright, but I wanted to ask something from you” I told them and they hummed.. “even after accepting his rejection when I touched him, I again felt the sparks” I told them and matt took a deep breath.

“mate bond can only break when your partner is dead addy, no alpha even not the alpha king is strong enough to break the mate bond” he said and I huffed in irritation

“then what does that stupid rejection is all about”

This time layla stood from her place and put her hands on my shoulders “if you will maintain distance from ethan than it will fade away slowly. How much slowly I don’t know but I know that distance helps if you want to stop mate bond from growing or in your case fading after rejection” she explained sadly. “he took your acceptance easily?” she asked me and I shook my head.

“did he hurt you?” matt asked me and layla looked for any kind of injuries.

“mate bond will never allow him to hurt me physically” I told them and they nodded slowly “but yes it is painful, for both of us.. and this time more for him”

“good, he deserve that after what he did” layla said and matt nodded.

“no one deserve to go through this pain layla” I told her and sat on my bed “and we all knew that he loves stella”

“if moon goddess have paired you with him it means you are the best match for him” matt contradicted “and you are his mate addy, he have no option than to fall in love with you”

“loving stella is his choice while loving me was more like an obligation and believe me dude I will prefer to live alone rather than living with someone who is only with me due to an obligation” I explained to them and a burdened expressions crossed layla’s face.

“I don’t know what is it addy, you are not wrong but what he did is also not right” she said and I nodded.

Matt came towards me and sat on the ground “don’t be sad addy, my threesome offer would always be valid for you till lifetime” he said in full sincerity and I punched him hard on his shoulder while layla laughed loud. I tried to stop myself from laughing but he is still looking at me with full sincerity that made me finally lose. We laughed for few good minutes.

“your brain is turning into ‘lust gutter’ day by day matty” layla told him and ruffled his hairs. He glared at her and went in front of dressing table and styled his hairs.

“I can digest your lame jokes but I will not accept any kind of stunt with my hairs” he said while styling his hairs. Layla rolled her eyes on his statement. “I am an unmated wolf in mating age, I always have to look good for my mate layla” he said and I smiled on his stupid antiques.

Suddenly both of them stopped their bickering and I looked at them, their eyes are unfocused, so I huffed and waited for them.

“alpha called us in training ground” matt answered my questioning gaze.

“and it’s something serious” layla completed his sentence and we ran downstairs. Almost everyone is gathered in the training ground and few are coming running just like us. We stood there and waited for the alpha to come while Beta, gaama and delta couple are already standing in front. After few minutes alpha and luna came in front with few other people who are not from our pack. I turned towards matt and layla to ask them if they know who they are. Their eyes are shut and they are sniffing the air as if their lives are dependent on it.. which is truth.. I rolled my eyes on my conscience but got shocked when I finally realized what is it. I looked at them with wide eyes and open mouth when both of them uttered the same word together ‘MATE’.

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