The Pack's Weirdo : A mystery to unveil

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Chapter 7 - Royals

Chapter 7 - Royals

The wolves that were standing with alpha and luna few minutes ago are now walking towards us. I already knew that werewolves are naturally beautiful creatures, but believe me these two weres who are coming towards us are the most beautiful weres I have seen till today. I don’t know who they are,, but I can feel the power radiating from their bodies that means both of them must be rank holders in their packs. The she-wolf that is standing in front of matt is of same height as me and has shoulder length auburn hairs and have green eyes. She checked out matt openly and whistled “didn’t I told you ell, my mate will be the most dashing male on this planet” she told to the male that is staring at layla without blinking.

Layla scoffed on her statement “have you not heard about mate bond and mate pull women” she told her while her eyes were glued to the man in front of her. He has a good height of 6’0, has perfectly styled chestnut brown hairs with blue eyes. Finally on layla’s statement that man smiled and shook his head.. “and didn’t I told you mia that my mate would surely be the one with sarcasm” he told her and on his statement layla blushed furiously.

That mia girl rolled her eyes and again focused on matt. “what’s your name handsome” she asked him. Matt is still looking at her and is taking deep breaths..probably inhaling her scent.. I am still standing between layla and matt so I nudged matt. Suddenly mia growled at me, pushed me on side and came between matt and me. I raised my hands in surrender. How can I forget that mates can be extremely possessive until they mark each other. Matt looked at me in panic as his mate glared daggers at me.

“hold her stupid” layla said to him and his eyes got wide “o come on, she is your mate for damn sake” she shouted on him in irritation. Matt slowly put his hand on hers and mate bond started it’s magical effect instantly. Suddenly mia turned towards him and hugged him tight and breathed his scent. I tried to stop myself from laughing but as soon layla started laughing I also broke and joined her. Matt’s eyes are wide, his mouth open and his hands are looking like they froze in mid air and if you look more closely you can look that he stopped breathing in shock. When mia left him he finally got into some senses and took a deep breath. I finally stopped laughing but layla is still laughing and her mate’s eyes are still focused on her while I can see a small smile on his face.

Matt rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly.. “I am matt, matt walker” he said to mia and she gave him a breathtaking smile.

“hi matt, I am mia Williams” she told him and he nodded still a little red from her hug.

“ellon wood” layla’s mate told her while extending his hand towards her. she put her hand in his without thinking twice.

“layla black” she told him and he kissed the back of her hand which made her cheeks shade to become deep shade of red. I can see that he don’t wanted to leave her hand but decided against his will and left her hand. As soon their little introduction session ended someone cleared their throat and we all looked at the source. Alpha aiden is now standing in front of us.

“I am glad that you have found your mate but we have to do an announcement” he told to mia and ellon.

“sure alpha” mia told him in confidence, she took matt’s hand in hers and walked towards the front.

“I would like if you will come with me” ellon told layla but it’s clearly written on his face that he is dying to hold her hand again. Layla looked at me and then at alpha. I knew she also wanted to go with her mate but still she was thinking about me. Alpha gave her pointed look to not ask me to come in front..he would never want me in front.. She took a deep breath and was about to open her mouth when I interrupted her.

“yes, she will come with you” I told on her behalf and finally this time ellon’s gaze shifted from layla and he looked at me. A shocked expression crossed on his face but in a second he concealed it perfectly. I would have pointed it out but it is something that I have accustomed to now. Human living with werewolves is not so normal. I smiled at him and he nodded stiffly.

“you should come beta ellon” he is a beta.. alpha aiden said and ellon extended his hand for layla to hold. She looked at me in doubt but when I gave her encouraging look she huffed and finally put her hand on his and all the three of them walked in front.

Alpha aiden came in front and started speaking “blue moon pack, the recent attack that we faced was not a simple rogue attack, unfortunately vampires were also working with them.” Blue moon pack have exact 357 werewolves and if you include me than 358 member, and all of them are present here but still the crowd is pin drop silent. “50 rogues attacked us but we don’t know the exact number of vampires. We all know that vampire’s attack are not common, so we reported this attack to the royal pack “crescent moon” about this and since we managed to kill one vampire so we have enough proofs that we were attacked by them. Taking into account the threat of this situation, Alpha king sent his beta, Ellon Wood and gaama Mia Williams to look into this matter. They are going to stay in our pack for few days so if any of you wanted to give any information you think can be helpful about this situation you can talk to the beta and gaama of crescent moon. As long as they’re here they’ll be helping gaama Alexander and leah in training the pack and teaching the skills that will help us in any attack that will consist of vampires.” He said and gave us time to digest the piece of information than continued.. “I am also happy to announce that we have got the permission to host ‘mate ball’ this year in our pack, so I request everyone to postpone any plans that you have in coming three months in which you have to go out of the pack for something or some work as we have a lot of preparations to do, if someone have emergency cases than I wanted them to personally come to inform me. Thank you for your time. Have a nice day” with it alpha aiden ended the pack meeting and gestured to everyone to return to their work. He went towards ellon and mia and they started talking with each other while layla and matt stood there looking for me in crowd. I looked around and found that most of the people have already went, so I also turned towards the pack house when a voice stopped me.

“aww, our weirdo lost her best friends” I already knew it’s stella.. despite her mean behaviour I never hated her but after ethan’s rejection I can’t ignore the negative feeling that I am feeling towards her. I clenched my fists too stop myself from doing anything because no matter how much I control myself but this ’broken’ mate bond is playing with my emotions. I closed my eyes and started counting backwards to stop my anger. “aww, crying will not change the truth ’addy’” she mocked and her friends laughed. “both matt’s and layla’a mate are high ranking wolves than them, so they have to change their pack and shift with them, and finally they would be able to get rid of you” I knew my eyes are closed but her word are piercing my heart. I opened my eyes and looked at others who are now laughing while stella is smirking at me.

“you know stella, I can give you a befitting reply” I told her in matter-of-factly tone and now everyone got silent.. “and now as I have already killed a vampire and werewolf I don’t think it will be very hard to kill or maybe seriously injure another” I stopped and looked at their expressions and everyone is shocked.. I never stood up to them before today.. “but you are the future luna of this pack and until I am a member of this pack I have forbidden myself for causing any harm to it’s members” I told her in cold voice. I am expecting any reply from her when I heard a growl behind me and again I already knew who the person in this hell I can recognize ethan’s growl..fuck matebond.. he came in front of me standing beside stella and this site again caused my blood to boil. I just wanted to rip that stella into million pieces.

Ethan is looking angry but as he is breathing hard I already knew that he is trying to control himself. I heard few footsteps hurriedly running towards us so I looked backwards and layla and matt stopped in front of me while their eyes fixed on others.

“what did they did this time?” layla asked me while glaring at them. Mia and ellon also came towards us, while mia is not looking very happy ellon is just observing everyone.

“no one did anything ..” I was trying to calm layla when stella felt that it is the perfect time to open her shitty mouth.

“I thought that you would leave your rescue job when you got yourself a mate layla” she told her and this proved that her skull is definitely empty..who the hell in this world tell this to she wolf, in front of her mate and not only a normal mate, he is a royal stupid.. “I know your parents have never pointed this out, but I don’t think a royal beta would want his mate to be a friend of a lowly human like her, will he?” she told this and looked at ellon while checking him our while he is still calm. Layla growled and grabbed stella’s throat, before she can do anything, ellon came in front of her and pushed her face on the crook of his neck and rubbed her back, while ethan removed layla’s hand from stella throat... hence proved, stella is seriously dumb..

“calm baby girl, I am yours” ellon whispered to layla while she took deep breaths and I can see that his scent is calming her. He looked at me and matt “can we go somewhere else” he asked us and we nodded. We walked towards the edge of woods and all this time I felt ethan’s gaze on me..if he really wanted that mate bond to worsen than he should make proper distance from me..

“you all can go to lake” I told four of them.

“and why are you not coming” matt asked and mia gave me a stink eye.

“I have some work to do” I told them and layla narrowed her eyes at me “I have to meet gaama Alexander” matt gave me a pointed look and I can see mia getting restless. I rolled my eyes but I can’t ignore it, I don’t wanted another ranked she wolf breathing down my neck.. “don’t get me wrong mia, we are friends and nothing else. He only cares for me because as you can see I am a human living with wolves so very hazardous accidents can easily happen with me” I tried to make her understand.

“what do you mean by ’he cares’ , are you saying that I don’t care” this time layla said and crossed her arms and this time ellon gave me stink eye. I rolled my eyes on these stupid extremely possessive mates.

“for god sake guys, you have found your mates not more than an hour ago and still you are stuck on me” I told both of them pointedly “you have to forget about our threesome..” I teased and both mia and ellon growled while layla and matt tried to stop them while glaring at me.. “plans” I completed my statement while laughing while both of them were trying to stop their mates.

“what is that for bitch?” matt and layla both said in unison while trying to control their mates and this made me laugh harder.

“it’s fun to tease extra possessive mates” I reasoned with them while they glared at me.

“may the moon goddess give you the most possessive mate of this whole world” as soon these words escaped layla’s lips her eyes widened and matt looked at her in shock.

“moon goddess loves me, that’s why my mate rejected me on the spot layla” I said in the same playful manner to not make her feel guilty but inside I knew that these words have huge impact on my heart.

As soon I said that mia and ellon stopped and looked at me with open mouth. I laughed on their expressions but everyone else is silent except me. “it’s alright guys, just go and spend some time with each other” I told four of them but now all of them are looking doubtful “when I accepted the rejection, I accepted every thing that comes with it”. layla and matt nodded but mia and ellon were not looking convinced. “I am more than what I look royals, don’t think about me.. go and have some fun with your mates” I told them and turned towards the pack house. I went to my room but as soon I opened the door I came face to face with ethan.

“what are doing in my room” I asked him with straight face. He came towards me and closed the door..obviously he can’t let anyone hear our conversation, and no matter every room in pack house is sound proof or not, you have to close the door..

“you are not supposed to tell anyone that I AM your mate” he snarled and despite his anger I can see a little softness in his eyes.

“and whom I told that you WERE my mate?” I told while correcting him and he growled.

“don’t try to be smart aadhya, I heard you telling those royal wolves” he said and took a step towards me and I took a step backwards. He didn’t seems to like it because his eyes are swirling between brown and black.

“I told them that MY MATE rejected me, I never took your name, did I?” I asked him pointedly.

“I don’t believe you” he told me and this made me smile.

“then don’t” I told him and he looked at me in irritation “I don’t want anything from you, not even your believe and I expect the same from you.. I also have nothing to give you” I told him with a sad smile “I can’t deny that I don’t wanted you because mate bond is not in my control, but I can confirm one thing” I told him with full seriousness “I will never allow myself to accept you as my mate” I can see from his expressions that my words hit him really very hard. “and don’t take tension about anyone knowing about me being your mate. I don’t wanted my name to be attached with you. The more this mate bond force me, the more I will be repulsive towards you” this is the final straw for him.

He growled loudly and pushed me on the wall, his whole body pressed against mine, the familiar sparks ran through my body because of his touch but they are not as effective as they were before. I don’t know what came into me but as fast he pushed me on the wall with the same speed I clenched his right hand from my shoulder and with a swift motion twisted his hand on his back with full force. He screamed in pain and I heard a crack of snapping of a bone, that sound is enough to make me come in senses, when my slow brain understood what have I done I left his hand with a gasp and took few steps backwards..did I just overpowered an alpha wolf.. can’t this day become a little less adventures.



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