The Pack's Weirdo : A mystery to unveil

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Chapter 8 - further chapters

Hello Readers, I hope you all are fine. This chapter is to inform you that I will be giving you new chapters on webnovel and libri app from now.

This is because that my story got plagiarized and after many mails, I finally able to get it removed from amazon. You can use fast passes for reading the chapters if you don't wanted to pay for the chapters there.

Those who have read till chapter 22 can start from chapter 38 on webnovel and libri.

and for the exam that I was preparing for... I was not able to clear all the three phases so, my life continues to be busy but still I am updating my book on the paid platforms.

I hope that it will not cause you trouble to read my book on another platform.

Thank you,

Mudita upreti


Note - If any of you face any trouble regarding my work then you can directly message me on instagram : the_content_soul This is my id

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