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Volume 1: The Weaver: A Throne of Vita and Obit "Every wish brings you responsibility thus far be careful about the one you make." Lashuka, a half-god and the king of the underworld enters the Vita world to find his bride. Eventually, after seeking for a while his effort paid off and he found an innocent girl with a unique power who deserved to be his queen but the girl resisted. He didn't give up on her and was doing every cruel thing he could do, only to have the girl... Tania had missed a part of her memory and couldn't remember the half-god but he came back again, as he promised. To read more please follow the story... ________________ * What you will read: A soft chilling breeze kissed every single wound on my body. It tried to consort my pain but I was not sure if it could sort this out! She mentioned that humans can't injure me and never said, who else can or how!? I had no preview, which arena I stepped in. Yet, I wouldn't deny that I ever felt regret...

Fantasy / Romance
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

My dear readers, this story had weaved in a modern fantasy world and has a tinge of romance, it is alright for General readers.

Three requests for you:

1. If you don’t like superpowers please search for other genres. There is No High Romance here.

2. If you don’t like the story simply sneak to the ones you love.

3. Please vote with your power stones, the author appreciates your favor. For now, the chapters are free and your power stone can bring comfort to the Author’s heart to continue this novel. She wants you to experience something new so please support her and add it to your library.

Note *** This is a Fantasy world (World of Vita) that is not related to Earth or the real world we are living in.

This is a world that modern humans, fay, trolls, vampires, werewolves, and some other hybrid races have been living beside each other in the same country.***


A little bit about the Vita world and the theme of their living style.

Population info:


1. Fays, are the rulers of Vita that settled on the North of Vita and rather the traditional royal lifestyle. Their Capital is Tharina.

Fay kin:

1.1. Immortals who can change their body shape to their inner animal.

1.2. Pixies.

1.3. Half-breed, Vampires. Was born from human and fays.

1.4. Half-breed, werewolves. Made of humans and fays!

**In the story I used the word half-bread** made by me but if you don’t like it read it, half-breed.

Why half-bread? Because fays believe that only half of them is as useful as bread but the other half means nothing!


2. Humans

2.1. Normal modern humans! They are living in the west, the east of Vita. This modern race of humans rather the technology. They believe that it can always improve Vita like medicine for pain.

Modern human releams: Las Vita province, is on the east of the Middle Sea and Hekhamen, laid on the Westside.

2.2. The winged humans, live in the south of Vita. This rich kin runs an independent Kingdom that The middle Sea had separated them from the North. They keep technology and traditional royal life together but rather keep technology stable to protect nature and their Vita mother world. Their Capital is Othria that sat in the State of Cavern.


3. Trolls. They live all around the Vita among humans and Fays.

3.1. Half-breed Trolls, fay-troll

3.2. Giant trolls. No one would like to mess with them.


Religious views: Polytheism.


1. Inna: God of Love.

2. Launte: God of food and wealth.

3. Imutinak: God of knowledge.

4. Nonorite: God of war.

5. Shimote: God of Day and Night.

6. Lashuka: God of underworld and darkness.

7. Ishrab: God of Greats and Goods.


*Political view: Imperialism

*The polities: The immortality court and The Cadickus court.

*Society type: Dipole ===> Traditional Royalty and Modernity.

1. The immortality court is holding and taking care of supernatural aspects and activities. Their soldiers are Aligners. They have a shadow squad that moves secretly and receives superpowers to protect Vita from the darkness.

2. The Cadickus court; They are the judge of Vita but not the regular ones. They personally scan every reported problem, record them, and then report the discoveries to the Vita kingdoms. They are great warriors with amazing skills and accept talented youths from each race of beings.


The academies:

1. The Aligners Academy. (Combatants).

2. Science Academy. (Creators, Engineers).

3. Alchemist Academy. (Creators.)

4. Physician Academy. (Healers).

5. Art Academy. (Creators, House of Artists).

6. Musician Academy. (Combatants, Creators, House of Artists).

7. Strange Author’s Academy. (Creators, Annals recorders, Story makers.)

8. Cosmology Academy. (Seekers.)

9. Cadickus Academy. (Judges, Combatants).


Neighbor Country:

From the east Vita attached to Anonymous Country that the magician Sparrow king is ruling there.

From northwest Vita neighbors with Soilita, the gypsy kingdom that has a traditional living lifestyle.


This info part will be updated after Volume two...

There is no information about the MC here, so let’s know him and walk In his shoes through the story.

*Author’s note*

Please consider that this world is entirely fantasy and certainly this information field was necessary. Thank you for taking your time and reading this part.

Kind regards,

Author Naz.

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