Luck of the Draw

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Okay, so last chapter went a little haywire at the end, so lemme back up a sec and fill you in on certain details. Expand the world a little bit, y’know? They are important, I assure you, and definitely worth waiting a couple lines for.

Okay, so. You’re aware of how the global attitude towards the bloodaltered shifted very dramatically in the space of two months. And you’d probably be wondering, “How did it change so quickly? Surely the bloodaltered were too integrated into society to allow that!” And, well, you’d be right. But, like I said before, society is already pretty fried as it is. People in charge of news stations were wondering who the weekly conflict was going to be between and how many lives were going to be lost. And people were starting conflicts for EVERYTHING. What would they start bombing each other for over there, I wonder...? Religious tension, ethical dilemma? How about precious resources, trade disagreement and climate inaction? Or even simply a difference in opinion? The idea of ‘you’re not me so I hate you’ has never been stronger.

Moving back slightly to the G20 incident, it should come as a bit of a surprise that Miss Haraneib was the only bloodaltered person there. Just her, nobody else. Not even the security team, or the public servants that accompanied them. That's not an accident. It appears that the common trend is that unaltered humans should get any advantage they can get over their 'luckier' peers, and that includes in governmental roles. Since 2025, candidates for leader roles have had to present their blood type during their campaigns. These laws were passed by the UN under the guise that 'it allows the bloodaltered minority to conglomerate around a candidate that will present their best wishes from a personal standpoint'. Yeah, no. It was to discriminate. Before 2025, the standard 1 in 3 people in the UN were bloodaltered. Now, 60-ish years later, it's 1 in 25. See the issue?

After the G20 incident, the world was kind of in a scramble for power. Vice Presidents were snatching up roles faster than you can say 'what just happened' and Cabinet Ministers were holding breakneck elections to try and get into their country's PM role. And, perhaps understandably, bloodaltered people were being ousted from their positions for fear of public safety. It was bad, and what's worse, it was justified. At least by their standards.

So, yeah. In the following months, laws would get passed and motions would get carried. Among courts and congresses of unaltered people, they aren't going to be very favourable to the minority, are they? The first big one was the stripping of rights in Singapore, which was a surprise for everyone. Not because Singapore is supposedly liberal and forward-thinking, just because they've had a long history of bloodaltered people leading the way into prosperity and cultural explosion. But, no. Now they have no rights. This was protested, of course. That ended quickly - no rights means no right to protest. This heatwave of 'anti-alter' legislation quickly spread, reaching Russia, China and South America within the week. By December (where we started our story), pretty much everyone that wasn't bloodaltered was anti-alter. Okay, you're up to speed.

Now, I'll just properly introduce the four main characters. Of which I am not a part of. I am the omniscient, ever-present Narrator. You can think of me as bloodaltered with this power, if you like. Sure, I don't care. Makes it hard to make friends though. Bit rubbish, but it's okay. I-I have tons of friends, so... yeah. Besides, I'm not even- ah, whatever. The characters!

So, ah... We'll start with Aether. Why not? Always first in the register on account of being an A name with an E next to it. Sure! Aether was born into the Stella Viatorem bloodalter. This essentially gives them magical cosmic abilities, but don't stress. They aren't nuclear or radioactive or anything. It lets them produce stardust from their hands, which they can shape into whatever they want. I think that's pretty cool. They also have a cute little star birthmark on their neck! It's so adorable and it glows sometimes! What fun! It's also what got them pegged as bloodaltered in the first places, so... Checks and balances, I suppose. It also makes them quite stubborn and headstrong and also dissociative at times. Lone stars, ya get me?

Continuing down the alphabet, Devyn's next. Devyn was born into the Spiritus Dei Feram bloodalter, which unfortunately isn't as cool as it sounds. It's the most common of the elemental bloodalters, and gives them the ability to manipulate and wield the wind. The bloodalter makes them quite reserved and quiet, as well as visually impaired. I guess the god of bloodalters decided 'Eh. Who needs sight when you got THE WIND?' I mean, I guess... sure. But Devyn's got a visor that helps them see, so it's chill. They're also very technical! That's thanks to the bloodalter as well. The elements have their way, as one might say. ...Actually, this bloodalter is pretty cool. Sorry for saying it wasn't, Devyn.

Paris should be next, I believe. She got lucky, actually. She was born into the very rare Daemonium Dominus bloodalter, ooh!! The Daemonium bloodalter is actually quite common, but the Dominus variation is stemmed from the demon king. Like, BIIIIG super cool guy. Maybe. Maybe he killed a lot of people- The point is... Paris got a lot of strengths. She's very strong and passionate about what she does and when that stems into fighting, it gets a little hawt. As in, she summons fire with her strikes. It's really scary, but awesome if you're a large distance away. But that's not to say that her bloodalter isn't without its shortcomings. It causes her to use a lot of energy at once, making her very lazy and sleepy 90% of the time. She's also got a giant scratch on her back, like an animal claw went through her skin and bone and never truly scarred over. It's gross, and she's gotta keep it bandaged. Wai- ewwww, you can see it through the bandages?! Noooo, that's ju- AUGH, OKAY, WE'RE MOVING ON. Paris, you scare me.

Rowen is last, but certainly not least. They got the Flos Immortuos bloodalter, which is quite rare, actually! Despite the Immortuos subset of bloodalters being fairly common (because its around the topic of death which directly correlates with life), the Flos variation was actually thought extinct for a while. Which is weird, since bloodalters aren't genetic. They're luck. Anyways, it allows Rowen a deep connection with nature and the elements. They can make trees sprout, flowers grow, grass even greener, it's pretty cool! Pretty useful too, even though it may not seem to be at first. What else does it do...? It causes Rowen to produce flowers all over any skin exposed to air and water, which is... most of it, most of the time. It doesn't happen too often, but now and then you might see a petal or two fluttering by. This uses a lot of energy too, like Paris', so Rowen becomes quite narcoleptic at times. Especially winter. Because dead plants. ...They're also vegan. Which is a bit backwards, if you think about it.

That's all of them. I know I had to essentially pause the story to get all this detail in for you, but I told you it was important! And I was right! So there. If you're confused and don't wanna flick back, the group just got captured for being a minority and are now on their way to a government facility to be caged and tested on. Happy, fun times only in this story!

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