Luck of the Draw

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The group of four fell through where the portal was previously and collapsed in an injured pile in the dirt on the other side. Everyone laid in a semi-tangled mass as they recovered what little energy they could from the exciting and extremely taxing escape plan they just executed. Everyone had sustained injury, some more physical than others. But you know what they say, it takes a village. Of... four.

Where they had landed was... weird. It was Nth, there was no doubt about that. But it was more similar to Earth than what was expected. It felt as though if you tilted your head the right way, you'd be back in Derbyshire or something. But upon closer inspection, this place wasn't like Earth at all. The sky was a delicate rose pink, and two large moons hung in the sky together, seemingly a pair forever bound together. Where they had landed specifically was a large plain of grass that housed nothing but an aged spire, weathered by time. Clearly, this was where everyone entered and left Nth.

The first to come to their senses again was Paris, having landed on top of the pile and subsequently having the softest landing. She quickly clambered off of them and immediately set to examining their surroundings. There really was nothing to see for miles, save for the spire and a dirt path that seemed to split off in at least 40 different directions. It stretched out like a tree in front of her, only coming together by her feet to lead to the spire. Perhaps it had a greater meaning than anyone knew, but she had no time to investigate. Aeth was waking up.

"...Did we make it?" Aeth asked, half-asleep still.

"Yes... we've made it. Somewhere, at least."

"Hooray. Can't wait to explore. When I'm not being laid on!" Aeth was actually at the bottom of the pile and needed Paris' assistance to shuffle off the other two.

"Are you okay?" Paris enquired.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm okay. Just... exhausted. What about... you? We didn't really know how the portal would sap your energy."

"Oh, I'm fine. I think it might have been more due to the residual effect, y'know?" Paris had no idea what she was saying, actually.

"...Sure. Oh-!" Aeth turned to Rowen and Devyn, who were still laid out on the ground.

Paris gasped. They were both really badly injured. Rowen's roots had to be slashed to save precious seconds, but the impact left devestating wounds to his hands and arms. Although Paris was certain that she had only slashed the plant matter, Rowen had large slashes on their hands and what appeared to be burn marks on their arms. Devyn was even worse. The wind had not been kind to them, being forced way out of the usual pattern. Cuts and scratches covered Devyn's arms and thighs as well as what appeared to be whip marks on their hands. There was also blood pooling from an unknown place on Devyn's back.

"We have to find help, quick." Aeth proclaimed. That would prove to be difficult, considering both of them had very little energy left.

"Well... where did the others go? They must be close by." And that should be true. They did just let like 50 people into Nth before them. They weren't that far behind, after all. But they weren't anywhere. They weren't nearby, they weren't inside the spire... they were just gone. Looking around, it turned out that there wasn't any trace of them whatsoever, meaning they had simply disappeared, or that... their tracks had been hidden.

"Um... so what do we do now?" Aeth had to ask. They were well and truly stumped on what to do.

So was Paris. "Well, uh... I don't know. We can't exactly go down all of the paths and ask for help."

Paris and Aeth had to think. They can't just leave their friends here, but what else could they do? They didn't know first aid, and even if they did what could they do? Make a bandage out of dirty clothes and tears? I don't think. They elected that the best course of action would be to explore the spire. It had a doorway leading inside and it was where they thought the group had left to. It was the only explanation, albeit a bad one.

Walking a short distance to the spire, it was immediately obvious that it was devoid of any life. Nobody was inside, and that only raised more questions than it answered. What was inside didn't exactly make sense either. The structure was made out of a blackened stone and was barely holding. Cracks and moss showed it's age and it was obvious that nothing had been put inside for centuries. This spire had clearly once served a great purpose; what was left now was a shadow of it's former self.

"Oh." That was all Aeth had to say. Cutting them some slack, there really wasn't that much to comment on inside. It was more to do with what this place meant to people and what this place used to be that ushered words out of their mouth.

"What do you think they built this for?" Paris asked.

"...Maybe... as, like, a meeting point. Like a, uh... Like, a statement for what the bloodaltered stood for and how they came to discover this place?" Aeth was too shocked to come up with congruent thought.

What they both saw next would make it all clear. Climbing up to the top floor of the spire, they would be met with a statue. This statue was made out of the same blackened stone that made up the rest of the spire, but immediately they could tell it had a different purpose. This statue was built to resemble the likeness of the Daemonid King, the creator and first ruler of Nth. A plaque was also installed below it, which read, "All hail the Sole Daemonid. First of many, last of none."

He'd created Nth to allow these people a place to live as they were. He'd also created a completely new bloodalter in his likeness. That was the kind of power he wielded.

Both Paris and Aeth quietly left the spire, for two reasons; one, for superstition, feeling as though they were disturbing something they had little to no knowledge about. Two, for worry. At the top of the spire they had witnessed shadows appearing on the horizon, seemingly racing to where they had left their friends below.

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