Vampire Rose

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We never are sure about our past, people say "forget it is in the past". That what i try to do, but things just come fly back to you and what is worst? Is that it brought things to you that could potentially kill you on one go.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

“The optimist sees the rose and not its thorns; the pessimist stares at the thorns, oblivious to the rose.”

– Kahlil Gibran

Our life becomes entangled with many things but let me tell you something. My life has become a hell of maze. My adoptive father tends to be overprotective with a lot of things. Today was one of those days, is my first day of my third semester he gave a self defense key chain. Also bought me a new phone where his can be connected to my somehow. Since I arrived at my dorm room, he had called me like 4 times already. “yes dad, is a dorm room for one person.”

“I worried, so take care. Call me when you need me, ok?” his worriedness had become too much.

“yes, I call you in the morning, is already late. I have an early class.” After he hung up, I went to change to get in bad. He had worried too much, but it was all my fault. A week before someone came to visit, so I thought it new dad, but it was the worst thing I could ever do for now.

“what are you doing here!” his rage caught me off guard, he storms at the person as the moment he saw him.

“dad I thought you new him or were friends, he said it was an old friend.” He was mad, I never saw him like that. He was always the cool dad; he was calm.

“Ana go to your room!” I only listened, I could her him screaming at the person. After that I did not hear anything more. He came to my room; he was calm now. “I am sorry, but I need you to understand that you are safe with me.” I only nodded.

After that he became overprotective, at least I was not the sociable person. I do not have to many friends. I don’t go out too much just to my part time job and back to the dorm. Well at least I will start a new semester without having dad calling every five minutes.

First day here I go. I really hate morning classes but let be positive the professor is not a witch. She always the best of them all, I had 4 classes with her in all the year. Is a pro-student, she helps us in anyway because we must make her proud in the future.” If a professor makes you go the hard way is because they do not want you to succeed and take their job.” Well, is true in a way. The classroom was already full, there was an empty seat next to a guy I never seen in the whole year. There is no other seat. I went there, I just have a glimpse of the guy and ignore him for the rest of the class. I felt watched but no one was looking at me in the moment. I must be going crazy right now. I ignore the feeling for the rest of the class. I had a free period so I could go get something to eat. I was walking on the empty halls, I felt someone following. Well, am I becoming my dad now? I turn to see who it was and only scream. The guy from earlier was right behind me, like close.

“sorry, I was calling you, but you seem distracted. You left this on the classroom.” He was calm, unbothered. He was holding my jacket.

“no, is ok. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have screamed.” I take my jacket. “I am Ana.”

“Athan.” I look at him, he was tall compared to my 5’4” frame. Pretty blue eyes, a little pale and jet-black hair. “huh… I should head to my next class” shit I must look like a creep.

“yeah, sure. Sorry for holding you.” He nods and leaves. I just still stare where he went, girl get a hold of yourself. I must gone crazy what is wrong with me, yeah he is hot but stop. He must think I am a crazy thirsty bitch. Well, I need my daily iced coffee. My dear coffee.

Can someone tell me why the common area is hell of calm and empty, did something happened, and I am the only on this world? I go to my favorite spot. It was a corner where not many go, is the perfect spot for reading or take quick nap. I set my thing on the small table and get my phone out. Having a new phone is annoying, trying to set things up again. I must have been there setting my phone for a while because someone was standing beside me.


“Damnit” I cuss I almost drop my phone. “Sorry, Hi.”

“you must be Ana?” she smiles. I nod, I swear I will punch that smile out of this blonde chick.

“I am, how did you know?” I ask her, she looks at me like if I am oblivious.

“you are very different here.” She keeps smiling. Yeah I am the only red hair full of freckle girl here. They do call me Merida darling. I thought sarcastically. “is your hair really that color or do you do it on a beauty salon?” I can tell she came to fuck around.

“well do you want to check in the bathroom for that?” I blurt that out, she was taking back by it.

“oh well mine is natural as well.” Basic bitch. “well, my friends find you a little outstanding, and she don’t want you around of the new guy.” I looked at her with disbelief. “so please don’t call his attention like right now.”

“why don’t you disappear from my view before I snatch your damn extensions.” Her smile faded into a glare and went back to her friends.

Who the fuck is this bitch, they must be freshman. I saw Athan smirking for the distance. Was he listening or something? Well I have more things to do than get distracted on boys.


Hi!! I hope you enjoy the novel. I will update every monday!

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