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By Blake King All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Fantasy


Deep in the Mexican desert the US Government prepares to end war forever by creating the ultimate weapon. On a small island nation called Eden a young boy prepares to confess his love to a schoolmate. When the Chaos Bodies, a meteor that emits a strange energy passes near the Earth both plans are ruined. A seemingly immortal monster from the dawn of time is reborn and a hero, with no training, no courage and no idea what is going on will be forced to slay it. But what are the Chaos Bodies really?


The sky darkened slowly, painting a picture of blood spilling slowly over a blue canvas. Stars twinkled into existence, shining down on a research facility in the heart of the Mexican desert. The cold steel structure stood in stark relief to the sand shining blue as night fell. Armed guards patrolled the perimeter, any life form, be it human or snake, unlucky enough to go near the base was instantly gunned down. An American flag fluttered from the flagpole inside the facility.

Officially, they were there to try to stem the flow of drugs making its way across the border into the United States. That was what the Mexican government had been told when they signed off on the creation of the facility. There real purpose was something much stranger… The first clue as to their real purpose was the enormous telescope pointing into the sky, sticking out of the squat three floor facility. Inside a scientist accompanied by a technician was carefully tracking a meteor that was currently headed towards Earth.

Deeper in the facility, under the earth in a large cell a man was bound to the wall by restraints. His naked body shivered in the chilled air-conditioned environment despite the sedatives being pumped into his system. Above him, scientists and technicians scurried around preparing the final adjustments to the gigantic machine that would change this unassuming man into a weapon.

Sitting in his officer a general in a long military coat signed a form to give amnesty to thirty death row inmates being flown in. A colonel warned the workers to finish up quickly, in twelve short hours the Chaos Bodies would enter Earth’s orbit for twenty short minutes before being flung back into space, not to be seen again for another thousand years..

Did they have any qualms about what they were doing? No. To the soldiers it was just another mission in the never-ending war against terrorism. To the scientists, it was an opportunity to do something never done before. Whatever their belief, all of them knew they had been chosen for this. Not just by the American government for their lack of morals when it came to human experiments, but also by god, if you believed in such things.

Sharon Naismith certainly believed in the all mighty, and she wasn’t looking forward to what awaited her if this wasn’t the will of god. She believed she was a good person and what they were doing in that facility was right. But inside her head a little voice was shouting at her that this was wrong. The Lord hadn’t given them technology to tamper with his grand design. And this would be more than just tampering… They were going to create something new.

Rajesh Mullen didn’t care what his gods had to say about this. If the gods had wanted him to listen they wouldn’t have taken his wife from him. A shudder ran through him as he thought of the screaming, the gunfire. He returned to his work teeth set in resolve. He didn’t care what they were doing to the bloke locked up below them; as far as he was concerned he deserved this. All he could think was that he was glad it wasn’t him. Yet, a part of him was envious… the things that man would see in the moment he changed… What would it be like?

Colonel Blackthorn was watching the video feed of their test subject with an almost fanatical devotion. He was a patriot, a true patriot that would fight and die for his country. And soon the unassuming husk of a man called Sammy Smith would soon fight for his country and would never stop.

Six months ago, Sammy Smith had terrorized New York, as a real life Punisher. While he was without a doubt a criminal fool, the Colonel had to admire the man standing up to fight the good fight. That was why when the faux Frank Castles was captured he had suggested to his superiors that they should use him as their subject in this test.

Sammy Smith was dead, he was executed for his crimes and as far as the public was concerned that was the end of the violent vigilante. What would they think if they knew that Sammy Smith was alive, his brain wiped clean ready to have new ideas, thoughts and abilities plumbed into his head, his whole body ready to be remade into the first of a series of organic weapons. First, they would destroy the Iraq menace and then they would build a bright shining empire, a testament to the greatness of America.

The Colonel turned as his superior, General White, entered the room. The Colonel saluted and the General waved it away. As far as the General was concerned, this enterprise didn’t exist, so ranks meant nothing.

“The President will be landing in ten hours, is everything on schedule?” White asked.

“Sir, yes sir!” Blackthorn replied, his military training kicking in. “At exactly 0638 hours tomorrow morning, sir, the Bodies will enter atmosphere, sir! The machine should be ready at 0400 hours, sir!”

White waved away the Colonel and walked forward to inspect their technological achievement. It was beautiful in a clinical way, all hard chrome surfaces, shining under the halogen lights illuminating the lab. He knew what it did, but god forbids he understood it. All the General cared was that this machine was the future. The future of America. The future of the world.

“General White, sir!” Rajesh cried jogging across the room to the rather imposing old man.

“What is it, Mullen?”

“Well sir, the prison ship has arrived, only twenty-three of the expected thirty volunteered sir,” Rajesh said, glancing at the notes in front of him. “Also the president has said he will be an hour late sir.”

General White sniffed disapprovingly, “Fine, more coffee for us then Mullen. Have the prisoners sent to the holding chamber, lay out a nice spread and get the cleaner’s ready, don’t want all the blood drying onto the floors. And tell me which ones to strike off the amnesty.”

“Yes, sir!” Rajesh said, getting more comfortable with addressing the General like a fellow soldier.

“Umm… General, there has been a sudden spike in Unit 1’s brain activity. We may need to apply more sedatives,” Sharon called hesitantly from where she was sitting, monitoring Sammy Smith’s vitals and brain activity.

The General let out a raucous laugh, “Don’t mind that Naismith, as the Chaos Bodies get closer we’ll get more spikes. Just leave him be.”

Sharon frowned looking back at her screen. She knew it wasn’t her place to question; in fact she was the one who had proposed the theory that there would be random bursts of activity from Unite 1 as the radiation from the meteors got closer… But this was different… It hadn’t been random brain activity as his neurons sparked and changed it had been… a burst of anger. She bit her lower lip and then shut down her computer terminal.

“Of course, sir. I’m going to check the energy feed. Rajesh, I’ll need another pair of hands.”

Rajesh shot her a questioning look and Sharon subtly nodded her head at the door, telling him to just do what she said. So the two scientists walked out of the door. As soon as they were away from earshot of anyone Rajesh hissed at her, “What are you doing? I checked the energy feed not two minutes ago!”

Sharon looked around slowly. She felt something pressing down on her. She didn’t know what it was; only she didn’t want it to hear her.

“Listen, I’m an astronomer, now, but astronomy was my minor degree, I did a five year course in psychology, and that brain activity was exactly like a spurt of anger! This wasn’t some random activity in the neurons but a clear emotional reaction.”

“Sharon, it’s a sack waiting to be filled! It’s dead, it feels as much as my ballpoint,” Rajesh gave an exasperated sigh as Sharon continued to look defiant. “Grab some coffee and then get back to work. I’m going to pretend this is all just stress.”

Rajesh walked off, the long white coat he insisted on wearing trailing behind him. Sharon tugged the sides of her jacket around herself a little tighter and went to the rec room. As she sat in the plush leather armchair sipping a hot cappuccino and reading the last few pages of The Da Vinci Code she couldn’t shake off the feeling something was wrong.

Something was very wrong.

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