Silver and Black

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Katrina Black is your average 21 year old she-wolf. Except in a world ran by men she is the only Female Alpha anyone's ever heard of. But what will she do when she finds another Female Alpha.

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Katrina Candy Black. Yea that’s me. Rayden Black is my twin brother. We are both currently 15 and can’t wait until we turn 16 tomorrow. You might wonder why we are so excited for tomorrow. This is because at 16 a wolf-shifter can finally find their mate and their wolves come of age to be given a title in the pack ranks. Once tomorrow hits, both Rayden and I will finally get to meet our wolves for the first time. We can use our wolf’s strength, speed, and sight as we please but can’t shift until we come of age. Rayden and myself are the only children of Alpha Xavier of the Northern Mountain Pack, which makes us future Alpha and Beta.

Rayden will be the Alpha because he is the male and I will be the Beta Female once we turn 21. Him being the Alpha would mean that he would lead our pack and be the one in control of everything in our territory. Being the Beta Female would mean that I would only watch over the children and report to the Beta Male. I know, I think it is sexist that a female can’t be the one in charge but it is how it has always been. There are no female lead Beta’s or Female Alphas.

We are taught that females are weaker than males and therefore not fit to lead without her mate by her side. All she-wolves in the pack abide to this teaching, even though, the majority of the females in our pack have a stronger dominance level than any other pack.

With us being the Alpha’s only children, he has had us trained in hand-to-hand combat since we were about 5 and once we get out wolves tomorrow, we will be training in wolf form, as well as human form to assure us to be the strongest fighters in the pack.

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