Blood moon book 1

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This is a story about mystical beings like werewolves,demons,vampires,angles,witches and warlocks and gods.

Fantasy / Adventure
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The alpha's daughter

Owen was pacing outside the hospital waiting to meet his newborn baby."alpha you may go in now"the nurse said bowing."honey" he said in tears of joy as he glanced at his newborn daughter."what should we name her" Owen asked his wife kadence."hmmm I was thinking Elizabeth but Eli for short" she said smiling at her sleeping baby. Owen smiled and chuckled "I love it".a few days later the two happy alpha's were happy to bring there little baby home but little dis they know she more power than any being in this earth except the god's."waaaa waa" the little baby cried kadence knowing she wanted to be fed, so she got grabbed a bottle and fed little Eli."honey can you come here for a minute" kadence called."Sure what do need" Owen slightly yelled from his work studied."I'm going out for a walk with eli" kadence shouted softly.after a minute kadence had gotten Eli ready and headed out."crunch" and "snap" as leaves and sticks crunched beneath kadence's feet on the fall forest has been an hour so kadence and Eli started heading back not knowing how dark it was out.owen paced when he heard the door open"your back" he called."sorry I got distracted" kadence apologized.owen smiled softly and wisperes in" it's okay at least your back home safe"
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