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The King's Witch

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Princess Tyana of the East Wiccans was not a powerful witch. She was an exception to the proud Ryker clan and a total disgrace to the family who ruled in the field of sorcery and magic. Leaving the palace, she set out for an adventure that would turn her life around. The line of the Lykans were revered as the strongest of all the creatures. And being their King, Sif Barclay only worshipped strength and perfection. But when the wicked fate brought him a weak but very beautiful mate, he began questioning his standards.

Fantasy / Romance
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Tyana- The Late Bloomer

“Prolanum Cellabogna!” Tyana turned around as she heard a young voice casting a spell.

From the tone, she could feel excitement and anticipation and just a teeny tiny bit of anxiety. Like her very first time or maybe like every Wiccan’s first time - full of confidence with a hint of fear.

In the realm of sorcery and wizardry, knowing lots of incantations was vital. And as for young witch and wizard nothing beats a powerful explosion of ‘Prolanum Cellabogna’ as a debut to show one’s power.

And as she swung around, she saw an excited little boy not far from where she was. The young wizard was holding his wand in his right hand with his tiny right foot moved forward. She smiled seeing such a stance. She used to do that too as Wiccans believed that every magical spell would become more powerful with the witch’s confident bearings. The boy chanted again hoping for something to happen. And as he cast the spell for the third time and still not even a bit of light came out from his wand, she felt the boy’s crumbling hope.

Devastation is looming. His hands and legs were shaking and his voice cracked as he chanted repeatedly. She perfectly know that feeling. Being scared that you can’t do magic when your very life you live as a witch, not to mention that you would be viewed as inferior and weak. That sort of feeling that you might be useless and would forever need to be protected. Nothing worse than the realization that you would never be in the frontline.

Holding back his tears, the young wizard glanced back to the two figure who seemed to be his parents who now readily stood up from the bench. They were worried to see their son’s self-confidence breaking. But the boy was urged by his father and mother to try again as they motion for his stance.

Wiping his other arm on his teary eyes, he resumed his stance. With reignited enthusiasm, he concentrated and with a louder voice than his first, he shouted once more “Prolanum Cellabogna!”

When he flicked his wand this time, colorful lights emitted from his wooden wand that went flying above. And when all the concentration of brightness balled up in the air, it soon shattered like a small firework, bringing a loud explosion and brighten up the dark fields in the starless sky. Such a beautiful fireworks. Wizards and witches nearby clapped to the boy’s amazing feat. He’s just probably eight years old but she knew that he was going to become a great warrior in their kingdom soon.

It just lasted for a couple of seconds, but it brought great joy to the young wizard and his parents who were so proud of their son casting his first spell. The few kids running in the dark night at the park were also delighted to the short treat of the young lad.

Although it was not a very powerful spell compared to the highborn wizards and witches, she still envied him. The boy was gifted with magic, definitely has magic running through his veins. He had got some potential. He was an asset. But even if she was a noble, thrice his age... she was still dormant.

Now, at twenty-four, she was supposed to make fireworks display that could last for hours, but she still couldn’t. Her abilities were still sleeping, no ounce of magic in her... at all. She had remained stagnant.

Her name was Tyana. But their people called her 'Tyana- the late bloomer'. She was born royal but not fit to be called one. As a royal, you were expected to be great, beautiful and powerful just like her father, Magus Ryker, King of the Eastern Wiccans and his brothers, Princes Rais and Ramis Ryker. Well, she had certainly got the looks but not the greatness nor power.

Everyone in their family and relatives were great wizards and witches. They had brought honor and peace to their kingdom. All of them had their own share of fame and reputation in the field of sorcery. She didn’t have any of that.

And now she had grown tired all all the pity looks and disappointments her family and their people had given her especially her father. He used to look at her with adoration since she was a replica of her late mother. She was an exact copy of her beloved except her raven black hair, which she got from him. All else, she got from her mom- her oval faced beauty, bold cheeks, full plump lips and very expressive eyes - a royalty beauty of the Ryker clan famed in all other Wiccan kingdoms.

But as she grew older, the look of fondness on his face had changed to sadness and dismay. Her father thought she would inherit her mom’s ability to create potions for their armies to fight days and weeks in the battlefield without getting tired nor losing their powers. Such a magnificent ability worthy of praise and respect. Yet, she didn’t have it either.

She tried so hard. Every time, every single moment, she failed. That was where it all started and declared that the only daughter of King Magus was a failure.

She was just little Tyana- the late bloomer. Hopefully, she would bloom soon. But she knew when it was time to stop trying to become one of them. It was already past her age when all abilities should have manifested. She remembered what her younger brother Ramis told her when she greeted him on his birthday last week.

“I’m now sixteen and have the ability to levitate things as well as myself, yet you still got nothing at twenty-four.” He smirked with disgust and chuckled while his friends nearby laughed and murmured something walking away from her. She knew she was a disgrace, but to be treated like that... If only she could zip their mouths for eternity, she would gladly wish for that ability.

In addition to casting spells, a wizard or witch had one special ability only unique to them. They can use it freely without the use of any incantations or wands. And an even talented sorcerer could have two or more skills. She was told that her mom had 3 quirks; potion making, illusion and erasing memory. She was truly a queen. She wouldn’t be very proud looking at her now, would she? That thought further saddened her.

Even her own family was turning against her. Her older brother, however, was very kind to her and always gave her hope and encouragement.

“Take your time, Tyana. Everything has its own time.” That was what Rais always said and she was holding on to that for a long time. Though not anymore. She realized maybe she was not meant to be a witch or maybe she was just talentless and should start moving on with her life. There was only one in a thousand that a witch or wizard could be born inept. For all she know, she could be one of those very slight unlucky percentages.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the loud cheer of the young lad. Her eyes riveted to his father who was now in a stance ready to cast a spell.

“Prolanum Cellabogna!” All eyes widened to the colorful and big fireworks exploding in the dark sky. Some of which were whirling in spiral and some were shattered into pieces and raining down on them. That was a powerful spell! That was what mature wizard could do, what she could supposedly do and desperate to do.

She sighed sadly as she looked around and saw happy faces of their people. Seeing great spell symbolized power and peace in their kingdom. It showed their greatness and expertise in protecting and maintaining stability in their realm against their enemies.

It was also her desire to protect, bring peace and honor as a princess of the Eastern Wiccan. But the wicked destiny deprived her of that.

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