The Kingdom of Caza

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She was a girl with dreams and now a woman with vision. But things don't go smoothly for a woman when the Kingdom of Caza, itself doesn't allow any women to enjoy their rights and freedom. But a woman with vision and determination is a sign of change. _______________ Arora is 18 years old girl. A dream of becoming a successful businesswoman and starting her own company crept into her mind. But what happens when the alpha of kingdom Caza doesn't allow any women to dominate. It's really difficult to pursue your dream, it gets harder when you fall in love, it gets more difficult when life puts you into a great mess and at times like this a woman feels to submit herself to a man of her life. But life is never fair, you can't be successful without sacrifice. She will either submit herself to a man or she will ditch him and move towards her career. This is what happens most of the time, but be aware of a smart woman maybe she has a PLAN. This whole story will take your ride through sacrifices a woman makes for something she knows but not society. But here the woman gets everything she has dreamt of, her love as well as her dreams. "A Queen moves only when its a perfect time"

Fantasy / Romance
The scared witch
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Chapter 1- New Place, New Kingdom

The sunsets, the twilight is coming. A bright moon rises, bringing a starry night sky. The groups of stars with lazy eyes scattered around the moon. The gauze-like clouds float in the sky, which seems to hide the ethereal fairyland of the palace pavilion. The distant sky is connected with the earth, forming a beautiful scene of heaven and earth. In the evening, I looked up at the starry sky at night, ah, beautiful! The night sky and the bright moon with the glimpse of the stars brought me innocent imagination. The black, blue, black, and blue sky is like a piece of paper, and the stars and the stars are like beautiful flowers, like a sparkling lamp, lying quietly in this black and blue.

"ARORA" I suddenly heard my parents calling me and motioning me to come out of the car.

When I came out of the car, through the open gate I made my way towards the pond. I walked over to the pond and took a deep breath. A faint lotus scent touched my nose. With the light of the moonlight, I faintly saw the beautiful lotus flower, she washed like milk from the cow, so the ice is clear and jade, so slim, people can not help but love the heart of compassion.

I saw some servants walking towards our new home with luggage in their hands followed by my parents. My father rested his hands on my mom's shoulder making them look like a happy couple, of course, the only upset person here was me. I used to live happily there in the small town with humans, they were so kind and especially Clara. We both made our dreams, the time we used to spend together now was gone. My father sadly, unfortunately, got selected as Beta in this place they call kingdom.

Now there's no use in thinking about the past but the worst thing here was that the kingdom was full of werewolves either I should say this is a kingdom of werewolves ruled by Alpha, so that means I have spent my whole life in this kingdom because my father will never do something that will make Alpha angry making him announce the punishment of kicking our family out of this kingdom. So this means I am screwed.

When I finally came out of my thoughts and started making my way towards the house, I noticed the garden. The grass always seems to whisper in the spring, like the sounds of cooing pigeons in the garden. The wind dies down and a newly-minted moon, drenching shady glades with silver light. Buds begin to flower on the trees, adding a splash of colour. The daffodils look as yolk-yellow as the ducklings in the pond. Bunnies bounce through the garden like frogs with fur. Yipping cubs could be heard in the distance, the lonely hoot of an owl sounds like a phantom lost in the darkness.

I made my way towards the front door that could accommodate a family of giraffes. A foyer that would accommodate the Serengeti Plant at the foot of a vast curving staircase that probably went to heaven. Polished wood floors and a graceful bannister that curved up toward a soaring second-floor gallery. Persian rug covered a shopworn carpet. There I saw my parents sitting at the dining table giving me a look that I never understood. They both were in their new clothes and were expecting the same from me.

I made my way through the stairs which would lead me to my room while passing through some doors, I finally got my room with my name written on a nameplate that was hanging on the door. When I opened the door, I was shocked.

The walls were small with clean white walls, a twin bed, a desk with a blank blotter on it, sliding closets opposite the bed, and a thin green shag carpet. My computer faces out the window. I like having the sky and buildings in the background. Occasionally a bird or plane flies by in the distance. To my far left is my 42″ flat-screen TV (size does matter), which often displays my daily dose of CNN or Greys Anatomy. Next to that is my Buddhist altar, which I need to make better use of. To my right is a framed poster displaying a poem of mine that had been on Chicago buses and trains. And to the far right is a black and white picture of Grand Central Station with wide beams of light gushing through the windows. The beams look like they are about to make the commuters levitate at any minute and float skyward.

I hurriedly made my way towards the washroom that was more amazing. The towels were laid on the shelves, dresses were hanging near the closet, and then walking towards the bathtub. I enjoyed my bath with warm water and was freshened up with new clothes on my body with a simple hair belt on my head. I went downstairs, where my parents were probably waiting for me to come.

I walked towards my parents in the kitchen, both were casually chatting as the food was not served. I made my way towards the wooden table, taking my seat across from my father, making them aware of my presence, they stopped chatting and my father finally decided to talk with me.

"Did you like our new house dear, it comes under the ten largest houses in the kingdom," he commented.

"Yeah, of course, it's a beautiful mansion, but what about my school, will I get the admission?" I questioned.

"Oh dear, there is nothing you should worry about, you will attending your college from tomorrow," Mom said

"Not only this, the college is the most prestigious one-" and before he could answer, I did it for him.

"The Crystal High school, I have known this college." I interrupted

"Yeah" shock was written all over his face.

But the real problem is the place, let it not be the one I feared the most. That kingdom can bring a nightmare to any woman. Please, god, I pray don't let it be this one.

"Dad, can I know the name of the kingdom" I finally asked him.

But when he answered, my heart stopped felt like I missed a beat.

"The Kingdom of Caza"

By the way, the name of the kingdom is kept CAZA because the story is related to hunting (aka CAZA in Spanish). (:.aka=also known as)

Hello guys, this is the first time I am writing a story, so let's hope you guys like it.

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