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Quiet night on Hell

By Luce&Ombra All Rights Reserved ©

Horror / Fantasy


Falling down to hell can be more pleasant than expected. Especially when it's the name of a new cool disco, where nothing is actually as it seems and the Abyss can addict you in a moment.


Hell. The new Andrew’s Disco, projected for human entertainment, and vampires business, was crowded with dancing people.

If shaking your body to the rhythm of loud music can be called dancing. Ironically everyone seemed to prefer The Hell room, two floors underground, decorated in a riot of red, black and gothic style. Barmans, in a zombie and vampire makeup, poured cocktails of a deep red, tasting of strawberry, raspberry and a lot of alcohol.

All projected to mask the dark glasses for Special Guests. With a red, dense and definitely less alcoholic liquid, with a forbidden flavor. Smoke in the eyes. None of the Special Guests was there for cocktails. Sure, they went there to visit Cleo and Andrew, and other vampires. To fullfill their social life bar at an adequate level. But the true reason to reach the Hell was the VIPs area. Not easy to gain. Only after thousands of controls or with a good reference of the Lord of Hell, as vampires use to joke on Andrew’s role in that place.

Cassandra did not enjoy this privilege. She was introduced to Andrew, as all other vampires used to do in their first visit at the disco and might have talked to him another time. More than good evening and good night and less than weather forcasts. Enough to know that the young Yankee was no saint. He had left behind him a long list of crimes committed overseas, although is recent new nature.

He had an open american smile, which seemed to suggest “welcome dudes, come into my reign, have fun, get drunk, but don’t you dare to create any trouble.”

No chance for her, brand new vampire, to see the famous VIP area, sponsored by whispers and little words of envy thrown into the crowd. Lucky her, her husband had a good network of friends, which included Andrew. So she was in line, wearing a red bracelet on her wrist, waiting to gain the curtain, of an iridescent red, almost black, to enter into a new world, under the observant eye of the security bouncer, tall and mighty.

The loud music of the disco, noisy and annoying before the curtain, was now soft playing in the background. The room, large and circular, was furnished simply. A big round couch was in the center. Eight doors, of a dark bordeaux to suggest to stay away. Everything in that room was red, the walls, the mirrors, with scarlet reflect to show only disconnected fragments, the flowers, in red vases, the marble floor, the couch and the rules on the central base stood over it, well in sight in a circular red frame. Few rules but easy:

1. Who enters first leaves the door open.
2. Who follows close the door.
3. Both guests must leave the area on their own feet.
4. The Management is not liable for damage to property or persons. Responsibility owns to whom caused it.
5. The rooms are soundproofed but remember ... DO NOT disturb the neighbors. They’re here to have fun NOT to fix your problems.

Few rules. Comprehensible, easy to remember. An open door, a person inside. Vampires recognise one to each other, so it was easy to choose between the open doors. Cassandra walked cautiously towards the only open door where she could hear the reassuring sound of a heart beating. A young woman was inside the little room, red as Lust. She was sitting on the couch, dressed with care, in a tight red dress, that left little to male imagination and heels so high to wonder how she could have ever arrived there on her legs. An eye-catching make-up and a few drops of an expensive perfume of some famous designer. The opposite of Cassandra, beautiful in her soft and rounded silhouette, long black hair softly tied and feline green eyes, with a veil of eyeliner. She was supposed to be the predator. Instead, she seemed rather a small deer, in jeans, boots without heels and white blouse. Only the necklace with green and golden stones, suggested a sophisticated personality with no ostentatiousness. Not even the wedding ring, with a celtic tree minutely engraved, stood out in her free nail-polish hand. She closed the door and quietly walked towards the the sofa and the young brown hair woman over it. There was no music in there. Only the calm rhythm of the girl’s heart, so relaxed and seductive. Clearly it was not baptism for her. She had done it before.

Her self-confidence confirmed that truth. The young woman stepped closer to the vampire with the boldness of youth unconscious, smiling and whispering soft words to excite the clumsy creature that entered the room for a single purpose. Feeding. The young woman took the cold hands of the vampire, in her warmer, and then to her sides, not bothered those were the hands of a woman. Hesitant, Cassandra watched her rubbing against her own body. A Laugh. She was laughing at her, at her uncertainty, at her shyness indeed. Until the human saw in the eyes of the vampire that flash she knew so well. The puppy found her fangs back.

“Two sips and licks her wounds” Cassandra tried to keep in her mind “A sip ... two ... ok ... hmm third ...”.

"Oh Bloody Hell!" She realized that the young woman was lying in her arms unconscious but alive, whispering to keep going on. She tried to cure her wounds, by licking them, to clean all that mess. All that blood on the woman’s neck. Lost. Again. Theory was easy, reality, a complete mess. Cassandra laid the young woman, a girl now it was clearer, on the couch. She slapped her face trying to revive her. As a result the voice of the girl, once so warm and inviting, answered “five minutes mom” "you do not have five minutes, fuck! And neither do I! What the fu...hell !!!" Cassandra took a look into the room as if a magic screen with instructions should get out of the wall. Nothing happened. Panic. What to do? Nice start. If that was the lesson on how to be exiled from a Vampire Asylum ... well congratulations. Exam passed. She took her smartphone from the pocket to dial her husband number. Dead zone. "Shit !!". Rule number 5. Do not disturb the neighbours. Forgotten. Cassandra had already opened the door of her privèe room to go knocking on the one where her husband disappeared a few moments before she found her own room. The door opened and two red eyes, filled with anger, were watching Cassandra meeting her green and frightened eyes. Cassandra wisely kept her mouth close, full of fear. She did only found the strength to indicate her room ...

The VIPs area’s temperature dropped sub-zero, as a unexpected snowfall. All vampires in the disco perceived how elder the cheerful young man who had locked the door of his privèe few minutes before was. “You wait for me outside!” No misunderstanding allowed. The tone aimed at Cassandra was serious and full of anger. She looked at him with her green eyes wide open. Without any other word she walked out of VIPs Area. The bouncer, one of Andrew’s men security, put a hand on her shoulder, indicating her the bathroom. He was human. And he was something more. Easy to guess because he could see the blood on Cassandra’s lips despite the strobe lights. While she was cursing and wiping in the bathroom, the bouncer warned two guards and Andrew himself to take a look down to hell.

Andrew reached the VIPs zone in few minutes. An atavistic fear lapped him. He felt all the body hair stand on end and suggest him to escape. The Elder head him off a few steps from the entrance. His face contorted with rage and visible fangs < I owe you one. You’ll be rewarded for the mess > few words, the voice broken, from the inner beast yearning for freedom, and he left. Andrew found himself nodding to nobody, too frightened to speak. He realized that he was leaning against the red wall, on tiptoe, as if climbing the wall could grant him a glimmer of salvation. Andrew glanced toward the door and gestured to his men to verify the incident.

He took the the opportunity to recover, now that the Elder had left, as a boy Andrew put a hand on his chest.

He was sure, he would have died in that city. Unfortunately no coming back was allowed. A metallic voice in his wireless earphone informed him “Everything is ok. The girl is a little bit stunned but she is alive.”

Reluctantly Andrew came back beyond the curtain to see the damage in the common area of the disco.

Vampires in the disco were a bit “crumpled” for fear, but nothing did suggest the incident at the VIPs zone.

Tall, attractive with sharp eyes of a deep blue and the long light hair, Andrew had always pulled himself out of unpleasant situations with his open smile of benevolent American.

Always, except that evening. For the first time had felt unable to whisper a single word.

If his life had been in danger, now his ashes would flutter on the floor.

Lucky him, Lucio, the Elder’s name, of at least the one he decided to use to introduce himself, respected the rules, conscious perhaps that a young milk-fangs vampire, would not claim his bonus so easily ... Indeed Andrew wisely chose to forget about it to perish in oblivion.

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1. Hell
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