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There was once a village through a lonely forest, quiet..peaceful though once you go inside behind those walls bordering it off from the world, you will never return. Many say it’s cursed while others say it’s a paradise. That’s where the hero in the story comes into place.

Fantasy / Action
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Betty walks in the forest, looking for animals to hunt to feed her empire. “Where did all of them go? Not one in sight.” She thought.

She walks around the forest aimlessly searching for food as the sun begins to set then she finds the village of rumors. “Huh?” Betty jumps on her horse as the horse runs to the village gates as tries to open it. “Locked..” She runs to the back of the village for the second entrance as that’s unlocked.

She opens the door and sees a beautiful village. “Pretty, rumors say otherwise..” She closes the door behind her as she starts knocking on doors and going through houses as there is no one inside. “Empty?”. All of a sudden she spots a woman packing up something, she walks to the woman as the woman turns quickly to Betty. “Oh! What are you doing out here..? It’s nighttime, they come out at night…” The woman rushes back inside as Betty is confused. “What..? Weird.” Betty walks into a cabin quickly seeing ritual on the ground. The ritual looks like a dark-colored rainbow as the yellow seems to be the lightest one. “What the hell is going on..?”

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