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The Demon Lord's Lover

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Naila Johnson’s life completely changes when she finds out that she is being hunted by the notorious Draco Lucsius and to top it all of she is mated to the sexy and irresistible Dante Cane, Demon lord of the underworld. He vows to protect her, but he doesn’t even know her. Can she trust him or is everything he told her and led her to believe just another lie?

Fantasy / Romance
Nella H
4.8 19 reviews
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Chapter 1

The characters in this book are entirely fictional. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead is entirely coincidental.

“Ams, I don’t how much longer I can deal with this. I swear if another old man tries to cop, a feel I’m breaking his nose. And to make matters worse, my boss doesn’t even listen to me; he is just as bad as they are.

Every five minutes, I get called into his office over the most tedious things, like picking up a pencil he dropped under his desk. I am not even his assistant.”

I vent on the phone to my best friend, Amber. I begin to briskly walk to the bus station while checking the time. “It’s 11:45 the last bus I believe should be at the stop around 11:50; I’ll call you when I get home.”

(Okay, just take it easy) I hang up and start to do a light jog. Just as I was picking up my pace, my shoelace decides to untie at this given moment, and I trip. “Ugh! Shit!” I tie my shoe quickly, but just as I stand up, I hit my head on something hard. “Ow, I don’t remember a wall being there.”

I rub my head and look up to see the most handsome man I’ve ever laid my eyes upon. Mr. Handsome looks down on me and smiles. “ I’ve been called many things but a wall; that’s a first.”

He jokes and holds his hand out for me to take. “Sorry about that. I wasn’t watching where I was going; my name is Dante.” I slowly take his hand and look up at him, his hazel eyes staring back at me; my gaze drops to his nose of utter perfection and stops on his full smiling lips. Oh I think I stopped breathing.

I saw his lips move, but it takes me a few seconds to realize that I haven’t responded to him. “Are you okay?” He asks; I nod. “Ah, yes sorry uh m-my Naila is name. I-I mean…”

I start to stutter like an idiot and shake his hand. Wow, his hand is huge. “Nice to meet you, Miss Naila; oh, your knee is bleeding.” He kneels to examine it. “Ah, it’s just a scratch; I can barely feel it. I should have a bandaid in my purse.”

I start to dig until I retrieve the bandaid. He stands up, grabs my hands, and heads to a nearby bench. “I’ll do it.” He then fetches a handkerchief from his pocket and dabs my knee.

I wince at the contact, and this causes him to lean forward and gently blow on it. “Sorry, I’ll be more gentle.” He looked at me, and at that moment, I felt my heart race, beating faster at those words.

If this is a dream, please let me hear him say those words one more time but under different circumstances. I was pulled out of my thoughts when Dante carefully took the bandaid out of my hand and started to cover the scratch on my knee. “Make sure you disinfect this when you get home; you won’t want it to scar now.”

As he said the word home, I immediately jerk my head up. “Shoot! What time is it?” I asked. “Midnight,” Dante responded, looking at his seemingly expensive watch. “WHAT????!”

I get up quickly and run towards the bus station around the corner, only to see the back of the last bus pulling off in the distance. “Oh no, that was the last bus; how am I going to get home now?” I asked no one in particular. “Ahem.” I turned to the voice behind me.

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