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Nestled between cascading mountains and an endless sea lies Maelhaven, a beguiling kingdom ruled inequitably by it's vicious king. That is, until he gets torn from his palace late in the night. KingNapped, the young and ravishingly handsome monarch, Faolon Petrović, is left alone and arrogant in a most minacious district. With rebels lurking behind every corner, an unlikely alliance between a rebel and the king is made to insure his swift return. Together, the conceited monarch and dubious rebel face many dangers: Mercenaries, soldiers, and the king's hubristic ego, while attempting to trust what they've hated their entire lives; each other. Though they cross unsettling twists on their journey, face doubt, and their locked away demons while attempting to put the rightful king back on the throne, the two manage to venture across the land, ultimately leading up to them arriving back in Dracport, the capital of Maelhaven. As years of forgotten memories are restored for Maive, and the anger of his kingdom's betrayal haunts the King, time runs out. Two enemies fight side-by-side for truth and honor, willing to give their lives for righteousness. Their enemies, however, do not fight for the equitable, only power. With Faolan struggling to decide what is best for the kingdom, and Maive unsure of where her heart and loyalties align, will the two make it in time?

Fantasy / Romance
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The chatter in the councilors chamber lulled as the pathetic excuse for a king, Faolan Petrović, walked inside. His footsteps were the only sound that echoed in the room other than the frenzy of beating hearts. Faolan’s movements should have made the entire room aghast, however, it only proved his vulgarness as a young boy.

Many believed Faolan should not have been crowned as King, he was a young fellow who acted upon his sexual desires more than his duty as a King. He would be the downfall of the entire kingdom.

A curious person hidden in the chambers watched Faolan with greedy eyes, following his every movement. They were waiting for the cowardly king to fail, and thus be overthrown due to his mistakes.

“Nadica, why are you still here? The men shall handle the business.” The King’s advisor, and disgruntled uncle, Sindel, bellowed from beside his whore of a wife causing her eyes to slant immediately. The councilors chirped with laughter, her eyes zoned in on Faolan once again, while his wild brown eyes darted from one spot to the next, never lingering too long in one particular area. A smirked curved it’s way onto her lips.

“Nadica! You’re dismissed.” Sindel warned once more, his beady eyes stared at Nadica’s bust with a lustful gaze as if he were willing her corset to be torn away from her very body. Nadica bowed her head in respect and stood. Her dress billowed from under her in waves. “Forgive me, sir.” she said, her eyes cast onto the floor as she bit her tongue from saying something nasty.

With ten pairs of eyes undressing her, she walked to the looming chamber doors and slipped past them. Sly grins slithered onto all of their lips showing off their yellowed teeth when she had finally left the room. They leered at the door where Nadica at once stood before turning to face the King.

Faloan was slouched against his chair as he eyed his councilors.

“I suppose we should get down to business, then.” he turned to face his uncle, indicating he should take the lead. Sindel held back a glare and bit his tongue. The insolent boy demanded power, yet, welded none when it came to his own duties. He had no responsibility and no clue on how to lead a kingdom. He was insufferable, but Sindel could do nothing but advise the boy, despite being the one who made key decisions.

“The rebels are growing in number and strength everyday,” At the word rebel, the councilors wore scowls on their faces. They were a problem the realm faced. Taking in more supporters daily, and becoming a larger number of the population. To Faolan, they were a nuisance, nothing more than a piece of dirt to be flicked from his shoulder.

“Their leader, his name is believed to be Maive Delvaux, is causing quite a stir among the community.” Sindel explained.

“He’s sending his troops into neighboring cities to steal from local merchants and it is said that he takes babes to raise them as rebels.” The councilors erupted into laughter at the absurdity that was the latter. The women of Maelhaven were a mix of large and beautiful creatures. The common women were known to be the former. They were a people who only had their children to control, and then it was only a little bit of power. A Maelhaven woman would not let their baby be taken without putting up a fight.

“The people are starting to get worried as well as I, we must start discussing ideas on how to minimize their power.” Sindel continued.

“Kill them all.”

“Send a plague their way.”

“Cut ties with them, good riddance once and for all.”

Faolan smirked at their answers, while Sindel merely glared. Sindel despised the council, they were all too immature like the King and could never truly give him a correct answer to his problems. If he was King, he would not even need a council. He believed he could rule the kingdom quite well on his own.

Answers continued flooding the atmosphere; finally, Faolan slammed his fist down on the wooden table and pushed himself to a standing position, “We’re going to give them hell.” His claim was calm despite the tone of the conversation.

At his words, the room erupted into cheers and hollers. The councilors knew that their king would deliver on his promises to raise hell against their enemies. Though he was not taken seriously, his people knew one thing; Faolan Petrović was a ruthless boy that would murder a family member if it meant protecting his throne. He would shred his enemies apart, tear their eyeballs out, and drink the blood of those who threatened his crown.

Killing was the only duty as King that Faolan truly enjoyed.

And with his words, murder and betrayal rained down on Malehaven.

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