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The Magical Items of the Stars The Signers

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Sekora and her friends now must find the second magical item the Signer stones. Sekora's sister has arrived, is she friend or foe? also Sekora's father is plotting something sinister

Fantasy / Adventure
Stefan simmons
Age Rating:

prolouge The door of Destiny

Everything was dark, then Sekora was in a place she had never seen before. She looked around and saw stars all around her, she was in space. There was then a flash of light and many pathways began to appear. Each pathway corresponded with a different element, earth fire water air light and dark just to name a few.

Sekora took a step toward one of the paths when there was another flash of light making Sekora shield her eyes. After blinking a few times she now saw a strange door in the center of the pathways. The door looked really strange it was a tall door, with slanted white eyes, an open mouth with sharp teeth, there was a key hole where its nose would be and it was wrapped in a gold chain and a red chain.

“Only one who posses the key and cloak can open me, but first they must know the truth.”

Now the scene had switched and Sekora was in a grassy field. She saw her friends and they were wrapped in the branches of a tree while they screamed in pain. Sge ran to them feeling the soft gren grass beneath her feet. She ran as fast as she could as the world was in a blur around her. She ran until she was stopped by a girl with long black hair, red eyes and wearing a white dress stepped in front of her.

“Give me back my powers” she said then she set the tree and Sekora’s friends on fire.

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