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Meet sloe, a young ambitious girl , who has a normal life , or as normal as it can be , without a family. What will happen when three strange youths turn up at her door, claiming to be elementals treating her like she's special and asking for help. Her world is about to change

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" Good morning beautiful world " she whispered as she drew apart the curtain. The light filterd through the window, flooding the room in light . The large ash white walls were lined with book cases , easels, papers, and most notably, books . Dozens of them. In the middle of the room was a small bed .
She stood in front of the wall mirror, meaning to get ready for another day , which luckily was Sunday. She tied up her platinum blonde hair into a braid that went down to her waist. She looked at herself in the mirror and a tall pale faced girl with icy blue eyes and a beautiful figure looked back at her. Although the guys in her high school all started at her , she never thought of her self as beautiful.

Sloe Eadlyn Johnson. Such a mouthful of names , as they were to her.

She proceeded to the kitchen to cook herself some breakfast. Then she could laze about and enjoy her day . She was just pouring out some milk when the doorbell rang.
She looked up surprised. Normally she didn't have any visitors on Sunday. Nor did she have any family who would visit her.

Never the less she opened the door.
Two girls, about her age were standing outside. They were as like as peas . Both had warm brown hair and eyes with full cheeks. Pretty.
The one standing on her left spoke up .
" Good morning miss . We are looking for a Miss Sloe Eadlyn Johnson. " she looked up expectantly.
I opened the door a bit wider
" That's me . How mayi help you two ?"
Instantly they dropped their formal demeanor and squealed
" hi , I'm Chandice ,. " the same girl said .
" I'm Cheryl "the other one said . Then, ignoring me completely, they told each other

She's the one.
She looks just as we were told.
Oh my elders!!
They were pretty weird but I was sure I didn't know them
" Excuse me . Do I know you?"

" Girls I knew how useless you are step aside. " he said
' he ' was the owner of the voice. A tall black haired boy with striking blue eyes and a jawline sharp enough to cut .
He stepped forward and held out his hand .

" Hello . I am Erisikthon , but you can call me Erik . We need to talk to you . Can we? "

She folded her arms over her chest. " listen mister . I have barely known you guysgor five minutes and now I should let you in ? How ... what if you are robbers or worse , KIDNAPPERS ??"

The boy Erik or what ever , smiled ;

" Sloe Eadlyn Johnson. Daughter of late Frank and May Johnson. 18 this year . High school senior . Lost your family in a plane crash when you were 6. Your greatest fear are the nightmares that plague your dreams sometimes. Right? ".

I could only stare . No one . Absolutely no one knew about my nightmares or my past.

" Come in ".

She led them up to her room and collapsed on her bed while the others sat themselves down on the chairs .
When she looked at them , erik offered her a small smile.
" Sloe you must be wondering how I know everything about you . "
She nodded
" Wellwe have been watching you for a long time, waiting. Now we gave decided to show ourselves.
Our words though hard to believe are no joke . Are you willing to be broad minded and believe me? "
Again she nodded

Erik took a deep breath and said
" well , first of all magic is real . That might not be much of a surprise for you as you have faced situations that are not logical in any sense. Magic exists in its elements, Ice , Fire ,Water Air ,Earth ,Darkness, Light,and some others . I , myself belong to fire . "
" Candorl is the house of fire
Wastimole is the house of water
Vulcan are the ice yeilders along with some others ".
"We all lived in harmony on our planet . But soon a war arose and we had to abandon our planet and settle on earth . We formed our own high houses and things were somewhat back to normal. But again disputes erupted .
The ice tribes leader , Bard the wise died and his son , Oberon took over . He was a truant. He gained followers and forced all the other tribes into slavery and formed a dictatorship of sorts .
But we've been waiting for our time . Waiting, for the prophecy to unravel. ".

Sloe's POINT of view
I finally found my voice " what prophecy?"

" Ah. Well we are not told the whole story but we do know the prophecy. "

When dark riseth above the moon
Evil shall obscure all soon
Help shall be sent to you
She will rise to take them off
Born from the meeting of moons
Creator and controller of all boon
Dark and ice shall meet their end
Evil will take its final breath

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