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Shurod and the tainted spawn book 3

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Dan didn't think he was up for the challenge to fight the very beings that have been helping him. Although he does posses the skills to handle any supernatural enemy, or does he? Dive into the battle

Fantasy / Action
D.C. Mac
Age Rating:

Chapter 1


And the tainted spawn

Day time in Israel and Dan was sitting alone at a table milling through some old books and scrolls trying to increase his knowledge of the supernatural realm. He grabbed a handful of books off an old shelf. He blew hard and dust circled around his head. He waved his hands in front of his face, to clear the dust away, and coughed a few times. Small beams of light entered into the cave, and the dust shown about him. He heard a noise behind him, turned around and Jerom appeared from the shadows with an inquisitive look on his face.

Rubbing his chest, “What are you doing son?”

“Just looking through some of these old texts.”

“Anything in particular?”

“No, just brushing up on my biblical history a bit. I find that the more I know, the more it helps me understand who and what I am fighting.”

Dan fumbled through a bunch of books, when one of them fell onto the floor. A hand picked up the book and placed it on the table. Both Jerom and Dan looked to see who it was.

“You should take more care of these books.” Jamie said with a smile on her face.

“Hey sis, I didn’t even hear or see you come in.”

“Me either.” Jerom said surprisingly.

“Well, I have been practicing my shadow technique and stealth moves quite a bit.”

“Very good.” Jerom said shaking his head in approval.

“This looks interesting.” Dan said as he pulled one of books out from the rest of them.

The book was bound with some old twine and was dusty. The cover of the book had a pair of angel wings with a lightning bolt that separated the wings from each other coming out of a cloud. He could tell that this manuscript was very old, because it was so frail to the touch. On the front of it at the bottom was some words that were wrote in ancient Hebrew. Dan tried to say the words but messed it up something terrible. Jerom said no, and translated the words, which read, “The beginning of evil”.

Dan placed the palm of his hand on top of the book and rubbed it. The picture of the wings was raised slightly and could feel the edges of it as his hand brushed over it gently.

“Father, what does that mean, the beginning of evil?”

“This is the story on how and why Lucifer was banished from heaven.”

“Yeah, I know the story.”

“You may know the story, but in this book are the details on how Lucifer convinced one third of the angels to follow him, in addition to how he was cast out of heaven.”

As it was written in the in the Holy Scriptures, there was one man and one woman in the beginning and the spirit of God walked among them in the Garden of Eden. For many years God had fellowship with the man, Adam and the woman called Eve. He had given dominion over all living things that were in the earth. In time God saw that it was not good for Adam to be alone so he caused him to go into a deep sleep. He pulled a rib from Adam’s side and created Eve, his female helpmate, Eve. They lived in a perfect world free from disease and strife. God had spoken to them on one occasion as they strolled through the garden and told them they could eat from any tree in the garden except for one, the tree of knowledge. For many years they lived in paradise in perfect harmony.

Up in heaven there was an argument brewing between the God of the universe and one of his creations. Lucifer, an angel who was fourth in command outside the trinity, decided that he should be receiving honor and glory that was rightfully God’s. He began to persuade other angels into his way of thinking, and some were persuaded. One third of the angels sided with Lucifer and God cast them out of heaven down onto the earth. God in his infinite wisdom had Lucifer build a prison thousands of years earlier, but unknown to Lucifer it was for all the angels that were going to side with him and turn against God.

Lucifer, being eager to please God, built the prison so strong that it could house any type of being that God had created. Finite and infinite, it didn’t matter no one or anything could escape this place of holding. Lucifer would regret his diligence in building such a place in the future.

Once Lucifer and the third of the angels heard that they would be cast out of heaven, they shouted in defiance. Lucifer drew his sword and held it up and pointed it at God, and said that he would return with his new army of angels. God spoke out from the midst of his glowing glory of light and said, “Lucifer, you have no army of angels, they are mine, not yours.” Lucifer, being filled with pride, replied, “WE SHALL SEE!” He shouted at the top of his voice, and waited for the angels that were on his side to shout back, but they didn’t. While Lucifer was talking hundreds of thousands of angels that were loyal to God had come up from beneath all the angels that sided with Lucifer and slapped shackles on their ankles and wrists and took them away in an instant. Lucifer turned around slowly, not knowing what to expect. He lowered his sword and turned around slowly. To his amazement all the angels that he had convinced to follow him had vanished.

“WHERE ARE MY WARRIORS?” Lucifer demanded.

“They are not yours to have Lucifer; it is time for you to leave this place.” God announced. A hand appeared out of the light and pointed behind him. “They are in a place of holding built by thine own hands, until the time of my judgment.”

Lucifer thought for a moment, and remembered how he worked endlessly on the prison thousands of years earlier. His anger was kindled and he yelled in defiance, “YOU KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN.”

“I am the Alpha and Omega.” God answered. “Oh Lucifer, my most beautiful creation, how is it that you fall from grace?”

A handful of high ranking angels that were standing on either side of God in full battle armor turned to look at the glowing glory of God and heard, “It is time” Some angels named Goleg, Gapa, Gabriel, Michael and a few others approached Lucifer pulling out their glowing angelic swords. Lucifer smirked and pulled out his sword and tossed it between his hands, staring down the angelic generals. Behind him a portal began to open up and a violent lighting storm was crackling behind him. The sound was unlike any sound that any heavenly being had ever heard or witnessed. Lucifer turned toward the portal and was afraid for once in his infinite existence.

“Lucifer! It’s time for you to leave.” Gapa said forcefully.

Lucifer laughed, “You, Gapa, and you Goleg are going to force me out of heaven? You have to do better than that.”

Michael and Gabriel stepped up on either side of Gapa and Goleg and they all pointed their swords at Lucifer. Lucifer held his sword in one hand and with the other he shot out a massive jolt of energy at the four angels. They all blocked the attack, but it did make each of them take a step back, due to the power that Lucifer had.

Michael and Gabriel took to the air while Gapa and Goleg attacked from the ground. Lucifer smirked at what he thought it was a feeble effort to subdue him. He jumped into the air and met the two angels in the air swinging his sword back and forth.

Chains appeared in each of the angels hands; they had to get them on Lucifer so that they could pull him towards the portal behind him.

Mogort another angel who was a master swordsman came up from behind Lucifer and slapped a chain on his right wrist. Lucifer turned around and was surprised to see Mogort. He quickly spun around and engaged Mogort in sword play. Lucifer was an impressive swordsman also, but Mogort countered his every attack. Their swords clanged together and sparks leapt off the blades of each of their swords. While Lucifer was fighting God’s voice announced, “You shall bruise my heel, but I will bruise thy head.” The chains were removed from each of the angel’s hands and Lucifer was lifted up into the air by the power of God. He floated twenty feet in the air with each arm stretched out and his feet pulled straight down below him. His posture was relevant, because it looked like he was hanging on a cross. The chains quickly jerked him back toward the portal and disappeared into the portal link by link. They begin to pull him back slowly and he fought viciously to keep from being pulled backwards. Lucifer screamed out, “THIS ISN’T OVER, THIS ISN’T OVER!” Lucifer gave one last effort to keep from being pulled into the portal, but it was futile. Lucifer launched his sword at the angels, which later proved a useful weapon in the hands of the Shurod. He was pulled down into the hole, and his screaming faded in the distance. The portal closed up and the angels looked at each other while breathing heavily.

Lightning shot out of the heavens and struck the earth with a massive explosion. After the dust had cleared a huge creator was left from the impact. Scientist to this day still think it was a meteor that hit the earth and caused the massive creator. Today, people travel to this place outside of Winslow Arizona to stand in awe of what they have been told was a meteor crater. When in fact, it was the very place where Lucifer was cast down onto the earth from heaven for his disobedience.

Lucifer was on his knees and the shackles on his wrists were white hot. He stood up and blew air all around him to clear the dust. He looked at his wrists and twisted the shackles back and forth until they shattered. Then he reached for one of his shards and shot it at the shackles around his ankles so that he could walk around. He rolled his neck around then forced his wings out and flapped them a few times.

“That’s better, now where am I?” He continued to dust himself off.

Lucifer was engulfed in a beam of light and heard God say, “This is earth, and you have dominion over the place. You are the prince of this land”

“EARTH! Well let’s see what this place looks like.” Lucifer leaped into the air to survey his new home. As he flew over the surface of the earth he was not impressed with his new home. He cursed God and his spirit was hardened. There wasn’t much to look at in the beginning of the earth. It was still a frozen planet with no vegetation at all. There was no light from the sun yet, but there was some light given off from distance stars. It was a dark and desolate place

Lucifer wandered the earth for many centuries, until God said, “Let there be light”. Lucifer held his hand up to his eyes and saw the sun for the very first time and he marveled at it. He heard lots on noises around him he held his arms and light emitted from his hands around him. He went into a defensive posture ready to fight. To his amazement there were millions and millions of creatures surrounding him and gazing upon him with adoration. He stood upright opened up his arms and smiled. Then he shouted with a thundering authority, “YOU ARE ALL MY SERVANTS.”

A loud roar echoed over the land and a shockwave leveled many of the creatures causing them to fall backwards or to bend a knee. The snarling and growling was deafening and Lucifer embraced it. He thought for a moment to what he was going to call these creatures and came up with the word “demon” one who is fierce and skillful. He waved his hands in front of him and said, “You will be known as demons collectively.” In that moment all the demons were filled with the knowledge of speech and comprehension. Their tongues were unleashed and their understanding of infinite things was revealed unto them. Lucifer was the master manipulator of warping ones understanding, to make one think that righteousness was evil, and evil was righteousness.

The origins of the demons are not known to us, some say they are the angels that fell from heaven and then became demons. Other philosophies hold to what the bible says, they are just unclean spirits. Where the unclean spirits came from was only known to God. But many philosophers argue on their origins, debating endlessly on the subject. What was known for sure is that they were evil and held great power to influence the human race to do evil and malicious deeds to one another, while denying the existence of God. Using God’s own creation against him was the only way the Lucifer thought he could get back at God for banishing him from heaven. He knew that God loved mankind and since Adam and Eve were deceived by a lie he has destroyed many human souls with his whispers of temptation and false promises.

Dan eyes were moving side to side as he read the encounter, when he heard a swooshing noise. Sephri had flown in though the mouth of the cave, and floated down gently. Dan looked at Jerom as he approached Sephri,

“Joe is on the move again” Sephri said.

“Now what is he up to?” Dan replied.

“It appears that when Jamie was captured, the blood that he harvested from her was going to be used for evil. We have learned that he has created a most heinous evil replica of the Shurod.”

“A what? How is that possible?” Jerom replied.

“No way, that can’t happen.” Dan paused, “Can it?” he said with a waver in his voice.

“Joe has been busy with his team of scientists to manipulate the human body DNA code. He has developed a serum called DCM-1970. This serum can re-grow human blood cells from dried bones and copy DNA from other people. We have been watching him closely and just until recently, it didn’t work. Now, it has worked and he has four test subjects that he is testing on in Dallas. He has secret laboratory in Bank of America Plaza building on the top floor.”

“The one with the green lights?” Dan asked.

“Yes, that is the one.” Sephri confirmed

Jamie butted in, “So what do we do about it?”

Sephri looked at Jamie and said, “They have to be destroyed as well as the serum. You will need to gain access to the laboratory and destroy the files on the DCM-1970. Be mindful though, the place is heavily guarded.”

Dan clapped his hands, “Well then that’s easy to deal with; we just use the shadow technique and slip on by.”

Sephri bowed his head, “I forgot to mention that it is also heavily guarded by a whole host of demons as well. Um, how would you say it, kinda like a 2 day old hamburger lying in the nest of cock roaches.” He said questionability.

Jamie made a weird face and shivered her shoulders.

“You will need to remember all your training when going into this place. We know very little about these Replica’s and what kind of power they hold. You will be going into the unknown.”

The staging area where the Replicas were being housed had been moved from New Mexico to Dallas Texas. Joe was in a corner office of the Bank of America building gazing over the city drinking a cup of coffee. He sighed one time and then his phone rang. He walked over to the desk and pushed a button on the phone and said, “Go.” He had a short conversation with someone, put his cup of coffee down and walked out of the office to see Omar talking with another one of Joe’s henchmen. Omar stopped and looked at Joe. Joe gave him a nod and Joe walked off and Omar followed.

“They have done it” Joe said with an excitement in his tone.

“Done what?” Omar replied.

“Wait and see my friend.” Joe smiled smugly.

They took a short walk down a few hallways and they got to a door with a card scanner and Joe swiped his card and the door clicked and he opened it. Omar followed behind him wondering what Joe was so excited about.

They continued down another hallway and came upon another door with a retina and finger print scanner. Joe leaned into the retina scanner and it scanned both of his eyes. He put his right index finger on the finger print reader and a light turned green. He then pushed the green button and a small hidden compartment opened up from the wall and a syringe attached to a small metal robotic arm, it spun around and stopped. Then another small tray emerged from the wall and Joe laid his arm on it. The sensing device in the tray recognized that the arm was in place and the syringe plunged into Joe’s arm and took a blood sample. Omar watched as Joe made a face of discomfort and said, “This must be really important for you to go through all this security.”

The syringe pulled out of Joe’s arm and retracted back into the wall. He grabbed an alcohol wipe and pressed it against his forearm. A little flat screen monitor showed the blood being analyzed, when it confirmed the sample the door opened and they both walked in the laboratory.

There was a team of scientist working on multiple of different projects. The head scientist saw Joe come in and he quickly fixed his lab coat smoothing out the wrinkles. He picked up a clip board and walked towards Joe with a smile on his face.

Professor Aguilar was a Hispanic man with medium build. He had a mustache and wore glasses. He held multiple degrees in Hematology, Stem cell research, DNA testing and manipulation. He had spent many years learning about the human body and was the foremost expert on re-growing human cells. He had been working for Joe’s research and development team for many years unknown to him what Joe was trying to accomplish. He was under the impression that he was on the cutting edge of being able to re-grown human tissue and bones for medical use for burn victims, amputees etc. Joe had a personal interest in this kind of new technology since he was a burn victim himself.

“Come, come my friends, I have good news.” The professor waived at Joe and Omar. “Mr. Miller, so good to see you.” The professor said.

“You also professor.”

“Sit, sit right here.” He pointed to a chair, “I have developed a cure for you burns.”

Joe started to roll up his sleeve again, in anticipation of another injection when the professor said that it wasn’t necessary.

Joe rolled down his sleeve again and the professor handed him nose spray device that fit into both nostrils.

“Here you go Mr. Miller, place this in your nose and inhale deeply.”

“Professor, you have tested this haven’t you?”

“Of course, of course, now inhale and squeeze.”

Joe did as the professor said and he felt the medicine enter into his body. After a few moments his face begun to tingle and the burned skin started the regeneration process.

“I can feel it working.” He said with a smile.

The skin cells began to stitch back together to their original form. The badly damaged skin cells began to flake off and Joe was ecstatic. After a few moments there was new skin and Joe’s face was totally healed. Professor Aguilar took a small towel and wiped off Joe’s face and the old skin came off like paint remover.

“It’s amazing Professor, you did a tremendous job.” The professor handed him a mirror, “I actually look younger. This is unbelievable, I, I, don’t know how to thank you.”

“Your reaction is enough for me Mr. Miller.”

Joe brushed his hand against his face and was in total amazement, but the fascination soon faded when Joe remembered the real reason he was there. He put the mirror down and he said, “Professor Aguilar how is the new serum coming along.”

“Ah!” He pointed his finger in the air, “ The DCM-1970 serum, is completed and working well, I have tested it on some of the rats here and I am able to clone DNA and insert it into another living organism, and it will take on some of the traits of the donor DNA. This is going to be a medical miracle once it gets out into the public. Millions of people will be healed, limbs re-grown, immune systems stronger and even able to heal wounds one hundred times more quickly than normal. It only needs to be tested on a human subject, and I have already made arrangements for some human test subjects.”

“DCM-1970, how did you come up with that name?”

The professor pushed his glasses back up on his nose and said, “The DCM stands for DNA cultured manipulation, and the 1970 is the amount of times it took to get the formula right.”

“Okay, that makes sense to me, oh and by the way the human test subjects won’t be needed.”

“We have to test it before we release it out to the public Mr. Miller.” He insisted.

“It will be tested but I some other plans for it right now.”

Joe reached into his suit coat pocket and pulled out a cell phone and called someone, “Yes, this is Joe Miller, we are ready.”

There were two large bay doors in the ceiling of the laboratory. Joe walked over to a desk and pushed a button and the two doors opened up, right above them was a helicopter holding a very large steel container. The Professor and the other scientists looked up and wondered what was going on. Most of the scientists were scrambling around trying to keep important documents from flying all over the place due to the wind from the helicopter. The container was lowered into the center of the laboratory and made a big thud when it hit the floor. One of the men in the helicopter slid down a rope and unhooked the container from the steel wires that were holding it. Then hopped back onto the rope, made a motion to go back up. The helicopter took off with the man still climbing up the rope. Joe looked up and saw hundreds of demons poking their heads in through the opening trying to catch a glimpse of what was inside. Joe’s body jolted slightly and one of the demons that possessed him came out of his body with a sword, and told all the other demons to get back to their posts. One of the demons asked what was in the container and Joe’s demon lopped off his head, looked around and asked if there were any more questions? They all shook their heads no and left the opening quickly. Joe’s demon snorted and he jumped back into Joe’s body.

The professor turned to Joe and asked him what was in the container? Joe said wait and see. Just then a group of men came in with a bunch of tools and begun hooking up all kinds of hoses. They looked like that were part of the military but the doctor couldn’t be sure. Once they were done one of them came over to Joe and told him they were completed. Joe replied to them, “Good job” the man nodded his head and they all left.

Professor Aguilar’s curiosity got the best of him and he asked Joe again what was going on. Joe replied, “This is a special project that I have been working on for years, and now it is almost complete.”

“Is this a secret government project?” The professor asked questionably.

“No this is a personal project,” he paused slightly, “And with the new serum you created, should make my goal attainable now.”

“What is it, and maybe I can help you out more.”

“You are going to make this work for me professor.”

“Yes, I’ll try my best.”

Joe replied, “There is no try, there is only do.”

The professor smiled, “That’s a direct quote from Yoda from starwars.”

“Very good professor, but this isn’t a movie and I expect results.” He said sternly.

“I understand sir.” The professor cleared his throat.

Omar watched the other scientist mill around inside the lab. The large still container was emitting vapors from all around it. Joe walked toward the container and pressed a code on a keypad and two doors opened up. He turned and looked at Omar with pure evil, but joyful at the same time. Joe motioned for Omar to come towards him and he did.

“Omar meet your new team”

They both walked into the container and there were four separate containers inside that appeared to be housing some sort of humanoid creatures.

“What is, or better yet what are these things Joe?”

“Hopefully if this new serum DCM1970 works we will be able to destroy the Shurod once and for all.”

“But what are these things? They look like they have wings? He said “Yes they do, they have genetically modified to have the ability to have wings”

“But they kinda look like the Shurod a little bit.”

“How did you get someone to volunteer for something like this?”

“Volunteer?” Joe chuckled. “They didn’t volunteer for anything; they are people that I reanimated with the blood of the Shurod, but the process isn’t quite finished. I have one last step before I thaw these new super soldiers out.

Joe started to feel a little strange and one of the demons that possessed him told Joe that there was an angel approaching. Joe immediately told all the scientists to leave the room, in which they complied. Some left in a swift manner and others picked up papers and reports that they had been working on and then left the room.

So it was only Omar and Joe left in the lab, when Jada flew in from the left side and manifested himself before them. Omar stepped back out of pure surprise and put his hand on his gun and glared at Jada. Jada being a massive warrior angel, was intimidating just looking upon him. Omar took another step back behind Joe.

Jada said to Omar, “That will do you no good, when it comes to me human.” Jada paused for a moment and looked at Joe and said, “You reek of demon essence.” The demons inside of Joe were very afraid of Jada and one of them stuck his head out of Joe’s body to get a better look of the angelic host. Jada leaned down close to the demon and snorted at him and it retreated back into Joe’s body.

“That will be enough of the Jada!” Joe said forcefully.

Jada laughed and said, “And what are you going to do about it?” as he folded his arms slowly.

“Nothing, nothing at all, now let’s get down to business.” Joe said, with a slight wavier in his voice and clearly disturbed by Jada’s reaction.

Jada slowly pulled out his sword and Joe and Omar’s eyes both widened. Jada took the side of his sword and tapped it on his palm, “Let’s get one thing straight, I don’t work for you, I am here to assist you and make sure that these, foul creatures that you have created are up to the challenge that lies ahead of us. Do you understand?”

“Yes, well I have it on good authority that you are working for me, by way of Roebarg’s orders.”

“SILENCE!” The power in Jada’s word, forced Joe and Omar both to their knees. “You, human puppet, don’t ever address me in that tone. Or I will send you to where you belong.”

Joe lifted up his right hand towards Jada breathing hard and said, “Ok, ok can we just get this over with so we can move on with the agenda of exterminating the Shurod?”

“Proceed.” Jada said in a calm manner.

Omar helped Joe up and whispered to Joe, “That angel is bipolar.” Joe nodded his head in agreement.

Then Jada said, “I heard that.”

Omar raised his eyebrows, like he was caught passing a note in class and getting scolded by the teacher.

Jada turned his attention to Joe, “Do you have the final piece of the puzzle?”

Joe cleared his throat, “Yes,” Joe yelled out for the professor to come back into the lab. Professor Aguilar came back into the lab. Jada went into shadow mode so that he couldn’t be seen by the professor.

“Professor, where it the DCM 1970 I need it now.”

The professor looked into the container and saw the four replica’s housed in the steel container and was amazed at the site. He wanted to be in on the development of this new experiment and in that one moment his ethics as a scientist were changed.

There was a demon that was attached to his head with its scaly hands doing a massaging motion, and its head was bent down towards his ear whispering to him. He was standing there like he was in a trance with his mind racing about all the possibilities that could be accomplished if his serum worked like Joe needed it to.

“Professor!” Joe said sternly, “The serum if you may.”

“Oh, oh sorry Mr. Miller” He walked over to a refrigerator that had a combination lock on it. He turned the dial with the right numbers and opened up the door. Cool air poured out of the refrigerator as he placed his hand inside and pulled out a vial that contained the serum. He walked back towards Joe and handed him the vial.

“Thank you professor, the time has come to test this on these poor subjects.” He chuckled.

Joe reached into his pocket and pulled out four of his own small vials.

“What are those?” the professor asked.

“A little modification to your serum, that I hope works.” He cut his eyes at him.

“Sir, any modification you make to the batch hasn’t been tested. I will need to test it before you proceed.”

“No time for that now.” The professor paused for a moment and said, “If I may ask sir, what are in the vials you have.”

“Ah, these vials contain the DNA of some of my favorite people that have ever lived.”

“DNA? Are you going to mix those vials with the serum?”

“Professor, you’re catching on quickly my friend.”

“Whose DNA is it?”

“This is a combination of some of the most evil, sadistic and murderous people that have ever walked the face of the planet.”

Joe began to explain that he sent four teams out to harvest the DNA of some of the most hated people in history. He sent teams to Russia, Judea, Argentina, and Cambodia. The first team was tasked with get DNA samples from Stalin’s body near the Kremlin wall. The second was sent to the Judea to obtain a sample of King Herod’s DNA. The third was sent to a small province in Argentina to retrieve samples of Adolph Hitler’s DNA, because he fled there after the war. Joe’s family provided the means of his escape from Germany. They provided luxurious mansions for Hitler and some of his officers in the mountians. Lastly, a team was dispatched to Cambodia to find the Notorious Butcher of Cambodia, Pol Pot’s DNA. That one was the hardest to obtain since he had been cremated, but his team of experts were able to get the samples. This process took many years to accomplish and lots of money exchanged hands to pay people off to gain access to some of these locations. Money was not a problem for the Miller family, since they had their hand in almost everything that had to do with business and entertainment throughout the world.

Joe knew that everyone had a price, promising people political positions, business deals, weapons, technology and any other thing he could, to get what he wanted. He even went as far as killing off people that stood in his way. Of course, it could never be tracked back to him. He was part of the elite that was untouchable, or at least he thought so.

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