Shurod and the tainted spawn

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Friday night in Dallas Texas, and the city was alive in its usual manner. Humans are being watched by millions of evil eyes keeping guard over the Bank of America building. Jamie, Dan, John and Sephri were flying in from the south. All the sudden they all at the same time seemed to scrunch up their noses.

Jamie said, “What is that awful smell, gross?” Jamie looked at Dan because she was flying behind him a little.

Dan turned his head back behind him and looked at Jamie, “What? Don’t look at me like that, I smell it to” Dan said with a disgusting face. Jaime stuck out her tongue at Dan.

Sephri pointed and said, “Demons up ahead.”

John, who was riding on Dan’s back said, “What smell, I don’t smell anything.” He paused, “Oh wait, there it is. That is foul.” He shook his head side to side.”

“There are many demons close to us, quickly everyone go into shadow mode.” Sephri said.

They all did and Sephri pointed once again at the Reunion Tower, which is the famous building in Dallas, shaped like a lollipop with a ball on top. The lights on the building were blinking on and off in many different patterns and colors.

“Land over there, we need to figure out a point of attack.”

They all flew over to the building and landed toward the top of the building. Their wings all retracted as they all crawled up to the top of the ball, just enough where they could peek over and survey the area.

“Whoa!” Dan said, “I haven’t seen this many demons in one place in a long time.”

Sephri sighed, “This is going to be more difficult than I thought. I anticipated a large amount of sulfur breathers, but not this many.”

“Look at all of them,” John said, “This isn’t going to be a walk in the park for us.”

“That’s for sure, but we got to do this, right?” Jamie said questionably. She looked down the curved side of the building and glowing light was coming through the glass windows. She left the group and went to investigate the strange light. She peered into the window and saw people in the restaurant eating their dinner and making small talk with each other, when she noticed something odd. As she scanned through the people eating, she noticed that some of the people had a soft golden glow around them. All the little children had the glow around them, but most of the adults didn’t. There were only a handful of adults that had the same outer golden glow as the children. She starred in amazement at them and wondering what was going on.

One family she noticed consisted of a mother, father and three kids. The three kids and the mother had the outer individual glow, but the father didn’t.

Two older couples were having dinner together and she also noticed that one of the couples did have the outer glow, but it wasn’t separated. They both seemed to be in the same bubble together. The other couple didn’t have the glow at all.

Then she saw what looked like a couple on a date and both of them had the outer glow, but separately. She was trying to figure out what was going on, she had never seen anything like it before it was so beautiful, unlike anything she had ever experienced. The glow seemed to draw her in and she felt peaceful inside and totally forgot about the task at hand. Suddenly she felt a big hand slide up her shoulder and say.

“Isn’t that wonderful?” Sephri said in a calm voice soothing voice.

“What is that, I have never seen anything like that before in my life.” Her mouth drooped open slightly and she cocked her head to one side.

Sephri chuckled, “The people that you see with the golden glow are the true followers of God. The glow is the protection of God surrounding his people. Remember what God said, that he would never leave or forsake you, and he meant what he said.

“So what is the deal with that older couple over there?” Jamie pointed.

“Ah, that couple you see there are believers in God, and are married. The word of God said the two shall become one. They are stronger together.”

Jamie interrupted when she saw the older lady stand up and walk away. “Wait, what?”

As the lady walked away the single glow became two separate glows. The woman still had a glow around her as she walked away from her husband.

“Wow, that’s amazing.”

“I know our creator is a loving God. You humans are special in his eyes; this is why he died for you.” Sephri explained. “Also, if you remember when God said, when two or more are gathered he will be there also. This is good news for you and me.”

“Why is that?”

“When the believers pray they release a powerful energy into the supernatural realm where we dwell. That power can be used by the Shurod and angels when needed.”

“Hmm that’s interesting” Jamie nodded her head forward and backward.

“So the people that don’t have the glow, are not protected by God?” Jamie asked.

“This is a matter of free will, some will choose the path of righteousness and others will deny the free gift of salvation. This is a classic example of one’s free will; they chose not to have the protection of God in their lives. Contrary to what the humans say, not all humans are God children. Some are children of the devil.”

Just then, Jamie’s keen hearing picked up on a noise like something was flying towards them. Sephri turned around and knew what was coming; he reassured her that everything was alright. He told Jamie to watch the people in the restaurant that didn’t have the glow around them. She watched with anticipation, when all the sudden, what looked like a meteor showing began to fall from out of nowhere.

“What are those?” She asked and turned toward Sephri.

“Watch.” he placed his hand on the side of her cheek and pushed it toward the restaurant.

What Jamie called meteors were actually fiery darts from Satan being released at all the humans in the vicinity. These darts are released into the supernatural realm to confuse and cause pain to humans on the earth. They cause depression, anxiety, worry, suicidal thoughts, stress and multitudes of other things without demon intervention. This was part of Satan’s rule of the world and just one of his abilities he used against God’s children. The glow was spiritual armor that protected the believers in God, and enabled them to handle situations better than the non-believers because of their faith. Satan never gives up, and made sure that most of the darts were designated for the true believers. He tries to wear God’s people down with his constant attacks and it works sometimes, when people that aren’t prepared for his relentless supernatural attacks.

As the darts flew past them they passed through the glass windows and hit the people without the glow like a bullet. Jamie could actually see their spirit get hit with the fiery darts and seemed to cause pain to the individual’s spirit. Their spirit jolted in pain and slightly came out of their bodies. The people that had the glow round about them had no reaction at all to the fiery darts. When the darts hit the glow, they were instantly turned into ash on impact.

Satan never gives up and made sure that most of the darts were designated for the true believers. He tries to wear God’s people down with his constant attacks. The people that are not believers are not hit with as many attacks, since they already belong to Satan. Once he knows someone is trying to get their lives together, he really brings forth the spiritual attacks. He always tries to capitalize on a weakness in a person’s life. The majority of the human population doesn’t even think about their supernatural selves until it’s too late or a life changing event. This is why so many people fall to the devices of wickedness.

Jamie watched the phenomenon intensely, when it was over her and Sephri went back to join the other two. Dan and John were still assessing how they were going to get into the building with all the demonic security around.

“Where did you two go?” John asked Sephri.

“Sephri was showing me something.” Jamie said.

“Okay let’s try to figure this out and see if we can get to those replicas.” Dan muttered.

Then out of nowhere there was a loud booming noise, and Sephri sighed.

“What was that?” John said looking up at the bank building.

“That my friend was a portal opening up, something important just showed up.” Sephri said with a dis-satisfied tone.

A portal opened up on top of the bank building and Nostros, Roebarg and a horde of demons appeared. Nostros said in a disgusting manner and sniffed the air, “The bible belt, this place reeks of believers.”

Roebarg turned toward Nostros, “This place is always good for a fight, keep alert.” He snorted and smoke came out of his nostrils.

Nostros hopped up onto the ledge of the building and stretched out his wings and looked out of the city, he said to himself, “I know you’re out there somewhere.” He turned around swiftly and walked back towards Roebarg.

“Where is our favorite puppet at?” Nostros asked.

“He is below us in the lab with our new toys.”

They both disappeared through the roof top along with their entourage and was standing in the Lab. Jada turned around swiftly to see the demons and he was disgusted at their site.

Roebarg walked toward Jada, “Jada, my filthy angelic host, I thought I would see you here.”

Nostros cracked a sarcastic smile at Jada.

“Roebarg, you filthy sulfur breathing disgrace of a being, I knew you would have your hand in this.”

“But of course, I am our boss’s right hand demon. Who do you think started this whole this whole process? Me of course.” He said with an arrogant tone.

Joe cleared his throat, “Excuse me can we get down to business here.”

Jada, Roebarg and Nostros all turned their attention toward Joe and glared at him.

“What?” He shrugged his shoulders, “Can we get this done please.”

Roebarg lunged at Joe and grabbed him by the throat, and lifted him off the ground. He pulled Joe right into his face and said, “How many times do I have to tell you to watch your tone with me flesh puppet.” Joe grabbed at Roebarg’s massive claws with both of his hands and demanded to be put down.

“You remember what I did to you last time you addressed me with a sarcastic attitude.”

Joe fixed his suit jacket, “Oh I remember, but do you remember?”

Roebarg knew what Joe was referring too.

Joe said, “I’ll say it”

There was a bit of fear in Roebarg’s eyes and Jada watched what was going on.

Jada said, “Say what?”

Roebarg looked at Jada then Joe, “Don’t say it Joe.” He growled and saliva dripped from his mouth.

Joe smiled, “Don’t say, Jesus?”

Roebarg, Nostros and Jada all wrinkled their faces in pain and smoke lifted off their faces. A few of the lower ranking demons were sent hurling out of the room. A few of them even burst into flames and screamed in anguish and vanished.

All three of them looked at Joe, with hate burning in their eyes. Joe stepped back because he didn’t know that him saying the name of Jesus, would affect Jada, since he was an angel.

“Interesting.” Joe said, there is power in that name, huh.”

Jada was still was shocked at the incident, and was confused holding his face.

“What just happened, I haven’t heard that name in a long time?” he said trying to catch his breath.

“It appears that you are not able to handle the name of Jesus either. “Joe said delightfully, and scratched his nose with his index finger.

All three of them wailed again grabbing at their faces when they heard the name. The lightning bolt on Jada’s face began to burn. All fallen angels had the mark of disobedience, which was a black lightning bolt that covered one side of their face.

“Oh sorry” Joe said, but he didn’t mean it.

“STOP IT! Roebarg demanded.”

Jada pulled out his sword and stuck it under Joe’s throat, “Don’t ever say that name in my presence again.” He growled, and tapped Joe on the head with the blunt side of his sword. Joe rubbed his head. “To this day, I still don’t know why he has favored your kind over ours.”

“Me either!” He paused, “Jada it looks like we do have something in common after all.” Roebarg said as he flipped back his cloak back.

“Shut up, you piece of hellish trash”

Nostros walked around Jada and Roebarg and as he passed Joe he got in his face and snorted. Joe’s hair blew back slightly, and he turned around and said, “If you ever do that again I will”

Roebarg butted in. “OK, ok, let’s get this little experiment going.” He motioned to Nostros to calm down. Three of Roebarg’s eyes were fixed onto Jada while the other three were we watching Joe, Omar and his demons. Some of the other demons were still hopping around like they were on fire whimpering. Roebarg was very annoyed that Joe, his human puppet had so much power over him. He couldn’t stand the thought Joe was more superior to him, but he knew he was.

“Get on with it Joe.” Roebarg said agitatedly.

Jada placed his sword back in his belt, and folded his arms.

Joe was entertained at the site of the lower ranking demons hoping around like popcorn popping on a hot stove behind Roebarg. He gave a slight elbow to Omar’s mid-section and pointed at the demons and both of them were laughing.

“Look at that Omar that has to be one of the funniest things I have ever seen.” Omar nodded his head in agreement.

“ENOUGH! With these childish games.” Roebarg barked out.

“Touchy, touchy.” Joe said.

Sephri was scouting the area and there were demons crawling and flying all around the Bank of America building. Thousands of demon assassins were flying in groups of four to six in formation. He couldn’t see around to the other side of the building and told Dan to fly over to the renaissance tower for a better look. The he told Jamie and John to fly over to the Omni Hotel to get a better look. Dan dropped down and flew towards the I-35 interstate, then under and over a few overpasses making his way towards the renaissance building. He noticed when he was flying under over one of the bridges that there was a couple of demons perched on the overpass watching the traffic go by. They didn’t seem to be a part of what was going on; apparently they were on a different mission.

He made it to the building and surveyed the area, and it was more of the same. Demons all over the building like a wet blanket. There was no way of getting into the building from the air. Plus he saw a high ranking demon that was watching the area, and would be able to see through their shadow technique. The higher ranking demons are more powerful and have more abilities than the regular soldier demons. The average demon couldn’t see through the shadow at all, and were easy to fool and get by. However they are usually accompanied by a more superior demon that is in charge of them.

Jamie and Dan landed on top of the hotel and hid behind an air conditioner. John peeked around one side of it and Jamie the other side. John shook his head no, and Jamie did the same. Jamie motioned to John that they needed to go back to where Sephri was. Just as they were about to take off, three demons came around Jamie’s side of the air conditioner. Jamie and the demons acted surprised to see each other. Jamie shot one of the demons with one of her shards and hit it in the head and it was gone. One of them lunged at John and kicked him away from Jamie, she turned around quickly with her wings opened up and sliced his head off with her wing. The last one was running across the top of the building, trying to get away. He was just about to jump off the side of building when, a familiar sound surrounded them. A shard hit the demon in the back as just as its scaly talons left the building and exploded into pieces. Jamie and John both turned to see where the shard came from.

Sephri was standing up with his arm out towards Jamie and John. They both looked back to where the demon was. Sephri’s shard spun around at a high rate of speed in a circle and then sot back toward him. Sephri caught the shard and placed it back in his pouch, like a gunslinger from the Wild West.

Dan flew up behind Sephri and said, “No good”

Jamie and John made it back, John said, “There is no way in from anywhere without being seen. Nice shot by the way.”

“There all over the place.” Jamie said.

“I can’t get to close without alerting them to my presence, but all of you can.” Sephri said.

“How is that?” Dan said questionably.

Sephri rubbed his face, “What to do? I got it! But we are going to need a couple of demons.”

“For what?” Jamie said with a cringe on her face.

“We need to capture at least two of them alive.”

“Alive, why on earth for?” John walked toward Sephri.

“I just saw two sulfur breathers perched on a bridge, will that do?” Dan pointed in the direction where he saw them.

“Perfect.” Sephri said with a smile on his face. “You will need to stun them, don’t kill them or they won’t be of any use to us.”

“What are we going to do with two stunned demons?” Dan asked.

“You will see, just get them over here to me I got a plan.”

Dan motioned for Jamie to come with him, and they flew off together leaving John with Sephri.

“So what are we doing.” She asked Dan as they flew off.

“We are going to capture a couple of demons it looks like.”

“Well duh!” she said.

“Okay” Dan pointed in front of them, “You see them?” The demons had their backs to them.


“We will fly up behind them and punch each one in the back of the head and knock them out.”

“You sure this will work?”

He hesitated, “No.”

“I feel so much better now.” Jamie said with a sarcastic tone.

As they approached the two demons Jamie looked over at Dan and gave him a nod. Dan did the same thing and they were both focused on the task at hand. They swooped down and delivered a blow to the back of each of their heads, which in fact knocked both of the out.

“Good job sis.” Dan said with a smile on his face.

Jamie covered her nose with her hand, “Whew, they smell awful, nasty things.”

Dan chuckled and picked up the demon he knocked out and threw it on his shoulder.

He looked at Jamie, “Well?”

“Well what? You don’t expect me to pick that thing up do you?”

“Yes, pick it up and lets go.”

“Aww man.” Jamie bent over and picked up the demon trying not to touch it as much as possible. “Gross, this thing is leaking stuff.”

“Come on, let’s go”

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