Journey to the Stars

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It was a lie

Julia thought that something was missing from her life and that hurt her. Her mother was something she couldn’t live without. Julia could even go to Mars to find her mom.

Julia got to the park and met Simón. Julia started talking about her mom with him. Simon said “Go to the stars to look for your mom”, but he was just joking, Julia got back home and her dad said:

-You are old enough to know the truth, your mom didn’t die, she left me and she took everything with her, but she forgot you, I am glad she did.

Julia was really mad at her dad but she was determined to go after her, so she saw the Netflix movie “Apollo 11” Then she got a car and started driving, she was going to drive to the stars, she had a boat and she had enough money to buy a helicopter, so she did, she started flying but she started sleeping and she was approaching the sun. But she didn’t wake up and that was very bad. What can she do?

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