Journey to the Stars

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Julia in Space!!!

-Why are the country names here and a sign in some of them?

-The ones with signs on it, it’s because your mother already visited them. She wanted you to have it. - Answered the aunt

-Thanks anyway.

Julia jumped out of her bed and said:

-I am gonna finish what my mom started! - She answered

But Julia’s father didn’t let her go, she would put herself in too much danger!

But he knew it was the right thing to do!

Julia just had to go to 3 places, and she was gonna need a lot of help. The only ones she had to complete were: Mars, stars, and the Moon.

Julia was going dressed as an Astronaute.

She knew she was gonna finish it, she had the same look like her mom, they both knew they could do it, her mother traveled the earth and Julia traveled the Space! Julia even made Alien friends. After that, she always believed in what she wanted!

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