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This is my life story which I'm going to share with all the readers of this book I hope to reach the person I loved for so many years without any expectations... I hope you all will help me to reach the person !!! It is said that our first love is that person whom we started liking and loving from our teenage, from our mid-high school!! For me, he is the one, the only one!!!

Fantasy / Romance
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Hie!!! my dear readers, it is my real story of life till now. I'm at the point of life where I couldn't share my phase of life with anyone else. So, now I decide to share my story maybe this will help me to reach the person I love.

I'm a person who loves sports, Cricket and Swimming both are my favorite sports. In DSO from school for 2 yrs, I have won medals but couldn't compete further because during further levels I always had my exams.
I belong to a family where education is more important than all other things. I'm a big fan of MS Dhoni, Virat, Pollard, and of course Sachin and in swimming Micheal Philips.
I'm going to narrate my story naming myself Dee and my picture name is... just have a few more patience till the next 2-3 chapters.

And I'll also share dates which are really important to me and also a story regarding it!!!
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