Scales and Scars

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To Date

I was lost in his eyes again; the specks of gold seemed to be swirling around. My mind must be slipping into sleep already. His arms wrapped around my body. The embrace took all my pain away. It was as if I was exactly where I needed to be.

“Tadeas…” I said just above a whisper.

“Aries.” He said in a low seductive voice that was new.

I tilted my head all the way back so I could see his face once more. He placed his hand on my cheek, bending his neck, his nose lined with my own. My breath hitched and I wasn’t sure what to do.

Is he about to kiss me again? I thought to myself. No way.

“You need your rest.” His breath smelt like honey. I no longer wanted rest, I wanted to kiss him.

I didn’t move, I had forgotten to breath. He dipped his head closer pressing his lips to mine. His grip around me tightened causing my muscles to sing with approval. His tongue passing my lips, allowing me to explore the taste of his own.

“Tadeas!” I had meant to tell him to stop but it came out as a moan. His hands now finding my breasts before pulling my shirt removing it from my body. Our breathing had synced together as if we were one body. His lips moving to my neck, causing a gasp to escape my lips.

“Aries, you are mine.” His deep possessive voice sending a chill down my spine. I wanted to be his, I wanted nothing more than for him to take me right then.

Water began to drip onto our bodies as I realized we were outside. Surrounded by trees of the brightest greenery I had ever seen. The thunder roared from the sky before the rain increased.

“We will need to finish this later.” He said after pulling himself away from me.

“Wait what?” I said confused looking at him shocked, my chest bare.

He was gone, I looked around as the lightning continued to flash and the thunder sounded as if it was cracking the earth open. I was half naked in the forest, soaked, and alone.

“Tadeas!” I yelled as loud as I could.

I sat up gasping for air. My room was dark; the flash of lightning providing temporary light. Most vivid dream ever. I thought before standing from my bed. Just as in my dreams I was wet, my night shirt was soaked as if I had been standing outside during the storm.

I walked into the bathroom turning the shower on to quickly rinse off. I checked the clock; 4:30 AM. I noticed my ankle was no longer in pain as I put weight on it. It was slightly bruised as if it had been weeks old. The cut on my forehead was now a light pink shade, barley a scratch.

I need to ask him what herbs those were… I made a mental note. After deciding I was enjoying my dream, I opted to go back to sleep. I tried to stay on a schedule, but I felt like the last 36 hours had allowed me some flexibility. I turned the alarm in my room off before returning to bed.

Around noon, I woke to Scarlet shaking me. She mentioned something about Bethany wanting to talk with me. I slid out of the bed pulling my joggers on before following her into the main house. Upon entering I headed straight for the coffee machine.

“Long night?” Bethany teased.

“Sleep was scarce. Crazy dreams.” I replied taking my first sip of black coffee.

“I haven’t a clue how you drink it like that.” She scrunched her nose before making her own coffee with far to much cream, taking a seat. “Scarlet go play with your brother and sister. We have grown-up things to discuss.” She smiled at her daughter.

“Tadeas is cute Auntie A… I say go for it.” Scarlet said in her chipper voice before exiting the room as told.

“She is too smart for her own good.” Bethany said before diving into a million questions.

While I was glad the night before had been interrogation free, I knew this would come eventually. I answered most of her questions. I left out the information about anything I saw inside the cave. For some reason my gut told me the more people that knew the worse off the situation would be.

Around 2:00 PM I decided to hurry to my guest house to get ready for the date. I had no idea what we would be doing or where we were going. I was never one to dress up in fancy clothing. My closet was a mess of old business clothes, half of which no longer fit, and very basic jeans and t-shirts from concerts.

After settling on a pair of jeans with a cargo pocket I paced around the room in my bra. I couldn’t understand why I was suddenly nervous, I wanted him to like me. I huffed when hearing a knock on the door grabbing a button-down flannel hoping it wasn’t too casual.

Approaching the glass door, I was stunned. Tadeas was dressed in a pair of dark jeans, a deep maroon button down short sleeves showing his tattoos spreading to his elbows. My heart felt suddenly confused, no longer beating its usual rhythm.

I opened the door carefully, trying to slow down my need to rush. My dream from the night before flooding my mind. I looked at his plush lips, wishing I could taste them. I was unable to shake the dream from my mind. His grin causing me to slowly form insecurities.

“Am I under dressed? I can change quick. I wasn’t sure where we were going.” Anxiety filling my voice; unable to stop the words from leaving my lips.

“You look beautiful, absolutely perfect.” His smile was so pure, I didn’t feel he was lying at all.

“Are you sure? You look way better than I do.” I tried to joke.

“I only ever speak the truth.” His deep voice soothed me.

“You’re not afraid of riding motorcycles, are you?” He questioned holding a helmet in his left hand.

“Not at all, I can follow on mine if you would like.” I said cocky with a grin on my face.

“Yours?” He questioned clearly intrigued.

I took him into the garage on the back of the property that held my bike. My beautiful GSXR 750 sat closest to the door, opposite from my jeep. They were both a matching blue with similar custom dragons down the sides.

He walked up and down both vehicles paying attention to the detail. My helmet sat on the seat, the majority silver with a blue dragon, matching the bike. He smiled as he lifted the helmet placing the red and gold one in its place.

“You can ride with me today. Your headgear is clearly done in better taste.” He took my hand leading me out of the garage.

We followed the bending and winding roads for over an hour. My body was relaxed pressed against Tadeas as he showed me a new side to the world. I had never enjoyed riding with another person.

I was too nervous and didn’t trust anyone with my life. Other than Anthony… A sting of guilt flashed in my chest before subsiding. Would Anthony want me to move on? Can he somehow see me right now? Enjoying my time with another man.

Tadeas brought my attention back to our ride. His hand had gently squeezed my thigh causing a wave of warmth to spread into my core. I wanted his hand higher, closer. All thoughts of guilt gone from my conscious.

“It’s just around the bend up here.”

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