Scales and Scars

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I thought the greenery was beautiful before. This had looked untouched by the pollution and destruction of men. There was a waterfall so large I was amazed it sat so peacefully. The flowers were all such radiant colors, I couldn’t pick a favorite if I tried.

“It’s beautiful!” I yelled over the motorcycle’s hum.

We parked not too far from the trail. Tadeas asked me simple questions here and there as we walked down the path. I asked a few times what was in the bag he carried, while he refused to answer. He would just chuckle and say “patience”.

We reached the bottom of the falls, approaching the wall that seemed to reach into the sky, leaving the earth. He looked over at me with a sly grin before looking up the wall.

“What’s that look for? I don’t know you that well. I know I do not like that look.” I said trying to keep myself from laughing.

“We are going to climb. Do you think you can manage?” His voice teasing me.

“Think I can manage?” I said partially shocked looking up at the wall. After a moment I decided I could.

“I can carry you on my back if you can’t.” His teasing was now clear in his voice.

“Like hell you will. As much as I would like to see you try wanna-be-hulk. I will manage on my own.” My competitive nature taking over.

We climbed the wall until we were around 150 meters in the air. I was proud of myself for managing not to fall. Though slightly shocked he was such a dare devil. I thought it was obvious I needed safety measures in place. I was always hurting myself.

I saw an opening to our left behind the falls. I yelled back to Tadeas to see if I was to stop. Once he confirmed, I slid across a few of the rocks and into the cave. Tadeas was moving with ease behind me. I wondered how often he climbed like that.

“Another Cave?” I questioned with a grin.

“You liked the first one so much I thought it would be a perfect date.” He responded causing my heart to flutter.

He pulled a blanket out of the bag with a bottle of wine and some food. I giggled when he removed the small first aid kit before he put it back into the bag.

“I learn quick.” His tone missing any emotion.

“So… what did you mean when you said you ‘do whatever needs to be done’?” I asked in a mocking tone.

“Maybe one day I will answer that.” He said while opening the wine.

“So, dating to you is one way huh?” I spoke frustration filling my voice. Why did he have a right to ask me everything only to not answer any questions himself.

“Is your attitude usually this delightful?” His sarcasm was thick.

“Yes. Family?” I questioned trying to compromise.

“Great. I have both my parents still, a younger sister and a younger brother. I did have two other brothers, but they are no longer with us.” His voice was void of emotion once again.

I began to wonder if irritation was the only emotion he felt with me. Why would he be so intent on dating me if he didn’t enjoy anything about me?

“I am sorry about your brothers.” I sympathized.

“Thank you, it was years ago. I think you would like my family; they like to talk too.” He said with a grin.

“Who said I like to… Oh never mind.” I said sipping my wine with a grin.

Tadeas told me a little bit about each of his family members. He spoke as if they were all very close. His younger brother having a wife and child before him seemed to irritate him.

I wondered if that was why he was so persistent on wanting a date. Looking at him and the interactions we had so far, I couldn’t believe he had a hard time finding dates. He had a slight jerk energy around him. The jealously that filled his eyes was causing the gold to spin around slightly before something else crossed his mind.

It was as if the jealousy was fading, understanding replaced his feelings. There was something there as he kept my gaze. He had stopped speaking, placing his hand on the side of my head, his thumb tracing my cheek.

Suddenly he pressed his lips to mine, causing my arms to wrap around his waist. His free arm wrapped around my back pulled me in closer, my lips parted slightly as he entered my mouth. This was far better than my dream.

His tongue was dominating mine as he deepened the kiss further. I finally began to breathe again. I pushed my tongue against his, letting him know he wouldn’t control everything.

Tadeas seemed to like it because he lifted my thighs, wrapping my legs around his waist. I was afraid to let go. Pushing my hands into his hair gripping what I could. I no longer experienced logic. I only wanted more.

He pulled back causing me to whimper. He looked into my eyes, studying my face, as if he needed reassurance. I tried to offer a small smile, not moving my eyes from his lips.

He kissed me gently before pulling back shifting so I laid with my head on his chest across the blanket. I felt like I was out of breath, unsure why he stopped.

“I would like to show you something. For your opinion…” He spoke with heavy breaths as if he was trying to control himself.

“Okay.” I said still breathing hard myself.

He sat up placing me in a sitting position before turning his back to me, removing his shirt. Across his back was a beautiful tattoo of a dragon. The swirls of red and gold matched his hair. It was a beautiful masterpiece; I had never seen anything like it before.

I traced my fingers across the perfect lines, it was as if magic placed it there. Part of his actual skin. Impossible. I thought looking for the slightest mistake. My fingers traced up towards his shoulder where the head of the dragon sat.

The eyes were captivating. Slightly hazy compared to the exquisite detail across the rest. I felt fire fill my lungs as if I was breathing for the first time. I was in a trance staring at the beautiful creature.

Slowly the creature disappeared, his dark shirt rising back on top his shoulders. Tadeas turned back around, his eyes seemed to be glowing more than I had seen before. I was sure it was a trick of the falls; the sun was beginning to set.

I slowly moved my lips to his, this time releasing my reservations. I wrapped my hands around his head and entwined my fingers through his hair. I pushed my tongue past his lips. Wrapping my thigh around him to better position myself. His arms tightened around my body pulling me in closer.

I could feel my nipples harden as my body ached. My core began to throb wanting the connection. I needed to know if his touch would do that inside me. What would he feel like inside me? I didn’t care about anything, just feeling him.

“We need to slow down; I don’t have infinite control.” He said breaking out kiss but keeping his nose touching mine. “I asked your opinion.”

“It’s breathtaking. Now, I don’t want to slow down.” I said before placing my lips on his again.

I wanted to feel again so badly. This was the first time since Anthony that anyone had caused me to feel anything. I knew it was just lust, maybe that is what I needed. I just needed a release I hadn’t felt in so long.

“You don’t mean that.” He said breaking the kiss again.

“You don’t know me.” I replied, placing kisses along his neck.

“Not yet.” He said before flipping me over onto my back.

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