Scales and Scars

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I didn’t mind, the feeling of his body on mine was intoxicating. I reached my hands towards the opening of his shirt pulling it off his shoulders. I could sense his apprehension as he leaned back slightly, not breaking contact with my lips.

“Take it off.” I managed to say into the kiss.

A low growl came from his chest. Something inside my body told me it was okay. I wanted him to make the noise again. I could feel his member pushing on my thigh through the jeans.

He lifted me up slightly removing my shirt. His eyes widened as he saw the scar covering from my shoulder to the bottom of my ribs. I had forgotten about it in the moment. I could sense his anger rolling off him as he focused on the imperfections of my body.

He leaned in and kissed me passionately. I felt his bare chest press against mine as my body gushed, soaking my panties. A deep groan came from his chest as if he knew exactly what he was doing to me.

“I am serious. We need to stop.” He said as if speaking with himself more than me. He pulled his body backwards. I shook at the sudden cold I felt. It was as if I had been dumped into the artic ocean.

Tadeas took his shirt placing it on my back buttoning two of the buttons smiling softly. His hands went to my arms gently rubbing up and down as if to warm me. My body still wanted to be touching his.

“We are going to do this right.” He said in a determined tone.

“I’m not sure what that means…” I said slightly confused. Do what right?

We packed up the bag up before he smirked that devilish grin indicating I was in trouble. I raised a brow at him unable to hide my genuine smile. He looked like a playful child when he had that look.

“What am I not going to like?” I asked him when he just kept my gaze.

“Are you ready?” He asked raising his brow back at me.

“Ready for what?” I asked curious.

“Destiny.” He said as his eyes swirled their beautiful copper glow.

“Destiny?” I questioned caught off guard.

“Yes. It all starts with this jump.” His smile now reaching ear to ear.

“Jump… Like out of here?” I questioned peering down into the darkness. The sun had set and there was just a slight glow remaining.

“If you are scared… you are free to climb back down. Though I am sure our fates are bonded.”

After he said that, he tossed the bag through the waterfall, blowing me a kiss before jumping after it. I stood there in disbelief for a moment. I had been emotionally in this same place lately. Why did it seem my metaphors were coming to life?

I could climb back down the wall. It wasn’t too difficult to climb. Looking after where Tadeas disappeared, I couldn’t help but feel the need to follow him. It was certainly dangerous. A good chance I would not be strong enough to make it back out from the current.

If the last year of my life had taught me anything, it would be that you can’t just stop living. If I was content with nothing for so long, why not jump through the falls and see if I deserve to live any longer. Do I have a destiny? Could Tadeas be it?

Before I knew what was happening, I jumped. I ran fast before pushing off my last steps with all the might I could muster. I needed to get as far out as I could. I felt the air flow around me as I broke through the water. A smile plastered on my face, feeling freer than ever.

I flew through the sky descending at a rapid rate towards the water. I let out a quick ‘Whooaa’ before I was thrust deep into the depths of the pool. I conserved my energy allowing myself to flow with the current before doing my best to push myself up towards the surface.

I began to run out of air, I could see I was almost there. It seemed to be getting further away. Just then I noticed I was indeed stuck in a current. It was not allowing me to pass, as if the water had taken me hostage. I accidently took in water when my body reflexed for air, my vision began to blur.

I used everything that I had left in my body, in my soul, to do what I knew to do best, survive. Be the weapon. My father’s words rang through my mind. I was not some weak person who took what she was given, I fought for what was better. I had just lost that recently.

I reached the top of the pool coughing up the water I had inhaled. My vision still blurry and my lungs burned from the air. I blinked a few times taking in my surroundings. No more than 10 meters away swam Tadeas, with a proud smile on his face.

“I thought I was going to need to save you for a moment there.” He said swimming closer.

“Pffft. I don’t need saving.” I said still catching my breath, beginning to shake from the cold.

“No, you do not.” He said pulling me towards him with an arm. He wrapped it around my waist pulling my legs around his center. I relaxed as he supported most of my weight with ease, laying my head back looking at the night sky. His warmth calming my body.

“You were there though, weren’t you? Waiting just in case?” I questioned already knowing the answer.

“I’ll always be there, just in case.” He said with a wink before leaning backwards himself.

We walked back to where the motorcycle was parked. Luckily the air was warmer than the falls. The wet clothes didn’t bother me much, the warm breeze dried our clothes as we rode back.

He walked me to the door like a gentleman. I was shocked when he kissed me sweetly goodnight. He didn’t seem to like the idea of needing to leave, but he mentioned ‘duty calls’ and vaguely said he would stop by the following day.

I was ready to go inside and try to collect my thoughts. My mind didn’t seem to be working, I was in such a weird state of mind after jumping out of the cave earlier, I was not myself.

I had begun to think about a new career. Something I hadn’t been able to decide on for some time. I no longer wanted to continue in marketing. I felt it had darkened my soul over the course of time. Finding something that I believed in would be difficult.

A text came in on my phone causing my heart to race. Suddenly I realized, Tadeas never asked for my number, he only knows where I live. Does he expect me to wait around for the next time he wishes to see me? Who doesn’t ask for a phone number?

BETHANY: Hey! I see your back! Want to go to this art show and tell me about it? Rob bailed!

I thought for a moment and decided to go. After texting her I just needed to get ready I went to remove the clothes from earlier and slip on a sage green summer dress with a jean jacket. I hadn’t dressed like this in a while, Bethany would surely make comments. I no longer cared. I was feeling like a new person searching for what would come next.

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