Death, Love and Zombies

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Death, Love, and Zombies is a fantasy, romance novel based not so far in the future. Featuring Octavia as a strong female lead and her love interest Anubis. They traverse the zombie apocalypse with a slight twist - Werewolves. Octavia It's the year 20... Well honestly the year doesn't matter, we have been spiraling towards this for a long time. Pollution, waste, overpopulation… Human greed, the destruction we have caused, the cruelty of humans… We are our own downfall. Some of us try to make a difference, but it only takes a few to ruin it for the rest of us… They say you reap what you sow... Copyright © 2021 by Jessica Rocha Edited by Scott Rocha All rights reserved. Cover art copyright © 2021 by Jessica Rocha

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1 - Octavia

POV- Octavia

It’s the year 20… Well, honestly the year doesn’t matter, we have been spiraling towards this for a long time. Pollution, waste, overpopulation… Human greed, the destruction we have caused, the cruelty of humans… We are our own downfall. Some of us try to make a difference, but it only takes a few to ruin it for the rest of us…They say you reap what you sow… We are all paying the price…

I reload my M4A1 rifle, checking it to make sure it doesn’t jam again. Keeping it clean of dirt and grime is a chore itself. I look down at my hands covered in dirt. When was the last time I bathed? Fuck, I don’t even remember. It’s been… Too long. I grab my pack from the ground and swing it onto my back. I can hear their moans and shuffling. Why did I come to this fucking place… I got a few supplies, but was it really worth it? Who am I kidding? I don’t like to stay still for too long anyways. If not here, I would end up somewhere else.

I look out the window of the pharmacy I am currently in. A group of zombies slowly shuffle by. I quietly scan the pharmacy. The pharmacy is a decent size, it’s in pretty rough condition though. Shelves are knocked over, garbage strewn across the floor, windows broken and there are old blood stains on the floor and wall…I can tell from the dull red-brown coloring. It was picked pretty thoroughly in here, but something is always missed. With the way the world is now, anything helps… I wait for the group to pass and grab the few medications I could find. Time to blow this hell hole.

When it’s clear I quietly escape into the streets, heading back towards the forest… The roads are littered with debris, broken down cars and bodies of killed zombies here and there. The bodies are at different states of decay… Most are in the later stages of decomposition. Even after all this time some of the streets are still stained with blood, most of it that dark red brown colour… But some are brighter…Fresher.

Graffiti is on most buildings now, some tags, other beautiful art… I see some covered up tags, but the word “PURITY” is still visible underneath. Bastards… I get the urge myself to cover it up, but I should be getting back. Not sure how in a zombie apocalypse people find graffiti as a priority. Maybe the posts with important information like the locations of The Havens. I spot a beautiful piece somebody made, it’s of a pure black wolf with striking golden eyes…Whoever made it put quite a bit of effort and time into it. I guess having some beauty in this dead world is nice…

I pick up my pace, wanting to just get back to my cabin in the woods… I probably have enough supplies to last me while living on the land and last I heard The Haven is doing okay… It has been a bit since I went though. Maybe I just come to town hoping I will find something. Maybe I wouldn’t be gone so long if I didn’t stop to help every Jane and John I come across. Like that family I saw the other day, I helped them on their way… They had a small child with them and were headed to The Haven. Some people I pass by… Not everyone is friendly… I guess it’s ingrained in me, helping people. I get supplies for The Haven as well from time to time…Sometimes I miss being a doctor. I wasn’t a doctor for that long, me being only 25. But I loved it. My hands before saved lives… Now they take them… Before I would hear the shuffling of nurses at work, beeping of the machines, people crying out in discomfort. Now I hear the shuffling of the undead, their moans filling the air, and the sound of people being torn apart… Consumed alive.

It’s starting to get dark; I won’t be able to see as well soon. I make it to the outskirts of the forest deciding to take refuge in one of the trees. There is a large one with good leaf cover, and unclimbable without assistance. I toss my weighted rope over a thick branch and climb into the tree. I collect the rope and climb higher, finding a good spot to rest. Securing myself and my supplies, I then pull out a camouflage cover, covering myself. It may seem unusual, but so far, I find it safer when I am staying out overnight. Zombies can’t climb trees; people tend not to and don’t often look up in the trees. If someone does happen to look up, I am not easily visible, unless you know what to look for.

I pull out some beef jerky and water, having a bite to eat, before I get some shut eye. I hear wolves howling in the forest, the sounds are not nearby for the moment. They don’t bother me though, at least not the regular ones…

I wake up as the sun starts to peak over the horizon. My sleep was restless, like usual… I don’t think anyone sleeps very soundly in an apocalypse…It reminds me of my days as a doctor in the ER… The sleepless nights… I pack away the camouflage, I have more jerky for breakfast, and an apple I harvested from a tree.

Once I am all finished, I survey the area… Looks clear… I climb down the tree carefully and continue on my way back home. The Forest is relatively quiet, the sounds of a few animals here and there, at least the wildlife population is doing okay. The zombies actually ignore them for the most part, I have seen them sometimes eat animals… But they will pass them by… Humans? Not so much.

As mid-day approaches, I take a break by a stream I come across, may as well dip my feet in and rinse off a bit…The area is clear. I slide my pack off my back and work on rinsing some of the grime from my skin. I examine my body. I have a few scars from bites that have healed, some barely noticeable… Faded over time. I don’t mind the scars… They mean that I survived. I don’t have any healing bites currently; I have been lucky… Been months since I was last bitten. I remember the pain though; it hurts like a Bitch…

I was bitten pretty bad awhile back, I actually thought I was done for… The pain was so intense, and I got so sick… I remember dragging myself back to the cabin, I treated my wounds and passed out, I slept for days.

Once I am somewhat cleaner, I resume my travels. Being in the forests you can almost imagine everything is alright… The world is normal, but then you are snapped back to reality… I spot a zombie about 20 yards ahead of me. It’s a loner and has it’s back facing me. I pull out my Katana and quietly advance on the zombie.

I quickly dispose of it, slicing off its head and stabbing it in the brain. I wipe my blade off and return it to its sheath. I study the zombie for a minute, it was a shuffler…One of the slow ones that just walks aimlessly. It was a female, she’s wearing a very tattered dress, looking to be in her 50’s, but it is hard to tell. She is an old looking zombie not freshly changed; her flesh is rotting from her face… What’s left of it anyways.

I spend another night in the trees. The rest of the way to my place is uneventful, besides seeing some animals. I have the thought of hunting, but I am okay for now… Don’t want to load myself down even more. I make it back before dark, luckily… I won’t have to spend another night in the tree’s…I probably should have taken a vehicle… Well maybe next time…

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