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The Binding of the Full Moon (Book 2: Noah Morgan Trilogy)

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Everything is settling well in the hospital when Noah and the others are doing their hospital tasks, until Penelope returns. She apologized to Noah and the others, but they are still disappointed in her and sometimes are thinking about forgiving her. Penelope has moved to her sister Colleen's apartment, she began to stalk Giselle's life. Giselle has had enough of her mother stalking her, she decides to file a restraining order. Penelope tries to apologize to Noah and the doctors so many times, some of them even humilated her again. To make things worse, Penelope snaps into madness. Penelope plans to terrorize people in the hospital with a gun.

Fantasy / Mystery
Tatyana Brown
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: Mirabelle's Birthday

It is the spring season, in the early morning... Noah is at Cheveyo’s crystal store, he is looking for a rose quartz bracelet for Mirabelle as a birthday present. “Hey, Cheveyo, do you have rose quartz bracelets around here?” said Noah. “Of course, I do. They’re at the bottom left shelf, where they are in the box next to the other box of rose quartz gemstones.” said Cheveyo. “OK, thank you.” said Noah.

Noah squats down to see the box of rose quartz bracelets at the bottom left, he reaches, and picks out the perfect rose quartz bracelet. “This one’s better.” said Noah as he buys the rose quartz bracelet. “That bracelet will be 1 dollar.” said Cheveyo. “Wow, I’ll take it. It’s my cousin Mirabelle’s birthday today.” said Noah as he gave one dollar to Cheveyo. “Oh, my. Tell your cousin that I say happy birthday.” said Cheveyo. “I will, her birthday party is starting tonight at the beach.” said Noah. “At the beach? I love that place, I might be going then. What time is the birthday party starting tonight?” said Cheveyo. “At 7:35.” Said Noah. “OK, thank you. I’ll be bringing the gift for your cousin.” said Cheveyo. “OK, I’ll tell her. See you later.” said Noah before he leaves. “See you later, I’ll be there.” said Cheveyo.

At the apartment, Noah wakes up Mirabelle with a big surprise. “Happy birthday, Mira. I got you a gift.” said Noah, smiled. “Thanks, Noah. Is it a surprise?” said Mirabelle. “Yes, little cuzzo. Now, close your eyes.” said Noah. Mirabelle closes her eyes, Noah puts the rose quartz bracelet around Mirabelle’s wrist. “Open your eyes.” said Noah. Mirabelle opens her eyes, she becomes amazed when she sees the rose quartz bracelet around her wrist. “Wow! Is this rose quartz?” said Mirabelle, amazed. “Yes, it is. I picked it out at the crystal store.” said Noah, happy. “Thank you, big cousin. You’re the best.” said Mirabelle. “Always the best to you and everyone else.” said Noah as he and Mirabelle hugged.

Carmen is placing garnet, amazonite, and amethyst on the tarot cards, while Emmitt takes Chase to school. She keeps an eye on three new pets: 2 guinea pigs are in the cage and the new black cat is drinking milk in the cat bowl. Noah knocks on the door, Carmen opens it. “Hey Carmen, it’s 7 o’clock, hun. We gotta go to work.” said Noah. “I know, I’m just busy.” Said Carmen.

“With that blue thong on.” said Noah as he looked down at Carmen’s bottom. “I know, I’m getting some pants. Today’s your cousin’s birthday anyway.” said Carmen. “I know, I’m excited that she turned 19 today in the springtime.” said Noah. “Me, too. Everyone is.” said Carmen as she goes to put some pants on. “Birthday party is tonight, I was wondering if you could bring your son with you.” said Noah. “I’ll bring him with me, because he loves parties. I hired a pet sitter to keep an eye on the pets.” said Carmen as she stands close to Noah, flirtatiously. “How many pets do you have?” asked Noah, flirting. “3.” said Carmen, flirting while buttoning her pants up. “Let’s get going, we got work to do.” said Noah, flirting. “OK, the pet sitter’s on the way.” Said Carmen, flirting.

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