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"I fucking told you to stop flirting with every male in this company. But you just don't listen." Jordan Samuels, the devil himself 😈 yelled. I was hired in his company and I lived to regret it my entire life

Fantasy / Romance
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Hey guys, this my first time writing a story. Hope you like it.

I groaned at the irritating sound coming from my phone. I stretched my arm so that I could silence it. I was relieved when the sound stopped but immediately I remembered that I had an interview at Jordan Samuels Inc.
I jumped from my bed and rushed to the bathroom. I took like 10minutes and I was done. I can't afford to be late for this interview. From what I've heard Jordan Samuels hates people who come late. He is a 30year-old eligible bachelor. He's literally every girl's dream man with his sky blue eyes, hair as black as coal and that gorgeous body.

I took a taxi since I hadn't yet saved enough money to buy myself a car. I reached the company's premises at 7:50am and the interview begins at 8:00am. I thanked my ancestors and walked straight to the counter where I met a gorgeous blond lady. She looked to be in her late twenties or early thirties. I greeted her and she was really polite and nice. She directed me to where I was supposed to be. I thanked her and followed her instructions.
I found a lot of people waiting in the room. I was beginning to lose hope having waited for 30minutes.
"Miss Gertrude Collins?" a secretary i suppose called me
"That'll be me"
"Mr. Samuels, is waiting for you."
I felt as though my heart was about to come out of my ribcage. I didn't imagine I would be this nervous. I started chewing the inner parts of my cheeks, a habit of mine when I'm either nervous or so focused on something and in this case I was so nervous. I took a deep breath and entered the lion's den.
"Miss. Collins, i presume?"
I felt myself getting wet just from the sound of his voice. It was deep and so soothing.
"Y-yes, um.. that's me."
" Have a seat." He told. I humbly obliged.
"So, what makes you think you are good enough for this job of my personal assistant?"he asked.
I had already prepared for that question like seriously before going for an interview don't you like rehearse and all that? Well I do. I told him what I thought of but I just couldn't make eye contact with him cause I would just become a stuttering mess.
"You know, when talking to someone you are supposed to look 'em in the eye." He told me.
"Y-yes Mr.S-Samuels." I managed to say. I felt like jst knocking my head against a wall.
"Well, Miss Collins hand me your resumé." He said.

I know my writing is like crap but please be nice this is my first book ever to be written. But I do accept corrections and new ideas.☺️

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