Stitch *On Hold*

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Chapter Eight

I stared at myself in the mirror. My hair was down in soft waves. I wore a pair of jean capris, and a light floral blouse style t-shirt. I sighed as I fiddled with the hem at the bottom of the shirt before I tucked my hair back behind my ears and left my room.

I checked the time on my way through the kitchen. It was just about six. I grabbed my phone and keys off the table and shoved them into my pocket before digging through the closet by the door for a suitable jacket that would work in the slightly cool summer nights.

I made my way down to the main floor. My stomach was a knot full of anxiety and excitement as I waited for Felix’s arrival. I gave my hair a slight ruffle. I checked my reflection before deciding that it was better behind my ears. I glanced down at my phone and saw that Felix had alerted me of his arrival. I pushed open the lobby door and walked outside.

The air was warm, but the breeze was cool. A welcome change from the stifling hot air that we had been having for the last few weeks. I rounded the corner of the building and stopped in my tracks. I felt my breath catch as my eyes landed on Felix.

He was leaning against his bike, his gaze down cast at his phone. The sun-rays bounced against his auburn hair, making it look like it was glowing. His black leather jacket was patch free, and for that I was thankful. He wore a pair of dark wash jeans that hugged his legs, accentuating his firm round ass. His ankles were crossed and covered in polished black combat boots. It felt as though he pulled out his best biker boots for this evening, leaving his well worn ones in the closet at home.

“Hey,” I moved towards him as I pulled on my jacket, shoving my phone and keys into the pocket before zipping it up.

His eyes shot up, a smile spread across his face as he took me in. His heated gaze moved over my body, as if he was appreciating the sight before him. I couldn’t help but shift under his gaze, feeling slightly self conscious. It had been so long since anyone had taken the time to gaze at me longer than a few seconds.

“Hey.” He stood up, and pulled the two helmets off the back of his bike. “Ready to go?”

I shook my head. “No.” I laughed. I felt my stomach flip at the thought of being on the back of a fast moving vehicle again. “Just drive slow, okay?”

“You got yourself a deal, darlin’,” Felix smiled down at me as he passed me a black helmet. I put it on my head, his fingers came up and clasped the ties under my chin. I sucked in my breath, my eyes watched him. He glanced back up at me.

“Sorry.” He stepped back, giving me back my space. “I didn’t even think about how this might make you uncomfortable. I’m just not used to having to be conscious of that.” He shifted uncomfortably, guilt crossed his face. “I should have driven my car instead.”

“No, it’s okay.” I quickly came to his aid. I didn’t want him to feel guilty for something that was my own fault. “It’s something I need to work on. This gives me a chance to do that.” I shifted the helmet on my head.

He smiled, thankful for my effort before he pulled on his own helmet. “Just jump on like you did last time once I get it started.” He swung his leg over his bike, straddling it. His legs flecked as he took control of his motorcycle.

My mind flashed images of him straddling me, his muscular legs tense as he supported my naked body. I licked my lips at the thought before the sound of an engine running snapped me back to reality.

Jesus, get a grip woman.

I sucked in a breath, I rubbed my sweaty hands on my legs. I could feel my heart in my throat as I tried to psych myself up to get on the back and hold onto his body.

He turned to look at me, a smile split across his face as he waited for me to hop on. I clenched my hands into fists before shaking them back out again. I slid on the back of his bike, my heart pounded against my chest. I swallowed, my throat felt tight.

“Hold on.” He yelled back at me. His voice was slightly drowned out by the sound of his powerful engine. He turned back and flipped down the visor over my face before he did the same on his own.

I wrapped my arms around him and hid my face against his back as he pulled out of the parking lot. I focused on my breathing, trying to calm myself as a rising panic attack crept its way to the surface.

I brought myself back down and focused on the feelings around me. The air pushed against my body keeping me cool as the sun beat down on my back. I felt the rev of the engine between my legs. The vibrations against my nether regions had my stomach clenching.

My god, I need some serious help.

I let out a deep groan, as my body buzzed. I felt Felix tense under my touch as we turned down another road. His body was strong, screamed confidence and cool as he let the world pass by him.

I let out another breath and pulled my head back from between his shoulder blades. I tipped my head back, letting the wind swirl between our bodies as we moved down the city streets. I calmed my racing heart, allowing myself to just feel, be in the moment, to rid myself of any anxieties and fears.

I opened my eyes as we began to slow. He swung the bike out and made a tight turn down a small alleyway. We glided down, I flipped up my visor and took in our surroundings. A colourful mural covered the brick walls. Swirls of blues, purples and blacks mixed together into a large wolf’s head that was howling to the glowing full moon above it.

Felix drove us around the side of the building, opening us up into a small sized parking lot. He pushed the kick stand down before he cut the engine. I slid from the back of the motorcycle and unlatched the helmet. I pulled it off, giving my head a shake before I ran my fingers through my hair. I glanced up and caught Felix as he removed his helmet. He tucked it under his arm and turned to look at me.

“What is this place?” I asked as I glanced around. We sat behind four buildings that shared the same back parking lot. I took a deep breath in, letting the smell of garlic and herbs fill my senses.

“Pasta Pete’s.” He replied. “This way.” He led me towards a small set of steps that led down to a large brown metal door. He pulled it open and ushered me inside.

I looked around the dimly lit building. The smell of fresh pasta, and garlic was much stronger inside. I felt my stomach grumble and my mouth salivate at the thought of diving into some delicious pasta dishes.

“Felix!” A large man came from around the corner. He looked like your typical grandfather. A white, well kept mustache covered the man’s upper lip, matching his white receding hairline. His eyes were rimmed with round wire framed glasses. He was a few inches shorter than Felix, with a round belly that was covered with a white apron that had tomato sauce stains on it. He wiped his hands on the t-towel that he had over his shoulder.

“How are you, son?” He reached out and shook Felix’s hand.

“Good, Pete. How’s everything?” He asked as he stepped back to stand beside me.

“Well, quite well.” Pete’s eyes turned to me, a smile lit his face. “Now, who’s this young lady you have with you?”

“This is my friend, Ella.” Felix answered, Pete reached his hand out to take mine.

I held my hands up, stepping back slightly, the anxiety that I had gotten rid of moments ago seeped back in.

“S-Sorry,” I stumbled over my words. “I don’t shake hands. Weird phobia.”

Pete dropped his hand back down, wiping it on his apron. “Oh, no problem. Sorry.” He looked over at Felix before he glanced down at the small table beside him.

“Well, let’s get you two seated.” He pulled out two menus and brought us deeper into the building. He walked us to the back corner booth that was a little more private from the rest of the tables around.

I slid into the seat, putting the bike helmet on the bench beside me. I unzipped my jacket and slid it off my shoulders and tossed it on top of the helmet.

“Well I’ll let you two scan the menu, your server will be along in a moment.” He smiled down at us. “Enjoy.” He turned and walked away, slipping back into the kitchen.

“So I take it that Pete is Pasta Pete?” I smiled.

“Yeah, he’s owned this place for thirty some-odd years now.” Felix flipped open the menu.

“Wow, I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this place.” I followed suit and glanced down at the food options.

“Yeah, it’s amazing. Great prices and the portions are insane.”

I laughed, “I wondered why it said ‘no sharing’ in bold letters across the bottom.”

“Yeah, the portions here are enough to feed a full family. You’ll have leftovers for days.”

“Mhm, can’t wait to try it.” I flipped the page and scanned over my options.

Spicy sausage penne is calling my name. I thought as I licked my lips with anticipation.

“Mhm, tempting.” I looked up at Felix, his green eyes were a blaze as they looked over my face and body.

“What?” I felt my neck and cheeks flush.

He smiled, a sinister smile that told me he wasn’t talking about tempting menu items…at least items that weren’t on the menu for Pete’s Pasta.

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