The Wolf Who Cried For The Boy

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A Fractured Fairy Tale of The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Fantasy / Action
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The Wolf Who Cried For The Boy

Deep in the forest, I lay soothing my beautiful children to sleep. Caressing them with the bottom of my hand as each of their little eyes closed slowly. Resting beside me; my three children are soothing me as well, to have them safely in my arms. Silently wishing I could stay here, but I needed to patrol the area. I gently and slowly moved my body to keep from waking my children, until I was on my feet. I had to continue to move slowly. I turned my head towards them and smiled at their cute faces. Rotating my head to the front and starting to walk forward, but before I could go too far, I felt a tug on my leg. Looking down, there was my daughter, Ana, looking at me with eyes of mischief. She ran out of our home. Following close behind her, as we laughed at her impulsive behavior. The weeds on the ground were flying by so fast. We were caught in the moment and it was hard to realize how much noise we were making. I could smell sheep up ahead; I knew that was what Ana was running towards. We have had a food shortage recently; I knew she was hungry. I screamed at her to stop, but it was too late. I could see the human body out of my peripheral vision. I lowered my body as I crept up to him from behind. I was 10 feet away from him when he saw Ana, and screamed “Wolf, Wolf, Wolf”. In panic, digging into the Earth, I found what I was looking for. To give off a false alarm, I put the mouthful of worms into his clothes, to make him laugh. I grabbed Ana by the scruff, and we ran to the cave. When we entered my two sons were still sleeping. I sat Ana down on the ground. Walking closer to my sons, I rubbed my nose on their bellies to wake them. After a couple of nudges upon their undertone gray belly they rose from their slumber.
“Run to the hidden room! You will have your basic needs, don’t leave the room unless I am here!”
Without any argument, the two sleepy boys followed my instructions. I turned to Ana and said, “follow your brothers darling, I am putting you in charge.” I knew I made a mistake when I saw the excitement within her eyes. Even though she ran after her brothers to hide away too.
Once I knew they were hiding, I decided to patrol the area. As I raced around the beautiful, white forest. I realized how much I took the forest for granted, she didn’t though. My mind was about to enter a depressed state, when I saw a mob of humans. They were screaming “Kill The Beast That Haunts Sheep!” It didn’t take me long to realize they were after me. I crouched down to the ground, moving as if I was a worm. I was trying to wriggle my way out of their view. I had to make sure the leaves wouldn’t crinkle from my body, which weighs 150 lbs. I crept to the village and found the boy. He told them where I was. I growled as I thought of my children being in an environment that is harmful. I growled at the way he just believed we were bad. I growled at how he just assumed we were bad just because of who we were. I growled at how my children and I have to go into hiding once again, due to humans. I growled at how my children have to live with this unnecessary fear.
Switch of Narrator:
As all the anger rose inside of him, you could see he wasn’t aware of the changes happening on his outward appearance. I watched as his eyes began to change into a dark brown, his hair covered body turned into a chocolate base. The pointy eyes on his head turned into round, medium- sized ones. His feet and hands shrink and look like five worms connecting at a peculiar shaped home. His body continued to change, until he stood in front of the shepherd boy; and said “You inconsiderate human! You are the reason people are out hunting me and my children!”
The shepherd boy replied “But yo–u jjj–ust turned int–o a m-e!”
“You humans cruelly judge people and you will pay the ultimate price!”
The wolf turned towards the sheep and ripped a piece of fur off one. As I watched the scene before me, my vision became blurred as I started to run towards the werewolf and shepherd boy. As I ran towards them, I could feel changes happening in me due to the determination in me. I could see by the arch in the werewolf that the shepherd boy was his new prey.
I was between the two bodies right in time, due to my determination to stop this.
“Dad, this is not worth it.”
“Move from the middle of us Ana! What are these tears for?”
“Dad, you aren't thinking straight, remember what happened to mom! The tears are from watching my father make the worst mistake ever.”
“Your mom was brutally killed by humans; like this boy. He wrongfully judged us.”
“Dad, Mom was a kind person. Mom would want you to forgive the humans.”
“He thought we were coming to steal his sheep. If we were it doesn’t matter. The winters for us are harsh, yet the humans never go hungry. This human boy weighs 2 times more than Jr, at home.”
“Dad, look around you, there are a lot of humans surrounding you. What if they were to kill you, Jr, Will, and I would be without a dad too. You have to think about the long-term consequences.” Dad turned his head around and looked at the enormous crowd of armed humans. Dad turned around with sadness in his eyes.
“Ana, I­­”
“No need to apologize! I know what you are trying to say” I hugged my dad. Before I could close my eyes to the warm embrace of my father, I saw someone aiming at my dad. I used my strength to switch our positions, as the tranquiller shot hit my calf muscle.
Once I woke, I could see at least 1,000 white bumps in my vision. I turned my head slightly, and realized I was laying in my dad’s arms. I was about to open my mouth, when he told me that I shouldn’t talk right now. I could hear the voice of the shepherd boy far away talking but something was wrong with his voice.
“He is trying to keep them from killing us!”
“But why would he do that?”
“It is a life for a life. You saved him so he saved you.”
I was unable to finish my words, when we heard footsteps walking towards us. The shepherd boy walked in through a rectangular object, which was connected to the 100,000,000 bumps. I looked deeply in his face and saw wetness beneath his eyes. When he saw I had woken, he smiled at once.

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