Blue Gardens

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Summary- Desiree, it means Desire. Every guy she's ever met has looked at her as a peice of meat. But every female she's met looks at her with envy wishing that they were this walkinhg beauty, this masterpiece hand made by the Gods.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1 ~ The Beginning

♡Desiree's Pov♡

"Well Elsa is my favorite!" My little
sister says as she watches Frozen on the phone, under the blanket.

I turn to go look at her, but its starts raining, the water starts to get a little rough over time and the rain gets heavier.

Mom looks at Dad with a look that says 'Get us out of here' so that's what he does.

But in the middle of us trying to go back to the mainland, our boat gets stuck on something.

"Daddy, there's something in the water!" Kandy says, that's my little sister.

"Dad, we need to move please!" I exclaim 13 year old me freaking out and holding my 7 year old sister against me in fright.

My mom notices the panic, so she comes over to hold us along with my other siblings in the cold.

I forgot to mention I have four siblings 3 older brothers and 1 little sister.

My mom is pregnant with another baby but we don't know what the gender is yet.

Looking up I see my father fighting off the storm and pretty soon I see a dock in the distance making me ecstatic.

"Look , Guys there's a dock right there!" I say, making everybody turn to where I was looking in to see the dock too.

With much trouble though everyone finally sees it, through the hail.

When we finally reach after about 30 minutes my oldest brother gets out first and then the second and third before they get my little sister out.

They help me up and we go to help Mom but the boat is gone?

"Mom! DAD!" I tell out but don't hear a response.

Turning around I see my brothers looking around for them too but I don't see my little sister.

"Kandy? Okay, Kandy I know you're scared but it's okay we're here!" I try to find her for over an hour before I hear a voice.

"Sissy!"I look ahead but don't see anything but tree's, then I hear the voice again but it's further out.

The rain has drenched my clothes making them stick to me like a second skin all unwanted.

My breathing gets heavy as I see my little sister out in the raging waters.

On my way to jump in, I'm stopped because one of my brothers go to get her.

"HELP!!! DESIREE!!" I listen as my baby sister calls out for my help but her cries turn silent.

"NOOO!!!"I scream out to Kandy but hear nor see any signs of life not from her or Cave.

"CAVE! CAVEEE!!?" I hear my older brothers scream out for Cave but as expected there are no signs of life.

I try to go towards the raging waters to get my family ignoring my elder brothers yells at me to try and too me from getting to close.

But once I touch the water it's like time stops and I fly backwards from an invisible force the sends me towards the forest.

.....And that's all I really remember, my memory has kind of been fuzzy since then.

Oh, right that was over 6 years ago.

I'm 19 and alone.

Well technically I'm not alone I mean I have my two brothers and I go to school and everything now but I'm mentally alone.

There isn't really anyone here at home much, but my brothers do come to check on my almost every day.

Rolling my eyes at that thought I lay down and imagine what my life would have been like if that accident never happened.

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