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Varus, a lone wandering warrior who gets into more trouble than he would like. Where will his travels take him?

Fantasy / Horror
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Chapter 1

Little Monster
The girl stayed limp in Varus’ grip for several hours. Her white skin as pale as the snow covering the earth her hair faded and grey with the only color being red residing at the tip of the thin strands. Her grotesque mouth hanging wide with thick strands of drool snapping off her fangs. The girl’s nails were long and bowed like daggers lining her fingers. Varus weaved his wave between the trees not knowing where exactly he was heading only pondering the girl hanging in his hand. Who is...or what is she? How has she become this twisted evil creature with such a profound taste? Suddenly the little monster in his grip began thrashing about wildly, reaching her claws out to harm the warrior who luckily moved her further from his torso. Her eyes gleaming a deadly shade of red burning with rage and disgust while she flailed like a feral animal. Varus let her go for a moment only to grip a handful of her hair hanging her by her thin strands. She let out screams that ran blood cold and makes iron tremble as she squirmed and thrashed attempting to be free of the restraints. Fortunately, the ropes held tight and the little monster eventual grew exhausted from her relentless struggles. Varus didn’t bother to try speaking with her, he assumed any attempt at a conversation would send her back into a trance of violence. He slung her back over his shoulder still gripping her hair as they neared a small helpless village.

A poor small village constructed of rickety shacks and collapsed roofs. The streets were made of mud and excrement with sprinkles of rubbish. Doors are boarded up and if windows aren’t shuttered then they’re riddled with lumber as well, letting no light into the few homes besides through the cracks of the dilapidated structures. This poor village has seen hell but no one who passes through will say it’s innocent...if they’re able to pass through. The warrior and girl wandered in, varus trudging through the heavy sludge with each step. None of the town’s residents were outside to welcome the strangers but all their eyes were fixed on them watching their every move. The little monster causing a special stir in the bowels of the village, its innards twisting with a hunger for a rare delicacy. Varus stopped in the middle of the street as a bone rocking shiver slid up his spine. The girl snarled and growled thrashing once again to be free of this man her hate blinding her to the situation as it did in most cases. Squirming and straining against the ropes as varus continued cautiously, his spine rattling more with each step. Suddenly, the doors of each house swung open slamming against the walls which held them knocking down a few boards in the sudden racket. An eerie silence fell over them and after a few chilling moments, the occupants revealed themselves. They slowly moved out of their little shacks shuffling across the decrepit floorboards of their porches. Few moving out of one abode then many fanning out from another all wearing long black robes, their faces are hidden by the tattered hoods. They surrounded the warrior and girl in a large circle, the crowd remaining silent but their eyes spoke enough. After long moments of only the sound of soft breathing, one moved forward separating themselves from the rest of the mob, and slowly pulled their hood back to expose pale skin and long locks of dark hair. A woman, beautiful and sultry her bright red lips parting into a wide grin. “Welcome strangers,” she greeted them stretching her arms out towards the two strangers as if attempting to embrace them. Varus lowered the little monster down to his feet letting the girl lean back against his leg. Her growling had stopped, her attempts of freedom had been abandoned. She only stared up with her bright sun-struck eyes at the woman clad in black, showing hints of fear now as she pushed firmly to the warrior’s leg. “They call me Sitrah. I am the...caretaker of this little village. I hope you intend to stay for the night and share your company with us”, the woman in black said as her dark eyes moved down to the fanged girl between the warrior’s legs. The girl visibly trembled as she met the cold gaze of the other female, her fangs hidden behind her lips to seem less threatening. Varus only gave a suspicious grunt in response to the woman’s request. Of course, she took this as a yes and continued to approach them slowly drawing closer. “We do not get many visitors here I do hope you excuse our eagerness for you to stay”. The rest of the mob began approaching as well slowly closing in on the outnumbered strangers. With each step, the crowd grew Hungrier their bodies shaking from the heat of excitement growing in their shrunken bellies. Once the woman grew near enough varus pulled his sword from his hip quickly aiming it towards the woman with the tip pressed firmly to her collarbone causing her and the rest of the villagers to stop. No words are needed to answer a threat only cold unyielding steel must be your response. Varus was a man of few words he spoke through his ferocity and metal for there was a deeper hunger residing in the pit of this warrior’s soul. As he moved the sword down to cut the little monster free the tip of his sword grazed Sitrahs bosom leaving a shallow cut but enough to draw first blood. At once two villagers sprang at the warrior from his side, one was impaled upon impact the other decapitated with one swift swipe. More joined the attack flailing furiously at the warrior and one by one they were cut down. Some of them manage to dig their rotting nails in and rip flesh from varus before they too were slain. In the volley of attacks, the woman in black managed to move around and grab hold of the little monster as bodies fell around them “come here you little demon, don’t you want momma to be full!” She proclaimed pulling the girl from the warrior as she kicked and screamed to get away. After being dragged through the slop of the street, Sitrah pinned the girl beneath her ready for a large bite through the neck but, like all the girl’s emotions, her fear turned into hate. With one ear ringing scream, her jaw gaped wide and clamped down on the woman’s face. Bones crunched and blood gushed as she pulled Sitrah’s identity from her body and spat it to the side. The shocked corpse of Sitrah stayed ridged for a moment before collapsing onto the girl, hot blood pours from the woman’s new orifice. The last one fell at Varus’ feet face down in the filth of this place where they belonged. The girl struggled to push the corpse off her smaller frame only to have it slump back down and pin her again. Varus came and yanked the dead woman off the little monster whose skin was now stained a dark red. They gazed upon each other for a moment maybe trading thoughts, having a conversation in silence. Eventually, varus turned to continue on the path and after another second the girl lept off the ground and went running up to his side like a lost child, staying close to the warrior now.

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