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Storm Whittaker is a six-foot well-built man with black hair and sparkling blue eyes. He is also a rare black wolf and is also Alaska's mate but doesn't find out until he stumbles across her path. Alaska Winters was banished at sixteen from her pack by her Alpha after being framed and found guilty of a crime that she didn't commit. Alaska is a rare white wolf and has lived on her own for the last six years since her banishment. She would always wonder if even her destined or her true mate would want her or, like her old Pack, wants nothing to do with her. All Alaska can do is hope for the best and that her potential mate will accept her. When the day finally arrives, and Alaska meets her potential mate, will he accept or reject her after finding out the reason behind her banishment, or will he confront her old Alpha and pack members to get justice for his potential mate if he accepts Alaska Winters as his mate? Storm and Alaska live in Vancouver, Canada.

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The light fog still lingered around throughout the forest floor but slowly dissipated away as the rising sun filtered through the trees as the other forest animals were waking up slowly to start the new day. One animal had already woken and was walking around on the forest floor looking for something to eat as the other animals hid from the known predator as it stalked its way through the forest. As the animal then turned its head upwards, sniffing the air as it looked around, keeping the awareness of the dangers surrounding her. Suddenly, the animal inhaled a familiar scent in the air as it continued to walk through the forest and then changed directions. As the animal walked quietly and carefully, trying not to make a sound, it came to a part of the forest that had a clearing within it. The silent animal came to a complete stop as it had found what it had been scenting through the woods.

In the clearing, the animal saw a herd of deer grazing on the dewy grass and had no idea of the impending danger they were in. However, the light breeze flowing through the trees was blowing in a different direction allowing the animal to stalk them. As the animal got into position and waited patiently for the right moment to attack when it had noticed a young deer further away from the rest of the herd, the animal crouched down before striking and scattering the flock before catching and killing its prey with one bite to its neck. After a few minutes of making sure that the young deer was not breathing, the animal then tucked into its meal, hoping that the food would sustain it until the animal had to go outside again to find more food, but that didn’t matter because that was part of the circle of life. When the animal had finished the deer, it walked to a nearby river to drink, leaving the rest of the deer remains for the other scavengers to find. The animal then left the river and headed back the way it came and towards where it lived.

After walking back through the forest, it finally made it back home when out of the blue, and the animal shifted from being a white wolf and into a beautiful young woman with a slender build but with curves in the right places. She has long blonde hair flowing down her back and vibrant blue eyes, and a fair complexion. Her name is Alaska Winters, and she was banished from her pack for a crime she didn’t commit but was made the scapegoat because the natural guilty person was the Alphas own daughter and some other female wolves but blamed Alaska for instead banished her. She was just sixteen back then now, and she was twenty-two years old woman. It has been six years since her banishment. The only thing that Alaska wanted was finding her Fated mate; that’s if she was wanted by her mate, unlike her pack, she was unwanted by them hence her getting banished, but that was the excuse her old Alpha gave the rest of the pack members. They believed the words coming out from his mouth and agreed with his decision of banishing her as if they could not wait to get rid of Alaska as if she was rubbish to be thrown out and forgotten.

Alaska scoffed at that and that the pack was so blind at their Alpha’s words and actions and agreed with his decision and not knowing all of the facts beforehand. As if she would go against the Pack laws of mates but even think that she would even want to sleep with the unmated males in the pride was ridiculous. She was sixteen years old and waiting for her potential mate and not what the Alpha was accusing her of and should be looking closer to home and towards his daughter and some of the other she-wolves.

Everyone knew that Neve, the Alphas daughter, and a few other female wolves were sleeping with the unmated males and not waiting for their mates. But somehow, they framed her with made-up evidence before sending her to the cells for a week before they decided on her punishment without even having a trial. Alaska was so disgusted with her pack that they believed the lies are coming out of his mouth as he announced the banishment as her punishment and that she had one hour to leave the group and the pack-grounds and the territory or she would suffer the consequences even more than she already had been through if she did not escape within the time limit that the Alpha had given her to gather her belongings and leave. Alaska went within the hour, not risking even more punishment from the Pack leader, remembering that it happened six years ago.

However, it still felt like it was only yesterday, especially as she remembered the many scars on her back from being whipped and the twenty lashes she received as the first part of her punishment.
The second part was getting kicked out of the pack, and the Pack-grounds lands after spending another week in the cells while she recuperated from her injuries before being banished forever. Alaska shivered as she remembered those terrifying days six years ago. Since then, she has come a long way from then to where she is now. Happy for the first time, but the anger and resentment were still there, simmering under the surface of her skin from the painful memories washed over her again. She could not do anything about it now, but the truth will come out eventually, and hopefully, she will be there to witness the repercussions when the truth finally comes out. What would her old Alpha do when he discovered that it was his daughter and not her sleeping with the unmated males, and what would Neve's mate think of her? Would he accept or reject her? Until that day happens, she's on her own or she meets her mate.

Sighing, Alaska is slowly becoming anxious that she will never meet her mate as it has been six long and gruelling years of hardship and hard work as she quickly dried herself and got dressed in clean clothes after finishing having a quick shower before getting the rest of her chores done before it got dark. She was just about to finish her last job when she realised that it was near dinner time, so Alaska quickly spent her time going over her written words before making her dinner and then relaxed for the rest of the night before heading off to bed and instantly fell asleep dreaming of the colours of black and green. Why? She had no clue as to the reason why she would be dreaming of these colours. Could it be a bad omen of what’s to come, she thought to herself, grimacing, not looking forward to finding out what could happen if it was?

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