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When Worlds Collide

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"What?" She glanced at me cocking an eyebrow. She sat there so still, studying my face, the way I was sitting. Her eyes were this ice blue, it seemed like they were looking straight into my soul. I couldn't help but get nervous. I helped her earlier this evening from being a victim of rape. Yet. She seemed so unphased by the encounter. "There is not reason to be so nervous around me Mr. Pofi" she said finally taking a bite of her food. 'how did she know my name?' I asked myself. "Oh!" She laughed. "There is I a lot I know now that I didn't know before this encounter." Her words filling my head. What could she mean by this? "I am not scary Mr. Pofi." She paused, glancing back up at me. She was poised. "Unlike you, isn't that right?" She said clasping her hands together. I stared back at her in shock. How could she know all of this? Anger was starting to set in. ' she must be a cop of some kind' I thought. Amelia is a very beautiful young woman who live in New York. She ran a small shop, a shop tha many people could not understand. She tried her best to live a normal life, yet she will always have her secrets. Secrets that she using to help herself when she gets herself into a difficut situation.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

I scrambled around the store looking for the perfect jug for the rain water. I could feel the inevitable rain that was coming. I could feel its presents since the time I woke up. The wind blew cold, the smell of water forming in the clouds, and the bottoms of the deadening leaves on the trees could be seen. These were the three tell tale signs of rain.

I finally found the perfect jugs. Short, wide mouthed, glass jugs. I quickly cleansed them while setting my intentions. I ran out and set them outside so the could collect the rain, that began to come down. I smiled while looking up at the sky. I let the rain hit my face. It was cold and refreshing. I could feel it cleaning and purifying me. I went back inside my shop cleaning up a bit. I lit a bundle of lavender and let it burn, the smoke cleansing the store. I went into the back and made myself some earl grey tea with some vanilla flavoring.

I returned up from sitting myself down at the counter sipping on my tea. I got lost within my own quiet thoughts. Nothing could be as peaceful as this. The feeling of relaxation fell over me, and then quickly retreated when Joanna burst into the store.

“Oh mein! Es regnet Katzen und Hunde da draußen!(Oh my! Its raining cats and dogs out there!” She said shaking off the water. I laughed at her as she tried to get her hair to do what she waned. She came to help me run the shop for a little while before close. I needed to run some errands and I need to eat as well.

“Well, that was some greeting!” I said her taking another sip of my tea. She walked over to counter placing her belongings behind it. She looked around and saw how peaceful it seemed in here.

“Well, I always need to make an entrance!” She laughed. “How long will you be out?” She asked. I looked her in the eyes, my bright green emerald eyes turning ice blue with out her noticing. I studied her face. She seemed antsy. ′I can’t wait for my date this evening.′ She was thinking.

"So? So I know this person?” I said taking another sip of my tea smirking. I looked at her from the side waiting for her answer. She looked at me in shock, which quickly turned to irritation.

“You know! Just because you can read minds doesn’t mean you should read mine!” She said crossing her arms and stomping her foot. She was right, I didn’t have to read her mind, but I knew it annoyed her and what are friends for anyway? “Yes, you know him.” She finally said. “Its Mark, we are going out to eat after you get back from running errands and feeding yourself!” She laughed. I smiled feeling the absolute joy she felt. Her excitement ran through the air like fairies in a park.

“No need to lock up! I’ll be back before then! Just make sure the place doesn’t burn down!” I said, while grabbing my things. She walked behind the counter and sat down where I was sitting. “Thank you again for doing this!” I said to her before leaving the store. I needed to run to town to grab a few things, like milk, eggs, the boring things.

After I finally did all my shopping I ran to my apartment which was just a few blocks from the store. It was the perfect walking distance. I grab some sushi and started to chow down while relaxing on my couch. I watered all my plants before I left making sure that there were growing strong.

When I finally arrived back at the store Mark was already there talking with Jo. I could see a customer looking around curiously for something. ′Colts foot.....where is it?′ The person thought. I walked up behind her , and tapped her on the shoulder.

“The colts foot is on the back wall, next to mugwort and the other divination herbs.” I said smiling at the customer. She looked back in complete shock. She nodded her head and walked over. Once I noticed that she found it I walked back to the counter. “Alright missy, out of my seat.” I said to Jo walking back behind the counter. She jumped down from the stool so fast. She bent down and grabbed her belongings, gave me a hug and she was off to make some memories.

Hours later, I was finishing up with a customer. I smiled and walked them to the door. I asked them to come back soon! The air was chilled, the sun was beginning to go down. I looked out to the skyline looking at the sunset. The orange and yellows making the sky around the sun bright and cheerful to see what the night brings. Before walking back in to lock up, I grabbed the jugs now full of rain water and brought them back inside. I set them by the plant I kept in the shop. I went back to the counter sitting down. I took out my books and I began counting sales and closing down the register placing it in the safe.

Once I was done with the all the books I walked into the back and made myself some tea to go. I heard some rustling around out front. I grabbed the nearest athame and carefully walked out front.

“Excuse me, I’m sorry but you cannot be in here. We happened to be closed.” I said walking around looking for what made the noise. Once I turned the corner everything went black.


We rode around the my neighborhoods. Checking on my building and tenants. We reached Maiden Lane. I stared at the one building that seemed so out of place. It was like a peaceful painting surrounded by chaos and fire. There were wind chimes on the awning with two odd looking plants sitting in hanging baskets on either corner. I stared at the name, Happy Meadows. I told my assistant to check my records to see if Happy Meadows was on my list of buildings. I continued to stare while he looked.

“No sir.” He said. I nodded my head. “Should we change that?” He asked me.

“No, who ever owns it take good care of it.” I told him. We began to leave, I stared into the window of the building when I noticed something out of place. A young woman with silky, long chocolate brown hair, who seemed to be on the shorter side. When I say young I mean around 24 years old. I myself am 26. I told the driver, Benito, to stop while watched. She was wear what looked like a pair of black leggings, a yellow tank top with a white sweater cardigan. She pulled her lushes hair back into a high bun. I watched as this mysterious glasses wear woman slowly walked around this store holding what I could only assume was a knife. She turned a corner and I could no longer see her in the window.

We began to circle the neighborhood to make sure there was nothing wrong when we got back. Once we turned the corner I could see a man in a sharp black suit and a black hat dragging this woman out of the shop by her arms. I told my driver to stop the car. The mysterious man dropped the woman on the ground panting and putting his hands on his hips.

“Turn off the head lights and creep up slowly, when we get close stop the car and I am going to get out.” I said to Benito.

“Sure thing boss.” he said. Turning off the headlights. He began to creep up on the situation taking place. Once I felt we were close enough, Benito stopped the car, and got out on the sidewalk. I crept around getting closer to the shop. I watched as the man began to drag the woman again. I was in hearing range.

“Oh...you look so beautiful. Supreme leader will be so happy.” He said to while looking at her with hungry eyes. I could not let this happen. Not on one of my streets. I stood up tall and yelled to the man.

“Mi scusi?” I yelled to him. “Can you explain your self sir?” I began to walk up to him. I watched as panic ran across his face. I reached behind me grabbing my hand gun, I hoped I didn’t need to use it. He could see my reaching for something and he stopped and dropped the woman once more. He bolted. I ran over to her putting my hand behind her head. “Mia signora (my lady), can you hear me?” I asked hoping for a response. She was still breathing and there was a heart beat so she was alive. I noticed that the back of her head was wet. I her a little bit bringing her into the street lights. I noticed that the back of her head was bleeding. I ripped up my shirt and wrapped it around her. I picked her up bridal style. I looked down at her face in the street light. She had beautiful rosy cheek, with a cute button nose, and what looked like soft plump lips. Her olive skin glowed in the light. I carried her over to the car. When I got back in, I layed her head on my lap, carefully brushing the hair from her face. “Benito!” I yelled. “Go! To the house!” He started up the car and drove off out of there.

Around twenty minutes later we arrived to the house. I took her straight up to one of the spare rooms. I called in the doctor that I called on our way. He was waiting for us to arrive. I gently placed her in bed.

“What happened?” He asked me.

“I am not exactly sure. We were driving around when I noticed something off. I told Benito to stop the car and that’s when I saw her being dragged out of this cute little shop.” I told him. He nodded his head. He began hooking her up to machines and checked her vitals. He took blood to see if there were any drugs in her system.

Boy it was a long night.


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