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When Worlds Collide

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Chapter Two

When I finally woke up my head was pounding. It felt like I was taking shots all night long. Though its nothing chamomile tea can’t fix. I began to sit up when I realized it wasn’t in my bed. I wasn’t in my apartment. This room was quite large. It was probably just about a square foot smaller than my apartment. I looked around I saw a door to which I am assume leading to the closet or bathroom. Next to it was the very large vanity . The curtains on the windows were closed. I looked around some more before getting out of bed. There was a set small love seat couches all facing one another near the middle of the room with a glass coffee table in the middle of them all. I took a deep breathe and finally got up from bed walking to the door. I jiggled the door knob but it was locked. ′Why would I be locked in’ I questioned. So many things were running through my mind. With a wave of my hand I unlocked the door and began to quickly walk down the hall way toward the staircase. I looked over the railing seeing no one down there and a very large front door. ′My way out!′ I thought to myself as I got to the top of the staircase. I hustled down them. My head was still pounding. I could not figure out why, but it would probably explain why I am here. Once I reached the ground floor I booked it for the door.

Just as I went to reach for the handle someone grabbed my arm from behind. I gasped and turned around and saw a very handsome gentleman. He had deep chocolate brown eyes, tan/olive skin. His jaw line could cut glass. His dark hair was slicked back like you see a businessman. He had strong hold on my arm. I looked down and could that he worked out quite frequently to have muscles the way he does.

“Faccia dolce” He said. Did he just call me sweet face? The nerve. “Where do you think you are going?” He looked at me his eyes stern, and his stance solid. I pulled my out of his grip and shook my arm out.

“I am leaving. I do not belong her.” I said calmly. He cocked an eyebrow while looking down at me. He was very intimidating man. Standing around 6′2′ which was an entire foot above me. He gave me a devilish smirk. Could he be one of Flynns men? I didn’t even know he knew where I was. I was hoping I had gotten away from him for good.

“Per favore! Stay for dinner!” He said clapping his handing together, his eyes never moving from mine. I nodded. “Let me show you back to your room.” He said putting his arm around my shoulders. He walked be back upstair to the room I was in. “There should be something in the closet for you to wear.” He smiled. He closed the door behind him as he left. I sat back down on the bed that I just recently left. I sighed as I laid back down. My arms outstretched and my legs hanging off the edge. I heard a knock on the door.

“Signora?” The voice said. I looked into the mirror seeing my emerald eyes turn ice blue. My own smirk formed on my face. I focused in the man outside my door.

“Yes?” I said listening to not just what came out of his mouth but what he thought about. ‘Mr. Pofi is so intrigued with this one. I just don’t understand why he would bring her here instead of a hospital.’

“Dinner will be ready in 15 minutes. The boss would like you at the table promptly.” He said. ′There will find out how exactly you are labbra sensuali.′ I could feel the sexual tension form within him. First I get called sweetface now its hot lips? This house is filled with pigs. I focus in on myself again. I head to the closet, I push around tight dress after tight dress. Nothing in this closet suits me. I sighed. Then I remembered who I was. I put on one of the black dresses. With a snap of my fingers the dress went from a tight hooker dress to a long flowy black dress. Sheer sleeves wrapped my arms, hanging loose and tapering off at the wrist. I buttoned the cuffs. The long v line was covered with a sheer outside with a lace turtle neck. I looked at myself in the mirror. This felt right. I knew I looked good and it was going to shock ‘the boss’.


I patiently waited at the table for her arrival. The doors to the dining room finally opened showing a the short long haired girl I saw at the door. Which happened to be the same one from the shop. I stood to greet her. I looked into her eyes Which I could swear were a brilliant emerald green earlier today when I stopped her. Now they were a cold ice blue.

“Ah! La mia bellezza!” I said out stretching my arms. “Please do sit!” I said pointing at the open chair across from me. “Now my dear how did you sleep?” I asked her. Her gaze did not stray from me. It was like she was reading me. I began to feel uncomfortable. I cleared my throat. “You were out for two days you know?” I said to her. The first course was set down in front of us. It cut through the tension in the room. I began to eat hoping she would respond. “What is your name my dear?” I asked another question.

“Amelia Valentino.” She said, I took a sigh of relief. She just sat there looking at me. The more she stare the more uncomfortable I became. I looked back at her with a puzzled look.

“What?” She glanced at me cocking and eyebrow. She sat there so still, studying my face, and the way I was sitting. Her ice blue eyes seemed like they were looking straight into my soul. I couldn’t help but get nervous. I helped her out two days ago, I saved her from being rape victim or worse. Yet. She seemed so unphased by the encounter. “There is no reason to be nervous around me Mr. Pofi.” She said finally taking a bite of food. ′how did she know my name?′ I thought to myself. “Oh!” She laughed covering her mouth. “There are so many things I know now than I ever did before this encounter!” I was so confused. Her words flooded my head. Was this a threat? What could she mean by this? “I am not scary Mr. Pofi.” She paused, glancing back up at me. She was so poised. “Unlike you, isn’t that right?” She said setting her fork down and clasping her hands together. I stared back at her in shock. I could feel so much anger rise within me.

“Who do you think you are? Do you know who you are talking to ?” I questioned her slamming my fist onto the table.

“My my what a temper!” She said. “I do know who I am speaking with. You are the one they all call ‘boss’. You are Antonio Pofi. You also just so happen to be one of the biggest crime bosses in the city.” She said so calmly. “So I want to know just one thing.” Her eye locked in with mine. I couldn’t move. “Why did Flynn send you?” She asked.

“I’m sorry?′ I questioned her back. She looked taken aback by this. “I don’t know a Flynn.” I told her. It looked like the gears in her head were turning. She looked back up at me her eyes were green again.

“So Flynn didn’t send you?” She asked. Who is this Flynn guy? Was it an ex? Was it another boss?

“No mam. You just happened to by in a shop on my street. They one building I don’t own. I was making my rounds when I noticed something odd happening in the shop. Thats when I man in suit dragged you out. You were unconscious and bleeding.” I told her. I could see the fire in her eyes as she listened to this. “I brought you here to rest up. You looked like you needed protection.” I said. Her teeth were grinding together.

“I am fine on my own.” She said.


“I am fine on my own.” I told Antonio. Flynn never sent him after me. When I asked the question his head filled with question on who Flynn was anyway. I was full of rage after listening to him say all of this.

“Are you sure?” He asked. I looked at him and gave him a smirk and without him noticing I moved my hand in a circular motion under the table. This cause the floor length curtains to catch on fire.

“Looks like I am pretty sure.” I said. He jumped from his chair and looked at the curtain on fire.

“Franky don’t just stand there do something.” He said to the man in the corner. I waved my hand and it stopped the fire returning everything to normal. He looked back at me shocked.“Who-Who are you?”

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