When Worlds Collide

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Chapter Three

I wasn’t sure what I just witnessed but it definitely looked like she caught the curtains on fire and then put them out.

“Who are you?” I asked her. I was still in shock of the events that happened this evening. She looked at me and stood up. All of a sudden I felt a force push me back into my seat, and the chair pulled itself in. Amelia still calm sat back down and pulled her chair closer to the table. “Who are you working for?” I questioned her. Plenty of other groups around here have been trying to take us down for a while now and not a single one has been able to do so.

“No one. I am a secular.” She said. I was puzzled. ′A secular?′ I thought.

“Yes a secular, meaning I work alone in my craft, mostly. No deity or coven to guide me along. It is just me and my spirit guides.” She said. It almost sounded insane. “You heard me right Mr. Pofi. My craft. I was born with gifts, many of which you would associate with witch craft. When I was little girl, around 3, I figured out I could move objects around the house with my mind. One day my mother caught me doing this. She l was so happy! Most witches born like me don’t develop their abilities until they hit puberty. I started to develop them early. By the time I hit puberty I could start fires with my mind, heal the wounded, listen to thoughts, control others, and so much more. My classmates though...they were just beginning to develop. I was the strongest person in the school. So many people wanted to follow my lead but I refused all of them. I never wanted to work in a group, or coven. Yet, they still wanted to follow me.” I listened to her talk. A witch! A real witch!

“Does this have something to do with what happened the other night?” I asked her. She looked down and sighed. I could tell she still didn’t remember much. She was just going off of what I had told her.

“I believe it might, see during my last year at the school, we got a new transfer student. Cathal Flynn. He was a real hot head of a guy. So handsome. He had gorgeous blue eyes like the sea, with soft curly dark brown almost black hair. He was so pale it was like looking at a ghost. Yet, he was real! He lean and fit, always worked out physically and spiritually. He began to talk to me and I began to fall. I leaned on him for help. I found out that he was like me!” She said with influx in her voice, though behind the fake smile was pain and sadness. I had seen too many people with this look before. “He too developed his powers early. He was just as powerful as I was. He knew I didn’t want to have the people follow us! He knew I didn’t want to start a coven and yet-” She paused her eyes grew wide. Tears began well up. My heart was breaking for her. The physic grip on the chair began to loosen. “He went behind my back and everyone followed him. There little secret coven. They found a book of spells that was very old. They began to learn from it and grow. They started to use dark magic. Anyone who didn’t follow succumbed to consequences of his wrath.” I could see fear in her eyes. “I ran from him, he wanted me to be his ‘queen’ so to speak and I refused. Scared of what was going to happen I decided to run.” I could see that she was going back to that day in her mind. It must have been so hard for her. “When I came here I laid low, I open my metaphysical shop and have lived a few blocks down for years. I finally thought I was in the clear. Til-”

“That night.” I finished her secentce her grip finally gone. I stood up and walked over to her. She was visibly shaking. Panic was rushing through her face and body. She shot up like a rocket.

" I need to go! I need to get to my apartment!” She said. I grab ahold of her arm pulling her towards me. Our bodies collided, her knees began to wobble so I put my other hand on the small of her back to keep her steady.

“You are not going anyway. Like I said, I’m going to protect you.” I told her looking into her eyes.

“Physically you can protect me, but spiritually you cannot! You do not have the proper charms and protections in this mansion of yours.” She said releasing herself from my grip. She grabbed onto to her wrist and twisted her hand back and forth. I must have had a tight grip on her.

“Then we will both go!” I said. “Tony will be our physical protection and you have your stuff.” I looked down at her. She looked into my eyes. She was absolutely speechless.

“I-I couldn’t put you in danger!” She said backing away. “I don’t even know you!” She said back away further. I don’t know what it was about this girl but something kept pulling me near her! From the moment I saw her walking around her shop with that knife, to her laying on the pavement or in the bed, to even now! I knew I had to be close to her. I had her and I wasn’t going to let her go!

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