When Worlds Collide

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Chapter Six

The cool night air felt so good against my cheeks. The salty air tickled my nose as I watches the waves crash against the rocks. This place has always been safe haven, this rocks have my tears, and laughter imprinted on to them. Almost all my ups and down were here. Now, at my all time low it’s here to keep me safe.

“Amelia?” I heard Antonio say from behind me. He seemed to want to ask me something. “May I sit with you?” I smiled never turning to look at him.

“Yes you may.” I say to him. He sat down next to me and tried to see what I was looking at. It was quiet amusing to watch him search for the mysterious object I was looking at, I began to laugh.

“What? What is so funny?” He asked still searching.

“You.” I said to him. He looked over at me with a confused look on his face. “There is nothing out there that I am looking at in specific. Growing up I liked to come to this spot on the rocks to watch and listen to the waves crash on the rocks. The smell of the salty air, and cool breeze hitting my cheeks always seemed to calm me down.” I told him with a slight smile. I took a sip of my tea while he looked at me.

“How?” He asked me.

“Close your eyes.” He did what I asked. “Now slowly begin to control your breathing, focus in on the way your chest moves up and down with every breath you take and release.” I watched him as he centered himself. “Let your body relax. Let your arms just sit on next to you, no tension.” His body slumped down. “Now focus on the sounds around you. What do you hear?” I asked him.

“I hear the water, the waves. I also can hear the birds, and the fishing boats motor.” I smiled.

“Good. Now focus on what you feel.” I looked at him with hope in my eyes.

“I feel the salty air on my face and arms. I feel relaxed and calm. No worries in the world can affect me right now.” I smiled, what he didn’t know is I taught him basic mediation skills. Something he can truly use in his life.

“Good!” I put my hand on his arm smiling. He opened his eyes and looked at me, a charming smile spread across his face. He put his hand on top of mine.

“So, you say you grew up here?” He asked me. I nodded my head in response.

“Yes. This was like a summer home for my grandmothers. When both of my grandfathers passed they both moved here. The lived here till the day they died.” I told him.

“So you lived with your grandmothers? Where were your parents?” He asked me. I winced at the thought of my parents. “I never meant to hit a nerve I am sorry.” He said to me, placing his hand on the stop of my back.

“It’s okay. My parents died while I was young. They uhm....” I took a deep breathe. “They joined a coven while they went to academy, when they wanted to leave the leader of the coven didn’t exactly like that.” I looked out to the ocean. “They tracked down my parents and killed them in front of me. I was never apart of the coven. I was born after they left.” I told him. I could see the pain in his eyes. “That is why I have always refused to join covens of any sort. They lead to nothing but trouble and pain.”

“I-I don’t know what to say. I am so sorry Amelia. That must have been so hard to deal with.” He said to me.

“My grandmothers believe that could have been my trigger, and by that I mean. My powers emerging so soon. When we all moved here they began to grow and expand. They taught me how to control them. How to visualize what they look like, how far they can reach.” A nostalgic smile flew across my face. “I remember my Oma and my Nonna caring around a fire extinguisher when I first got my pyrokinetic power.” I laughed. “They thought I was going to burn the house down for sure. They were tough, but they loved me. Through all that training and practiced they always made time for me to play with the children in town.” I took a sip of my tea. “When I arrived at the academy for the first time the teachers all thought my grandmothers were nuts when they told them what I could do.” He smiled at me. He seemed so interested in my stories of my childhood. I never had someone be so interested me before. “They tested my abilities and boy did I prove all of them wrong. I was placed into the advanced classes without a second thought.” We sat on the rocks for most of the night sharing stories and getting to know each other.


I watched as they sat there, giggling, joking, growing closer together. I knew that Cathal was going to be furious if he found out that she had found someone new. I listened in on them from a distance. I heard what happened to her parents, something in me shuddered. I felt so bad for her. I began to understand her hatred for covens, but I would never betray Cathals trust. I know what would I happen if I ever did. I would be just like her parents. I began to fall asleep while listening to them. It was such a boring mundane conversation. I noticed that my ‘bosses’ hand moved from her back to her thigh squeezing it slightly. She put her hand on his and blushed. I knew what I had to do. I ran back into the house and to my room.

“Hey boss........you might want to know this.” I said on the phone. I had enough of watching them fall for one another.

“What?” I deep voice cracked through the speaker.

“She has found another.” I told him. I could sense the anger rise within him. I heard him growl.

“An soith fucking sin (That fucking bitch).” He was furious. His Irish accent was heavy. “Well where ya?” He asked.

“Some house, I don’t know exactly where, and she put a strong glamour over it with charms and wards for protection.” I told him. I looked out the window to see her laying in his arms.

“CAC (shit)! You find away to break those and get us in there! I am going to have her if it’s they last thing I do.” He yelled into the phone. “If you don’t, I will consider this a betrayal. Ya don’t want that now.” He said. I could the anxiety settle in my body.

“I understand sir.” I said. I had to get him here, or find a way to get her out.

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