When Worlds Collide

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Chapter Eight

I locked the door to the greenhouse on the way out. Something wasn’t right about the interaction I had with Tony. I couldn’t help but worry, I walked outside and checked the perimeter. The wards are still up and I felt small amount of relief. That sense of relief was gone when I walked by the gates and saw a black car sitting outside them. It was still running and I could see two men inside staring. It felt like they were staring at me. I knew they couldn’t see me but something was off. I rushed back inside the house, slammed the door shut, and locked the doors. Every single one. Antonio came running in.

“What’s wrong?” Why’d you slam the door?” He asked me. He was full of concern. His eyes locked on mine. I couldn’t say anything, fear was running through my body like electricity. He put his hands on my shoulders, that’s when I realized I had been shaking like a leaf. I shook him off and ran to the window. I looked through the curtains and saw that the car was gone. I closed the curtain and turned, I leaned against the window and sighed. I placed my hand on chest and breathed heavily. Antonio looked at me. “What is happening?” He was beginning to panic.

“I saw a car outside the gates.” I said. “It felt like the people in the car were looking right at me. I could feel their emotions, they seemed scared and they felt excited.” My eyes widened.

“Could they have been Flynn’s men?” He asked me. I honestly wasn’t sure.

“I-I don’t know. I know most of his men, I’ve never seen these two before. I mean, they could be. They could be new. Though, I haven’t seen any of them in while...so it’s possible I have forgotten.” Faces kept running through my mind. Different people in his coven.


I sat on the back porch, planning. I figure I could make her a cup of tea slip some Belladonna in, once she has blacked out I could carry her out and head to the coven. Though I would have to do something about Antonio. I could just drug him as well. Leave him, he would never find us. He doesn’t have the resources to. I sat there thinking when I saw Amelia wondering the grounds, checking all the wards. I didn’t think anything of it until I heard the front door slam and all the doors lock. Had she heard me thinking. There’s no way.

My phone began to ring. “Cathal” I said to myself. “What could he want now?” I answered the phone. “Hello sir.” I said.

“So, I believe some of our men have found your location.” He said. I could hear the satisfaction in his voice. “From what I understand the place is heavily warded, with a glamour up?” He said.

“Yes sir. She did that as soon as we arrived. I haven’t figured out how to take them down, but I think I figured out a way to get her out of it’s protection.” I said very sure of my plan.

“Good. I’m glad, don’t screw this up Tony.” He said and hung up. I don’t plan on that.


I stood there, Antonio in front of me, faces running through my head. Suddenly, a familar face came up. It couldn’t be. I looked at Anontio and told him to keep quiet and follow me. We silently walked to the back door, I looked at Tony and that’s when I knew. That face I saw..it was him. My eyes grew wide and I backed up.
“We need to leave, now!” I whispered to Anontio. “I’ll explain in the car but we need to leave.” He nodded his head, I grabbed my keys and his hand and we ran to the front door. I checked to see if the black car was out front, it wasn’t. I quietly unlocked and opened the door. “Now run.” I told him. We booked it to the car. Once in I started it up and I flung open the gate and took off. I looked into the rear view mirror and saw Tony running from behind the house. How couldn’t I see it before.
“What is happening?” Anontio asked me.

“It’s Tony. He’s not who you think he is.” I said speeding down the road. “He’s Flynns right hand man. I didn’t see it before but I was going through all the people I can remember and he popped up.” I said. I wasn’t really looking as to where I was going.

“Tony? But he’s been so loyal.” He said.

“He was playing a part, he was always so good at that. I’m sorry.” I told him. “I-” I began to speak when something came flying out, hitting us. T-boned on the driver’s side. Everything was blurry, I was dizzy, I looked over at Anontio who was knocked out. Everything began to go black.

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