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Silverleaf Academy

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CHAPTER TWO : Silverleaf Academy of Magic

The carriage rode through the kingdoms and into a forest. Brielle perked up and looked through the window. It was a beautiful sight. There were emerald green tree’s all around, perfectly shaped, and if Brielle’s eyes weren't playing tricks on her, glittering.

Brielle scrunched up her face.
“Excuse me, but where are we?” Brielle asked the coachman. “It seems to me that we are in a forest.” The coachman looked back at Brielle. “We are in a forest. The Enchanted Forest to be exact.” Brielle was confused. She had never heard of the Enchanted Forest before.
“When are we going to get there?” At this point, the coachman looked annoyed. Then he smiled. “Actually, we're here.” Brielle looked around. All she saw was land for miles and miles. “But, bu-there’s nothing,” she stammered. And just like the envelope, one second there was nothing there, and the next, a magnificent building that looked alot like a castle.
It was tall, and a creamy white colored. There were exactly six turrets.The tops of the turrets were golden, and each was topped with a crystal.

Brielle went to the back of the carriage to unload her stuff, but the coachman stopped her and told her that her bags would be delivered to her dorm.

Brielle hopped out of the carriage and looked around. There were people everywhere, and carriages all around, dropping other students off. Brielle was constantly bumping into people.
When Brielle finally got to the entrance, she looked up at the ginormous doors of the academy in awe.
They were huge. The two doors side by side, had so much gold it made Brielle’s eyes hurt. They were emblazoned with the Silverleaf Academy crest.

There were two guards standing at the entrance wearing navy blue uniforms. One of the guards looked at Brielle and asked, “Your name, young lady?” Brielle jumped up at the sudden voice.
“Brielle. Brielle Marie Eskelte.”
The guard went through a long piece of paper and nodded. “You may enter.” And with that he opened the doors to Silverleaf Academy.

The inside was even more beautiful and even more surprising. There were tall archways and golden columns and millions and millions of people.
As soon as Brielle walked in, she was immediately shoved a large bouquet by a rather short woman dressed from head to toe in pink.
“Uh, thank you,” Brielle said, confused.
Suddenly, Brielle felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned around to face a little girl. “Are you Brielle Eskelte?” The little girl asked. Brielle nodded, wondering how this little girl knew her name. “I’ve heard so much about you!” The girl gushed. She thrust her hand at Brielle. “I’m Sasha. It’s nice to meet you.” Brielle was about to shake her hand when the little girl was pulled away by a woman. “Sorryyy. I have to goooo! Byeeeee!”
Brielle made a face. This day was just getting weirder.
Brielle heard a voice behind her. “Are you Brielle Eskelte?” Brielle sighed and turned around. “Yes.” To herself, she said, “How do people know my name? It’s creepy.”
“Excuse me?” Brielle blushed. “Nothing. Can I help you?” The girl clacked her tongue.

“I’m Delana. Hmm..Not in any way that I know of. Listen. I just wanted to let you know… that I hate you. Oh, I thought of a way for you to help me. Stay. Out. Of. My. Way. Okay, that’s all. Byeeee!” And with that, the girl turned around and left. Leaving a confused Brielle standing there.

Brielle stuffed herself into a corner. She didn't know her way around, and there were people everywhere. She was beginning to feel claustrophobic. She opened her handbag to check if her mother had packed her any snacks. She smiled when she found 4 oranges. She picked one up and started peeling it. She was just about to eat a piece when she was pushed forward. The orange flew out of her hand and landed in the crowd. About two seconds later, someone stepped on it and Brielle cringed. She turned around. Behind her were three girls.
“What was that for?” she asked them quite rudely. One of the girls, who was dressed in bright colors and looked super friendly said, “Ooh, I’m so sorry. We are so sorry,” she said, after glaring at the other two girls.
“I’m Fern,” she held out her hand.
Brielle shook it.
Fern nudged the other two girls. The girl who was dressed head to toe in black sighed. “I’m Kyra,” Brielle frowned. She didn't even hold out her hand. The third girl, who looked like she was smack in between Fern and Kyra, rolled her eyes.
She held out her hand. “I’m Marla. Don’t mind Kyra. She’s a lot better when you get to know her.”
“Oh.” Brielle figured she’d take advantage of the situation. “Do any of you know how to get to the Level Three assembly?” Marla nodded. “We're in Level Three too. Everyone, follow me. My older sister, Kesha, used to go here and she taught me everything she knows.” Brielle wondered what it would feel like to graduate from Silverleaf Academy. I guess I’ll just have to wait to find out, she muttered to herself.

Marla expertly led them through the crowd without getting stomped on by the Level Ones. “Does anyone have any water?” Fern asked. She was the only one huffing and puffing. Brielle handed her a flask from her handbag. She looked around. They were now surrounded by fewer people. Seeing everybody sit down, Brielle took a seat.

“Ooh, and who might these ladies be?” Asked a boy’s voice from behind Brielle. She turned around to face a grinning boy with dark hair and green eyes. Marla made a face at the boy. “The girls who are not interested in you,” said Marla smirking.
“Who said that?” Fern said twirling her blonde locks around with her finger.
Brielle gagged.
Everyone looked at Marla. “Do you know him?” Brielle asked Marla. Marla sighed. “Yup. Tom and I come from the same village. Martyen.”
“His name is Tom?” Fern asked practically drooling.
Brielle looked at Marla. “He has that kind of affect on some girls.”
“I do, don’t I?” Tom said, still grinning. He was looking at Brielle now. “What do you want?” Brielle snapped at him. Tom looked taken back. “Nothing!” Tom said, putting his hands up defensively. Kyra laughed and high fived Brielle.

Suddenly, trumpets blared in the room. “Announcing the arrival of Headmistresses Princess Snow, Princess Briar, Princess Belle, & Princess Ella.” As the man said this, four beautiful women walked out of the corridor at the front of the room.
The first one had pale skin, red lips, and charcoal black hair. She wore an elegant gown, as white as snow. The second woman had darker skin, and pink lips. She wore a pink dress with fabric roses sewn all over it.
Brielle noticed she had really long eyelashes. The second to last woman had fair skin, not too dark and not too light. She had chocolate brown hair, and wore a mustard yellow dress made of delicate lace. The last and final woman, to Brielle, was the most beautifulest woman of them all. Her blonde hair was pulled into a perfect bun above her head, and she was the only one who wore a tiara. She wore a sky blue gown with diamonds studded on the collar.

“Our headmistresses are actually princesses?” Brielle asked Fern, who was done gushing over Tom.
“Yup. And if you're wondering why we have four, ask Marla. Because I’m wondering the same thing.” Brielle turned to Marla.
“Why do we have four headmis-are you eating?!” Marla looked up, her mouth full of bread. “Hey! I didn’t hawe brweakfasht!” Brielle sighed. People just didnt know how to be attentive in class. “Why do we have four headmitresses?” Brielle asked again.

“Ooh, that’s a good one.” Marla said. “You see, Silverleaf Academy was founded by all four princesses. And each of them wanted to be headmistresses. They all got into a huge fight over it, so the Wanda, the godmother, resolved it by making all four of them the headmistresses. Now I think you should pay attention. Their handing out schedules.” Brielle nodded and directed her eyes to the front of the room.

“All Level Three’s follow me,” said a woman dressed head to toe in white. “I am Cassandra, your set supervisor. Like Headmistress Briar mentioned, here at Silverleaf Academy, there are three levels. Each level has four sets. Ruby and Emerald sets are for the boys, and Sapphire and Opal are for the girls. Any questions?”
“Good. Now follow me for a tour.”

Cassandra led them through school, explaining each area and its purpose. One particular room caught Brielle’s attention. “Library hours will be school hours. If you do wish to use the library after school hours, you must have a pass from a teacher. If you are caught in the library after school hours without a pass, you will be sent to detention. Three detentions, children, and you will be dismissed. Moving on.”
Brielle knew she’d be spending a lot of her time there.

“This is the refectory,” Cassandra said, gesturing to a room bigger than Brielle’s whole house. “You all have assigned tables, so no fuss with that.” Cassandra clapped her hands. “That wrapps the tour. All Opal’s will come with me and all Sapphires will go with Cassidy.” A woman appeared out of nowhere. She was dressed head to toe in blue. What’s up with the color coded outfits? Brielle thought.

Cassandra pulled out a list. “Sapphire Set. Delana, Hazel, Alynn, Devora, Rhia, & Demetris.” Brielle was beaming. She was so happy she hadn't been put in the same set as Delana, and that she could be with her new friends.
Cassandra pulled out a second list. “Opal Set. Kyra, Marla, Fern, Brielle, Avanna, Taylen, Isla.” Brielle and her friends held hands. Cassandra would now announce who was in which dorm room.

“Delana, Hazel, & Alynn are S1. The rest are in S2. For the Opal Set, the first four are in O1, an-” Cassandra was interrupted by a scream. Marla, Fern, & Brielle couldn't help it. They started screaming.
“Ahem.” Cassandra was glaring at the three girls. They immediately calmed down. Kyra snickered. “As I was saying,” continued Cassandra. “Avanna, Taylen, & Isla are in O2.” Cassandra put the list away and started walking towards the right. Cassidy went on to the left.

Cassandra led the girls to their dorm rooms. She left Kyra, Marla, Fern, & Brielle in their dorm rooms telling them to be at the refectory on time. Like promised, their bags have been dropped in their dorm rooms.
Brielle sat on her bed. It was so comfortable. Beds were usually filled with straw back at her house. She felt a twinge of homesickness at the memory.

Fern walked over and opened the wardrobe. “Please do not tell me I have to share this,” Fern said. Brielle put a hand on her shoulder. “Don’t worry, we don’t have to share wardrobes. Though I’m not sure what I’m going to put in mine. I don’t have much stuff.” Fern clapped her hands. “Ooh, shopping. I love shopping! Don’t worry, it’s going to be full in just a matter of days.” Kyra rolled her eyes.

Brielle picked up her bags and dropped them on her bed. She undid the button and started pulling things out.
Fern and Marla came up beside her.
“WOW, and you said you didn't have much,” Marla said after she pulled out a white lace dress with blue ribbon and matching white stockings. Brielle was confused. “I don’t,” she said, her brow furrowing. “These are my mom’s clothes. She must've packed them for me.”
Marla patted her back. “We’re going to get a headstart to the refectory. Catch up with us when you're done.”
Brielle nodded.

Brielle was done packing, and was about to stuff her bag in the bottom of her wardrobe when a tiny box fell out. Brielle set the bag on the ground and picked up the box. It was a royal blue, velvet box, emblazoned with the letter “E.” It looked sort of like a jewelry box.

Brielle sat criss cross on the floor and flipped open the box. Brielle gasped at what she saw inside the box.
There on a bronze chain, was a large, dark purple amulet. Brielle carefully picked up the necklace. “Mother, and Father could never afford something like this,” Brielle said to herself. Suddenly she heard a knock on the door. It was Csssandra. “Brielle, get to the refectory,” she said.
Brielle quickly put on the amulet and tucked it under her dress.
“Yes, I’ll be leaving now,” she told Cassandra.

Briekle sat at her assigned table at the refectory, picking at her roasted duck. Her assigned table included Kyra, Marla, Fern, Isla, and Tom. Brielle didn't understand why Tom had been put at their table. He should’ve been on the table with all his friends.
Brielle had never eaten duck before, and wasn't ready to try it. All she could think about was the amulet. Where had her parents got it? Had they stolen it? Why did they give it to her? So many questions revolved around her head.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a hand on her shoulder. Fern looked at her sympathetically. “You're homesick, aren't you?” Fern whispered in Brielle’s ear. Don’t worry, you'll get over it. In the meantime, I’ll teach you how to send letters to your parents.”
Brielle brightened up. Maybe she could get answers to all her questions by sending a letter for her mother. “Perfect,” Brielle said and stuffed a piece of roasted duck in her mouth. She immediately spat it out. It tasted horrible. She looked at Tom’s plate, who was coincidentally sitting right next to her.
He didn't even touch his food.
Good thing she wasn't the only one who hated duck.

Brielle picked up her napkin and wiped her mouth, though there was nothing to wipe. She was starving. She figured she would just fill her stomach with dessert, but it turned out she didn't quite like that either.
Brielle was just about to leave when Tom grabbed her wrist. She looked back at him.
“Are you coming to the Revelation Ceremony?”
“The what?” Tom looked puzzled. “You don’t know what the Revelation Ceremony is?” Brielle shook her head. “It’s the ceremony where you find out what your magic power is.” Marla came up behind her. “It’s so cool. I can’t wait to find out my power.”
Brielle shook her head. “Magic? Power? What are you talking about? Magic isn’t real.”
Tom, Marla, Fern, & even Kyra all looked at her with wide eyes.
“You-you don’t believe in magic?” Fern finally sputtered.
Brielle shook her head for the third time. “No, why do you?”
Marla looked like she was about the burst. She pointed her finger at a glass of water. “Oh, yeah? Well how do you explain this?” Marla fixed her eyes on the vase and whispered something. The glass began to slowly lift off of the table. Brielle’s mouth fell open. In a matter of seconds, it was levitating in the air.

“B-but how,” Brielle stammered. Marla set her hands on her hips. Kyra stared at Brielle. Tom just shrugged. “It’s called Silverleaf Academy of Magic for a reason,” said Fern.
“No.No. That’s not possible. YOU ALL ARE PLAYING TRICKS ON ME!” To Brielle’s surprise, her voice rose. She had never raised her voice in her life. Thoughts filled Brielle’s head. The envelope. One second it wasnt there, the next it was. The butterflies that came out of the envelope. They appeared out of thin air, and vanished into thin air. The castle. Could magic really be real? She had always enjoyed fantasy books.
Brielle shook her head, forcing the thoughts to go away. She looked up at her ex-friends. Now, some of the other tables were staring at her too. Brielle snarled. “MAGIC. IS. NOT. REAL!” And with that, Brielle stomped out of the refectory, now the whole room staring at her. They all had wide eyes. Everyone except one person. Brielle’s eyes fell on the Head Cook. She was smirking.
Brielle ran out of the refectory, tears welling up in her eyes.

Brielle ran into hallway and hallway. She couldn't find her dorm room. She was lost. She couldn't take it anymore, and she collapsed. Right there in the hallway, she fell onto the ground and held her face in her hands while she cried like a baby. She felt so lonely, so cruel. She missed her mother and father. She wondered what they were doing. She thought about how she had left them alone.

Brielle pulled out the amulet and looked at it. Her reflection showed in the large gem. Brielle couldn’t explain it, but she felt some sort of connection to it.
One of Brielle’s tears fell on it as she cried. The amulet sparked in her hands. Brielle stopped crying and gazed at it. In her hands, the amulet sparkled and a purple light burst out of it. Brielle shielded her eyes. When she opened her eyes, the amulet was back to normal. Brielle eye twitched. She unclasped the amulet from her neck and put it in her pocket.

Just then, Brielle heard a voice. “Brielle, would you please meet the headmistresses at their office?” She looked around. Nobody was there.
Her eyes fell on a speaker. Brielle almost pulled her hair out. She was sure she was going to be expelled.

Brielle got up, and wandered around the hallways, trying to find the headmistresses office, so she could meet her doom.
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