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Miraculous Wryd

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Miraculous Wryd is about a young lady called Tris who was living with her grandpa making life out of mysterious habits making it a better turn not noticing what consequences may be revealed in the future. Her decisions and desire started becoming wishes after she met an adorable stranger who turned into her boyfriend lately ,who changed her and made her totally someone different from the past. Tris lost sight for months after the change she went through after her matric life she decided to disappear and never come back home. After so many years of disappearing life seemed to get tougher and complex for her, it was survival of the fittest since when she was all by herself, no family to give assistant advices or show some hospitality. But with God's help she fortunately completed her degree and her professional life took off. Her pain and suffering made her to become such a kind and positive person she never noticed. Her previous relationship became stronger and happier than before. After building a happy family and being professional financially stable, she was homesick for weeks and her guts directed her home. An incidence happened that made her remember home with no hesitation.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Tris was summoned to the administration room by one of the learners who was emitted by the school principal, on her way towards the principal's office she was stumbling incidence. She was relocating with a slow pace not noticing she's going to be late. It beseems that Tris was late by that period of time, before ingang door, she knocked twice and she was recommended to enter. Mischief was afoot, from a distance you could olfaction fear from her momentum. She holded her breath and tried to conceive the significance of the meeting occurring at that moment. "I can detect that you're also one of diligent learners in school", commented the principal. Tris was bending her head to show deference towards him, as she was taught by her mother. She was in silent position not knowing how to respond. Her principal continued talking to her," but I'm still glancing for a competitor for you", he said it frankly without any hesitation. Tris was barely lost in wild island with no clue of words been spoken lately by her principal. Because she was nervous as a cat she never enquire but kept attempting to get answers, as she was about to utter the English teacher Mrs Kayla interfered and Tris was dismissed for the day. The school was 2minutes ahead to exit. Before she could reach the classroom, her cronies called her , surveying what happened. She was mixed emotions , so it was like she could burst out of tears, yell at the universe but she kept quiet. They all showed sympathy and give her a big coll to comfort the pain she had. One of her friend Melly speculated what happened during the meeting but she was defective viewing the situation. The school was out and every learner was looking forward to go home but Tris wasn't as she was puzzled with what happened in the principal's office. She took a bus to go home , she putted her earphones and listened to her favourite song by Carys which is princess don't cry. Because she was as mute as a fish no one was keen to communicate with her. When the bus reaches her path of going home, she payed and got off. Along the road leading home, she was as awkward as a cow on roller skates, as no one ever cut some slack towards her . When she arrived at her home, she establish that her grandpa locked the house. She just pulled herself together and went to the forest. She pulled a rabbit out of a hut, she climbed the lengthy tall tree and sitted to look down. This was once in a blue moon, she was in seventh heaven that she was improving her weaknesses. Bunnies and rabbits were leaping on the fresh green grass while the sundry birds were singing in a softly gentle sound. She adore the peacefulness and beauty of the nature wildly with the passion she had for it. She tried to get her head over the issue appearing on her mind often. She never considered it both sides,but she step up her game to be prepared all the times. Her stomach started grumbling, then she decided to go home to check if her grandpa was back from herding job. Fortunately she found food dished for her to dine. She enjoyed the food even though she bite off more than one can chew , she was getting out of hand. It was starting to be cold outside, that's when she went to sleep after saying "goodnight grandpa " to her guidance. Tomorrow was still a school day for her, but it beseems that she couldn't hang in there for much longer as she wanted to hear what her principal will continuing on what he said.

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