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Storm has grown up and around weird and has hid it from everybody including her parents because she is apart of the 30% of the world that has evolved and has developed powers apart of the 30% there is 5% of that population that has multiple powers . It started out when she was 7 and she has just kept evolving soon she founds out it’s not just her but also her friends and when they run into a problem and end up in a school for superhero teams what will she find out in that school and how will her team push through Will Storm and her friends be safe along there path

Fantasy / Action
Age Rating:

Characters - 01

Name : Storm Davis

Power: Telekinesis , Element control , Telepathy (more to come )

Friend : Hudson , Tristan , Scarlett , Ellie , Sage

Age : 17

Sexuality : straight (she/they )

Name : Hudson River

Power: Gravity Control , Super Speed

Friend : Storm , Tristan , Scarlett , Ellie , Sage

Age : 18

Sexuality : Bi / Non-binary (they/them )

Name : Tristan Orion

Power: Bone Claws (like Wolverine )

Friend :Hudson , Storm , Scarlett , Ellie , Sage

Age : 17

Sexuality : straight (he/him)

Name : Scarlett Grace

Power: Fire Manipulation

Friend : Hudson , Tristan , Storm , Ellie , Sage

Age : 18

Sexuality : lesbian ( she/them)

Name : Ellie Orion

Power: Light Manipulation

Friend : Hudson , Tristan , Scarlett , Storm , Sage

Age : 19

Sexuality : lesbian (she/her )

Name : Sage Carter

Power: speaking with the dead , water control

Friend : Hudson , Tristan , Scarlett , Ellie , Storm

Age : 17

Sexuality : straight (she/her)
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